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Four more days
Saturday. 10.28.06 1:17 am
I have four more days of pigging out until I start my month and a half long diet. In those four days, I can still eat work food, I have to finish the chocolate that I have in the fridge and fast food is still ok. Come November 1st, though, no more. I'll still be allowing myself chocolate, it'll just be more healthy. Like dark chocolate; its actually pretty good for you. And there's sugar free stuff too. It shouldn't be too hard with Halloween stuff being taken off the shelves right after the holiday is over. And I should be able to resist the Christmas candy when it comes out.

Anywho, today was long. Just as I had suspected. The mood swings in the restaurant today between the three girls {including myself} were crazy. We'd go from being really cool, laughing, and happy. Then all of a sudden we'd all be pissed. Its sort of sad to say, but I don't really feel too bad for Joey having to deal with it. Cuz most of the time, he deserves to be treated the way he is. Oh well. It was busy for a short while. And when it wasn't busy, it was steady enough that it was hard to keep up on prep. I kind of hate days like that, but it usually goes by pretty fast. I can only imagine how tomorrow is gonna go.

I have to work and then I need to get off by 5:30 so that I can come home, take a shower and go back out. I already bought a ticket to Tiffany's play so I kind of have to go. And then, since Saturday is normally my laundry day and I'll be busy, I'm gonna hafta leave work at a decent time on Sunday so that I can do laundry then. Ugh. This is what happens when I work on my days off. If I wasn't working tomorrow, this wouldn't be a problem. But no, since there aint no one else to work, I really have no choice.

In other news, I found out today that Otto {the bank teller} has a girlfriend. At least that's what Nic said. I kind of figured. Its always my luck. Oh well. I still have Troy {the Coca Cola delivery guy}, but I'm pretty sure he's got a girlfriend too. I'm sort of beginning to wonder if I'll get a boyfriend. Even though I'm moving next summer, its still quite a few months away, and I want a boyfriend. I guess if its meant to happen it will. I believe in there being a reason for everything. And I'm sure there's a good reason why I don't have a boyfriend yet. I just kind of wish I knew what the reason is.

Alright I don't really have much else to say, so I'll write again whenever.

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Friday. 10.27.06 2:06 am
I went up to work and signed a statement saying when, what time and that it was me who served the wine to Jose. Nic also signed one stating what time he witnessed Jose running into the driver's car. Now all we have to do is have Gary get some paperwork together and that should be it for now.

I went to Stephanie's dance thing. I saw Tiffany there so I sat with her and her friends. There was this lady sitting directly in front of me and her head was pretty big. The poofy hair didn't help in my attempt in trying to see past her big ass head. The first part of the dance thing wasn't very interesting. But after the intermission, it got much better.

Although I have to work Saturday {which is bullshit since that's my day off} I'm gonna be getting off early so that I can go to the play that Tiffany is going to be in. I went to the one she was in last year so I told her that I'd go again this year. It should be fun.

I'm kind of tired. I didn't really do anything else today. And I've only been up for about 12 hours. Maybe its the fact that I had too much to eat not too long ago. McDonald's is pretty damn good when you don't eat it all the time. Oh well.

I've been playing on this site ~joecartoon.com~ for the last hour. Its pretty damn funny. At least some of it is. Its got a lot of stoner humor. Me, personally, I'm not a stoner, but I have so many stoner friends its funny to me. If you have nothing better to do you should check it out.

Okie dokie, I'm off to get some shut eye for an extremely long Friday ahead of me. I'll most likely write tomorrow night.

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just great
Thursday. 10.26.06 4:40 pm
Well as I had said, I'm not out of the water yet. And today I was reasured of that. The driver whose car Jose crashed his bike into is threatening to call the liquer department unless we pay. I don't know what to do. I only have so much money and its not that much.

And this week was going pretty damn well too. As they say, with every low there's a high and with every high there's a low. It was only a matter of time before this week would start to get worse.

Hopefully all I have to do is sign a couple papers and cooperate with what Joey and Joe want me to do then everything should be fine. I don't want anything to go wrong, but I mean I guess its too late for that. So I guess I just don't want anything else to got horribly wrong.

I'll get on and write more later on tonight.

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'Twas nice today
Thursday. 10.26.06 12:50 am
I think that the only thing that could have made today better is that the company I want to come over would actually come over. But he can't cuz of a specific reason. Oh well.

Today started out nice. I wasn't expecting the Coca Cola guy to be there until next Wednesday, but when I got to work he was there. So I got my 5 minute flirt on with Troy. I need to find out how old he is, if he smokes, if he's got a girlfriend, etc. Pretty much the basics. Then it got kinda busy when we first opened, but it slowed down. Gary's back was still really bothering him since the chiropractor's was closed yesterday. But he had to actually work today so he had to ignore the pain. He said he's gonna go tomorrow since he's off. I hope it works.

So as the day went on, not much happened. Nothing good nothing bad. When Joe got there, though, we suggested that he crack Gary's back. Gary was kind of scared to get it done since Joe is pretty damn strong. Well, my back was kind of hurting so I had Joe crack my back. It felt pretty good afterwards. I thought he might choke me for a second there, but I knew that I had nothing to worry about. So after Joe was there for a short while, he needed someone to go to the bank for him. And of course, like I always am, I eagerly accepted the task.

Now here's where the day gets better. There's a couple cute guys up at the bank, but one in particular: Otto. He's so cute. I found out today that he's almost 23 so he's only a few years older than me. I want to find out if he's single or not. But I still have to think of a non-obvious way to ask him. I'm sure I'll think of something. So basically I got my flirt on. It was awesome. I wanted to go back to the bank to flirt some more, but I had no reason. I'm sure if its meant to happen, fate will take its course to make it work.

When I got off work, I came home, took a shower and went back up to work. I needed to buy a ticket to Stephanie's dance thing tomorrow. I hung out for a few hours cuz it was a good crew. Everyone was in a pretty good mood too, which made it fun. Wearing this cheap perfume every time I go out finally paid off cuz someone noticed. What made it cool was that it was David that noticed and he even complimented me on it. It put a very big smile on my face.

Like I said the only thing that would make today even better is for the guy I want to come over, to actually come over. But since he can't, there's not much I can do about it. Maybe another night. I can only hope.

Anywho, I don't really have anything else to write about.
'Twas nice today.

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Wednesday. 10.25.06 12:42 am
... Its kind of a spinoff of the word spiffy. Don't ask where I came up with it though cuz I have no clue.

It was ever so slightly busier than yesterday, but not by much. Gary's back has been bothering him for the last week and today it got so bad that he couldn't stand or sit without being in pain. So he left work early. He was going to go to a chiropracter, but the one that Joey usually goes to was closed so he just went home. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be feeling a little better. If not then I guess I'll be doing most of the work. Oh well. I don't mind too much.

I've been in a very flirty mood again. But only the last couple days {mostly just yesterday and today, and probably tomorrow}. I don't really know how to explain why, but its almost as if I can't help it. Whatever. Its just harmless fun. Nothing wrong with harmless fun right?

Anywho, there's absolutely nothing on TV tonight. Usually even if there's only a few things on I have the TV on, but only as background noise. Tonight, I actually turned the TV off and I have my stereo on. Its bad that there's that much of nothing on. But I guess there can't be something on all the time. There has to be nights where I'm just totally wasting money on all these extra channels. Otherwise it just wouldn't be right. Haha. Its sad that I pay money for a whole bunch of extra channels just to watch nothing. This is the world we live in though. And having lived without cable for the time that I did, being able to actaully have the option to turn the TV on and see if there's anything worth watching, I guess is worth the money.

Wow. I don't even have anything to say. My day was definately uneventful. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually have something to write about. And hopefully it'll be good.

Oh wait... I can actually sleep on my right ear again!!! And I can put the work phone up to my ear! Yay! Before I was only able to put my cell phone up to my right ear without problem, but now that its been a month, my ear is finally healed enough that I can sleep on it and put the work phone up to it. As long as I'm still careful and don't hit it, I should be good. Its spifferific!!!

Alright now I haven't anything else to say.

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Slow day
Tuesday. 10.24.06 12:58 am
Nothing too exciting happened today. It was busier than last Thursday, but it was still extremely slow. Gary sent John and David home early and then nothing else happened. There were a few customers but they didn't really order anything. They were just annoying high school kids. The only downfall about today was the fact that our Shamrock delivery was late... again. Its getting really old. Last Monday it was on time, but almost every other time before that, it was late. I missed How I Met Your Mother tonight because I was kept late again so that I could handle the Shamrock stuff. Whatever. Hopefully next Monday there won't be a problem. But I can only hope.

I was able to watch The Class, Heroes and Studio 60. The Class wasn't as funny as the last few episodes, but it was still worth watching. Heroes gets more and more addicting. And Studio 60 was good. I'm loving Monday night TV. Its after 10 and now there's nothing on. I'm watching Scrubs, but I think I've seen this one before so I guess its just background noise. Oh well. I don't have anything to say. I'll write whenever I do.

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