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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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*ahhhh school*
Wednesday. 1.7.04 6:35 pm
watching: the backs of my eyelids in a second
listening to: 80s rock
mood: neutral
So I've been to all of my classes and they all seem like I should do okay. Astronomy of Stellar Systems will undoubtedly be pretty boring but easy. English 102 will be easy because I like doing research papers okay; beginning acting will be an easy A, and my film class will be SO MUCH FUN. It's a class comparing Hollywood films and independent films starting in the 60s. One of my professors knows Spike Lee personally and worked with him at his production company 40 Acres. I can tell this class is going to kick some major ass. I'd like to major in film but my parents would be really mad, so I'm not going to. Also, I've gotten to know my new roommate Tootie, and she seems to be way way cooler than Felicia. She shares and is nice and funny and has cool friends, and talked shit to the bitchy girls upstairs. It was about time too... I can hear them stomping above me right now... Anyway, I'm going to take a nap now.

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Tuesday. 1.6.04 5:25 pm
It's been awhile since I've posted in here, although I have been in the forums a little bit. I was really busy, what with working two jobs and all. But now I'm a little bit richer, except for books and tuition sure will be expensive. But that's cool. Even though I worked at a movie theater, I only saw 3 movies. Return of the King, The Last Samurai and Cold Mountain. Cold Mountain was so so so good, you have to go and see it. Or read the book, which is probably even better. Lets see... I found my wallet. It fell down inside of a chair at work. So, now I'll have 2 drivers licenses. Maybe I'll make one a fake ID and you know, make it say I'm 21. I know how, it's pretty easy. But I won't because that's highly highly illegal. Anyway, now that I'm back in B'ham I'll have more time to write in here, hurrah. Right now I think I'll go buy some groceries, because I have NOTHING in the fridge. Oooh, today I found a kitty. She was cold and hungry and had obviously been abused because she was scared to come over to me. But she finally did and I gave her some milk because we don't have any cat food because pets aren't allowed. I'm pretty sure she has a home though because she had shiny fur and meat on her bones... She was all black with a white locket and I want her. Oh well... Next year when I move I'm getting a kitten and naming it The Admiral. I would name it War Admiral but apparently that's a name reserved for horses only *so says Matt* But The Admiral is okay. Or maybe Hesikiah... Yeah, that would be cool. Well I think I'll go shopping now. Peace.

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*horrible day*
Tuesday. 12.23.03 4:11 pm
I hate hate hate hate hate working at the mall during the holidays. Today has been the worst day EVER, even including my bad days last year. Only 2 bad things happened, but they both sucked a LOT. First, I was backing out of my parking space to get change from the bank and a woman rear ended me. She had pulled around the corner going way too fast, I didn't see her until way too late, I hit my brakes but she still rammed right into me. I got out of my car and she just sort of sat there until I glared at her long enough. Then she got out of her car (she was probably 35 and was a complete moron), and she says, get this, "I started to back up but I just couldn't stop!" ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That doesn't make any sense!!! I'm sorry ma'am but you can't just "back up" if you're in drive. You have to stop and put it in reverse first, and I KNOW she didn't have time to do that. She was still at an angle from turning when she hit me, the dumb bitch. So I just looked at her car, then looked at mine, and say, "Well do you see any damage?" and she says "Oh, I was so scared I'm really sorry..." and I was like, "Damage! Do you see any damage!" She goes, "um, no not really." And i just go, "okay then." Then she got in her car and I got in mine. Mine had damage but hers was fine so I so did not care. She just left some scuff marks and stuff, I can rub those off. My car has all kinds of dents and scratches all over it anyway. Okay, so I get to the bank and they were retarded like usual, and then headed back over to the mall. About an hour after I was about to get off, it got super busy because there are still a lot of people who haven't finished Christmas shopping. So I was working with Wendy and we were both super busy ringing customers up. Now, during the holidays we have a lot of promotions, and one of them this year is all heat up hair accessories (curling irons, flat irons, etc.) are half off. Unfortunately our store is very small and a few other things like battery operated massagers share the hair accessory tower, which really confuses some people because they think the massagers are half off too. Keep in mind, people, that I have only been working there for 6 days and I don't know what everything looks like or where it is. So this girl, about 14, and her friend walk up to me and hold up this thing and say, "Is this half off?" I go, "All hair accessories on that tower of 50% off." That's all I know!! So they walk off, and then 5 minutes later they come back with some other thing and ask if it's half off. And I repeat, "All hair accesories on that tower are 50% off." I would have taken it from them and figured it out except I was really really busy. I had two people I was helping already, as well as a customer I was ringing up. I guess those girls got mad and confused because about 5 minutes after that one of their moms came in and goes, "Excuse me but you were very rude and didn't answer my daughters question." And I was like, okaaaay, and just said, "Ma'am I'm sorry but all I know is that all the hair accessories on that tower are half off." (yeah yeah, I know I sounded like a broken record but what the hell was I supposed to do? I was dealing with like, 8 people.) But this women is satan and says, "That doesn't answer her question!" And then, this is the shitty part, I started to say ma'am again but she just goes, "I don't have to deal with this!" And she flung the thing at me! And I mean hard!!!! It didn't hit me but it landed on the counter next to me and knocked stuff everywhere. And I was livid at this point and I shouted, "Fine!!!! LEAVE!!!!" And she did, that fat stupid ugly bitch ass whore. And all I can really think to make myself feel better is that she made a fool out of herself in front of everyone in the store as well as in front of her daughter. I mean, what kind of adult acts that way? 50 year old women shouldn't throw 5 pound objects at 19 year old cashiers. I would never throw something at somebody! Oh, it turns out that thing those brats had was one of those massagers. I guess they're illiterate since it says it right on the front... I about lost it though. I really really wanted to cry but I couldn't because I had more customers to deal with. The only thing that made me feel better was a woman who came up later and told me that I do a very good job and shouldn't have to deal with women like her. The sympathy of a customer is always nice. Anyway, now I'm going to sleep for as long as I can. Which will be about an hour because I have to up to the Carmike and work later. So, yeah, that's been my day so far.

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*so tired* *I'm also angry and I was robbed*
Saturday. 12.20.03 3:29 am
So the reason I decided to work at Afterthoughts for x-mas break was because India told me that this girl Michelle quit and so there were only 3 of them and it's x-mas rush and nobody had a singly day off and sometimes they were working like 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM with only a short break and yadda yadda yadda... and then she said if I worked there I would never have to open, close or work by myself. And plus if I work on New Year's DAY (not Eve) I can get time and a half. So I was like suuuuuure why not. The things I hate the most are opening, closing and working by myself and I won't have to do them so hey, no problemo. Plus, I'll be rich! what with having two jobs and all since I'm working at the movie theater too. So, I guess that India didn't tell Vicki (our manager) the little deal we worked out because, all of a sudden I get my schedule and BAM! I open on Wednesday and Thursday, and work by myself from 8:30 to 3:30!!!!! What the- Hold the phone, I didn't know India is a liar!!!! Turns out... she is. And now she tells me about every 5 minutes how WONDERFUL AND GREAT I am and HOW MUCH SHE LOVES ME!!! You know, she could just say thank you. It would sound so much better. So I worked Wed. and Thurs. and then today from 9 till 11:30 and then from 12 to 8 at the Carmike. And tomorrow it's 10:30 till 2:30 and then Carmike 3 to whenever the last movie ends I guess. Same for Sunday Monday and Tuesday. Argh... So I'm very tired and irked at India for lying to me and not saying sorry and pretending like she never said that stuff. Plus my wallet got stolen from the backroom at Afterthoughts and it had my social security card and drivers license and debit card and good pictures and movie ticket stubs and cool looking business cards and thirteen dollars and reciepts. I think I'll miss my pictures and stubs most of all. Plus I'm peeved that my license was in there because that was probably the best picture I've ever had, and as you all know it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a good drivers license picture. MAN!!!!! I hope mall security finds my wallet. The glass is half full! The glass is half full! I'll never see my ticket stubs again. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

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*he he*
Wednesday. 12.17.03 5:12 am
The Return of the King was sooooo great! And long! Really, really long. I can't post shouts for some reason... Probably because my computer is being super stupid. Somehow my sisters broke it while I was away... I'll fix it though. ha ha! No I sure won't fix it because I can't! But I'll find someone who can. And they will... Okay, well I have to get up in 3 hours for my first day back at work at Afterthought's. Blech... I'll tell you how I get sucked back into that later... Bed time for now!

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*ba humbug*
Monday. 12.15.03 4:44 am
I like the Christmas theme... My computer is broken, so I'm lucky I can even do this entry... Anyway I'm also really busy because I decided to work 2 jobs. Crazy stuff! I don't know if I'll be able to post for awhile, but hopefully I will be able too... We'll see I guess.

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