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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Great BBQ!
Saturday. 8.7.04 12:08 pm
am writing this while waiting for my sis to get out of the toilet so that i can bathe.. .. i'm smelling like stale cream..geez... O...and T u missed a great party!

to take it right from the top: went huizi's place for bbq, with the 2 major camps in class turning up. johnny's clique and huizi's clique and mich and lynn and jes-->whu's giving huizi ALOT of face. typical spread, prepare by our dearest huizi and johnny. THANX btw, tho we couldn't finish it.

interesting pt to note, kian seng actually bbq sumthing.. or things to be fair... for all of us! and he was actually tolerable! whahaha! i know i very kan suay him... but can't help it. he deserves it most of the time anyway. hmm... but after this bbq, i can onli say that his pts in my scale went from -100 to -20. vast improvment already. dun push it too much. ke.

played the really idiotic big fish small fish..lost so badly and forfeited on so much leftover food. i'm sworn off bbq anything for the rest of the month at least. whaha! but of coz according to audrey, kok had so much bbq chix breast he's gonna grow some himself! whaha! kindof ahem~.. but its exactly the kind of things audrey will say that definately sets us roaring with laughter.

of coz no big outing is complete without audrey and co trying to match make mi with someone. this time the unfortunate victim is zhihan. think he was a bit shaken when i shouted "i love you!" across to him and den when they sabohed mi saying i want him to acc mi go buy coke that he admitted he liked someone else when we came back.. whaha! Ooopz! guess he didn't know that i'm liable to say "I Love You" to anyone at all... come to think of it.. it has the same value of a good morning.. keke..anyways its no great secret whu he likes. kindof expected.

after rounds and rounds of games.... joan decided to sit out.. coz she say she'sgonna puke with anymore forfeits. she left the table, we decided to saboh her.but as we were discussing how, huizi and john suddenly left our table, saying they had to get something.

Being FT students, highly intuitive, highly intelligent and being highly observant, we detected sth was amiss. So we pulled a disappearing act before the duo came back. being fugitives, we hid where we could. Luckily, audrey and mi were veterans and have scouted the area several times. alas, we were ambushed outside the girls toilet. with whipped cream (stale cream summore, see how vicious they are?) attacks coming from both sides, i turned to run into the toilet and locked the cubicle behind mi. running is not to my advantage. my squadron however was pursued by the two round the swimming pool. with john trying to camoflage into the bushes and obviously failing miserably. lolz~ Thank goodness they were fast enough and managed to run to our outpost where uniformed guards could act as reinforcements.

mean while, huizi was stalking the toilet since she knew i was trapped there. she pretended to leave, but i know she didn't. i could hear her slippers. but the stifling heat in the toilet overcame mi and i decided to go out after a while. heng, by then her whipped cream had pretty much dissolved. kenna bua with whipped cream on my black t shirt. not much can be seen tho.

pretended to double cross my squad and surrender so that i can double double cross huizi and johnny. I am loyal ok! whaha! called my pple to ascertain their coordinates and set off without the vicious duo on my back, and them not following mi. eventually, we decided to call a truce and head back to the pits.

being ft students, we are also highly responsible. help cleared up the place, but the vicious duo and zhi han did most of the cleaning up. coz zhi han was the peace ambassor and went up b4 us.

looking forward to the next outing. going escape, if i can afford it. with my jobless state. keke.

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Friday. 8.6.04 7:26 am
hmmm~ read 2 vehement entries from jen's and koban's. tho i agree that some guys are so vulgar and yes, horny to boot. there are nicer guys around. honestly, among guys, their language might be very vulgar, but how much of this is the ego talking? or crass empty talk? it only goes to show how uncivilised they are. but that doesn't mean there are no decent pple ard. At least in the 2++ years i've known my 'brother' i don't remember him making any vulgar references to girls. Quite a feat, considering the norm of vulgarities in everyone's life. Koban has rightly pointed out, with feminism and high education level, playing ground has been pretty much evened out. Girls can play the field too, but the ones losing out will still be the girls. No matter what, Sg is still conservative. and even the way our body is engineered makes it detrimental, coz the girls body will suffer. Hands up for guys whu would not mind having a wife who's known to fool ard. and girls, whu wlll volunteer such information? Think a bit more darling. its not too late to say no.. i heart pain all the girls...darling~

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