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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



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Sunday. 10.5.08 2:04 am

People who think i've changed.
you got me so damn wrong, nope i didn't changed. Not even a single bit.
I'm still the same old me, in fact always have been.
If i've changed, definitely there is a reason behind it.
Clear this misunderstanding or
suffer it with the wrong thoughts in your head.

Perfect in weakness.
I'm only running in just your strength alone.
Reputation had got worsen, navie as can be.
But come to think again, does it really even matter?

Maybe its time for me to tone down, i'm not that loud as you think i am.
Naive is one thing, knowing nothing is another thing.

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House Bunny
Saturday. 10.4.08 2:06 am


House Bunny the most "bimbo" show which i totally love it.
House Bunny teaches the so called loser how to be sexy hot to be popular among the people on the street.
Funny and Super entertaining.
You guys have to catch it soon!


More about this awesome show.

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Thursday. 10.2.08 6:58 am

burning hot. woOoot.


i think i wna get this haircut after my O's, but with the side shaved.
Also to dye and highlight my hair. goodness cant wait.
now its time for me to "chiong" for O's already. will be attending night classes next week onwards.

oh yes. i almost forgot about my ANTM cycle 11.
Gonna watch the next epsiode like NOW. awesomeness!
Not forgetting Happy Sweet 17th Birthday Sexy Liting. heh.
though she is not as sexy as me luh. *laugh*

Whats wrong with me, why do i feel like this.
I'm going crazy right now.

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Almost Died
Tuesday. 9.30.08 10:15 pm


Almost died because of the pain in my stomach. Its killing me luh.
is like there is nothing for me to puke or shit.
and i kept vomited four to five times? is like there is something in my stomach.
people said i have wind in my stomach. wtf?

super swayyyy luh, i'm suppose to go out yesterday. sighhh
guess god made plans for me.

oh and i cut my hair 2 days back. but still i got caught by my teacher. fucked
simply just chop of my back hair and my side burns.
worst part was i had a hole on my side burn. that period of time i was burning hot luh. Grrrr
So, i head back to the salon and had to save my hair.
Now my side is like shaved? My back hair simply cannot make it man.

thanks god my stomach now is feeling much better.
if not i'll die and i don't have to sit for my o level papers.

Selamat Hari Raya.

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Beautiful Love - The Afters
Friday. 9.26.08 4:39 am


The temptation i couldn't control.

I'm falling in love with this beautiful song,
you got to listen to it. it makes my day (:
Song title : Beautiful Love - The Afters

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Slaughter me into pieces
Tuesday. 9.23.08 7:48 am

I'm extremly worried now. full of regretfulness.
Everything in school now is super stressed up for me.
the teachers are pushing us with loads of school's papers.
is fucked up to see incomplete work of mine.

I know i am capable of doing well in my studies. i'm not that dumb.
Teachers known me for that too, but i think its too late.
Lack of discipline ; wrong attitute leds me here. to nowhere.
Throughout my Secondary School life, i only really studied hard during Sec 1.
Cause i was from the Normal-T Stream and i wanted to promote to the
Normal-A Stream to join my friends. motivation i guess?

By the period of Secondary2 - 5, i've slacken and look at me now. sighhh
fucking hard to cope now and O's is one month away. jialat luh...

i don't wanna disappoint my parents.
Just slaughter me into pieces.


More pictures to be updated soon!

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