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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Friday. 7.30.04 9:36 am
Have been suffering from headaches and dizziness the past few days. coincidentally, i've got a mosquito bite on my wrist. also coincidentally, i live in yishun st 61. 230++ cases of degue fever in merely 12 blocks. can sumone tell mi whats the symptoms of dengue fever? whaha~! got test on monday~ jialat siaz.. hope hope pray pray i din get it. its not infectious like flu right? head so heavy.. am i very stressed? how cum everyone is telling mi not to be so stressed? pple from sch and even someone i haven't seen in a while. haiz.. to define properly, think its less of stress and more of fustration. but i guess it makes little diff... fustration leads to stress right? i'm a lil annoyed at myself for being annoyed at my members for such petty things.. but seriously i dun know what to say anymore.. previously i said they spent 2 hours thinking for names. Now i realise, they din. dun ask how i know, juz take my word for it. essentially, they did nothing. we have less then one month left for presentation for the first phase. and we've not accomplish anything. fren keep telling mi not to try and do everything myself. whahaha~! if they can make it, i'll gladly take my hands off. geez. will bury myself in the lib and hide from the world. goodbye cruel world~!

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..::.Thurs complaints.::..
Thursday. 7.29.04 10:11 am
Here i am i'm complaining abt my bd again

as T always say: I've got a bad feeling~

haiz... am i too much of a work person? i dun like to engage in small talk with pple i hardly know. more so with pple when we are supposed to do work. everyone disappears in a flash when lesson end, on one wants to meet outside bd hours, to be dipolmatic, its becoz everyone is bz. yet the pace the work is done when we actually have bd is so bloody slow. we hardly accomplish anything when we have so many things to do. some of us is too quiet... worse den lifen... can u imagine??? no matter how hard i try i can't seem to get her to speak up. not that she is not contributing but i get very fustrated.. what does silence mean? yes? no? not listening? experience says that when the person is quiet, more often then not they are not listening. but uccd says its a respect thingy... but its supposed to be a discussion~! when i already have my hands full trying to get others to keep on track, if not they would while the 2 hrs away chit chatting. which is what i suspect what happened today. when i was at the lib doing research with audrey. went back to class a bit late to find that our bags were abandoned and the next class was inside. called one of them to check what they did today. onli to find out that they took 2 hours to come up with a name for the co. like.. isn't there more impt things to do?? geez. correction: come up with names onli, no decision. not even sure if its a shortlist. i'm being horribly judgemental and unfair to them? hello? i gave them some research stuff to go thru.... when i called one of them, i asked them to take the reports home to read. the ans implied that they have not read it already, as they should. small things lahz~ etc~ etc~ i know i sound petty....... but.. i've got a bad feeling. for my blood pressure's sake, hope my bad feelings are unfounded.

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