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Not as bad as I thought.
Monday. 11.13.06 8:41 pm
Today wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. I even got to come home early. So that was pretty nice. It was slow; normal for a Monday. There was a small problem early on cuz John didn't know what he was doing on the register and I had to fix it so that Joey wouldn't get all pissy. Other than that, nothing really too bad happened.

There was a crisis towards the end of the shift, though. It doesn't directly involve me so I wasn't too worried about it. However, it could invovle me in the future. Two of our four managers might be getting fired for numerous reasons, mostly having to do with money and food. So basically stealing. It sucks cuz they seemed to be trustworthy. But shit happens. And its insane the drama that goes on up at my work. I can't keep track anymore. All I know is that as long as it doesn't directly involve me being put in a bad light, then I'm cool. If the gossip about me is good, I might allow it to continue. But for the most part, I try and avoid it.

Anywho, its Monday night, which means awesome, hilarious TV. And since the first of the 4 shows I watch starts in about 2 minutes, I'll be ending this entry. I might write some more later on tonight.

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Late post
Monday. 11.13.06 1:28 am
It was busy today. It has been the last few Sunday's so I guess it was no different. I had to manage again. I was able to get everything finished and keep people from complaining. The only complaint I had was from a customer complaining that she didn't like our coffee. I wanted to say 'stupid woman. We're not a coffee shop. You want good coffee go to Starbucks.' But since that's unprofessional, I held my tongue. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Lance came over again. He brought over his Animusic DVD so that I could see the rest of the music videos. I have one as my song on my myspace page. He also brought over The 40 Year Old Virgin. A hilarious movie. He's still here now, but I've got Star Wars on. He would have left already, but since he's not being annoying, I decided to let him stay for a bit longer. He doesn't have class tomorrow, but I have to work, so he'll be leaving soon enough.

I'm not looking forward to working tomorrow. I have to work with Joey and since he's my relief tomorrow night, who knows when I'll be getting out of there. I hope not too late. David is managing tomorrow night, so that's even more of a guarentee that I have no idea when I'll be out of there. I am hoping to get everything done quickly so that maybe I can leave early. Heroes is on tomorrow night so I kinda hafta come home at a reasonable time. Ugh. I hate working. And I really hate the fact that I have to work with Joey tomorrow. But whatever. If its really that bad then trust me, you'll hear all about it tomorrow.

Anywho, its about 11:35pm, and I'm so bored. I'm actually kinda tired. So I'm probably gonna be going to bed soon. Alright, I don't really have anything else to say. I'll be back on tomorrow to complain about the day.

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Saturday. 11.11.06 6:50 pm
Yup, its Saturday. My day off. And yet another day of doing nothing but laundry.

Well, I did leave for a short while. I went up to work to drop off the DVD for Erin to bring to Marcus. And I went to the bank to get my account fixed. I ended up opening a savings account while I was there. Otto and Abel were both there. So that was kind of nice. Otto was my teller and I was gonna say something about me being the one who thinks he's cute, but I ended up having to go to another teller to get my checking account fixed and open the savings account. Oh well. Maybe another time.

After that I came home. I still have to do my laundry, but I'm going to wait till a little while later; once it gets dark and cooler out. It was pretty hot today, and they're saying that its only gonna cool down maybe a few degrees in the next couple days. So no major difference. I wish it would cool down and stay cooled down. Like, once it gets down to 70, it doesn't go back above 70. But of course since I'm in a desert, it doesn't happen quite like that. At least not when I want it to. Oh well.

I'm still watching the Star Wars thing on Cinemax. I'm watching Episode III right now, which in my opinion, is the best one. I'll most likely be watching the 4th, 5th, and 6th episodes at some point. It'll be playing all weekend.

I still want to go out to the movies, but I'm still broke and without a ride. Oh, it turns out that the air is still on, cuz it came on last night. I woke up cold so I had to turn the thremostat up so that it would go off. I had it on today though so that when I got back home it wouldn't be so hot in my apartment. I have it turned off again now.

Anywho, I think I'm done with this boring entry for now. I can't think of anything else to say.

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11/11/2006 1:29:55 AM
I'm assuming you're a little confused as to the title. . . Well, it originated tonight at work. Tori, Stephanie and I were outside just joking around and one of them went to say fantastic, but it came out fandandidt. So then, they went on to saying that fan-fucking-dandit was the new word. Hence the title.

Anywho, today was a very long day. Even though it was busy, time just seemed to take forever to go by. It was nonstop all day long. It finally slowed down some time after 8. I had clocked out just before 7, but I hung out till around 9:30.

Have you ever had a day when you just didn't want to go home? Well that's how I felt tonight. As much as I love the fact that I have cable and my laptop, I get bored with it. And since I don't have a car or money, I couldn't really go anywhere, so I just hung out at work and played around with some of my fellow coworkers. A few of us hung out for a while after we had already clocked out. Its usually like that on Fridays. A bunch of us just hang out and chill after it starts to slow down and we're not needed anymore. We just go outside or hang out in the kitchen and play around. As long as we don't distract the employees who are still clocked in, the boss doesn't usually mind.

Anywho, I'm probably gonna go up there for a short time tomorrow morning. I need to go to the bank still, and I need to bring a DVD up to work so that Erin can get it to Marcus. Marcus is now in the hospital getting the Chemotherapy that he needs. He'll be there for the next 6 weeks. Even a half hour in a hospital is too much for me let alone 6 whole weeks. I wish I could go visit him, but I don't think I'll be able to do that.

There's a Star Wars marathon on Cinemax all night tonight and all day tomorrow. They're playing all six episodes in order from first to last. And if there's nothing else on, then that's what will be playing on TV. I've seen all of them, but its been so long since I've seen the 4th, 5th and 6th episodes, that I need to refresh my memory. I like the 3rd one the best.

Alright, I've got nothing else to say, so I'll end this here.

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Thursday. 11.9.06 7:29 pm
Napping: usually associated with older people and young children. Not so in my case nor in a bunch of my friends cases. I just took a couple hour nap. I wasn't tired, nor do I have to be up all night. I was just simply bored. Since its my day off, I don't have a car and I really don't want to go anywhere, I just decided to lay down and watch some TV. It apparently didn't entertain me enough cuz I fell asleep. Naps can be pretty good on occasion. If you fall asleep all the time or find yourself napping a lot, then you might have a problem and should see a sleep specialist. But don't say that napping is just for old people or kids. Everyone naps and everyone likes napping.

Anywho, now that I'm done napping I'm still bored, there's still nothing on TV, but I do want to go somewhere. Although where, that I'm unsure of. Its not gonna happen though. But I guess that's fine with me.

Next weekend is going to be interesting though. Katie and I are going to see Happy Feet on Saturday and then on Sunday I have to go to the manager's meeting at frickin 9 in the morning at one of the other stores. Ugh. So that means that next weekend I won't be getting a whole lot of sleep. Whatever.

I've opened my apartment door and walked down to the end of the walkway. That's about as far as I've gotten to leaving my apartment. I kinda feel like calling someone, but who? And what do I talk about? Maybe someone will call me. And let it hope that it's just not work. I don't want to hear from them. Maybe if its someone that I work with that wants to hang out later, okay, but if its someone at work calling about work related issues, then no.

My burn hasn't really bothered me at all today, but I haven't done anything today. So that might be why. When the scab starts to come off and make the wound itch, that's when it's going to be driving me crazy cuz I have the bad habbit of scratching at an itch. Oh well. Maybe this time will be different although I doubt it.

Alright I don't really have anything else to say for now, so I'll write again whenever.

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Wednesday. 11.8.06 8:22 pm
I didn't have an interesting enough day to actually title this entry. I got to flirt with Troy {the cute Coca Cola guy} this morning. That was nice. I found out that he's 31, which I guess isn't that old; he's just 11 years older than me. He smokes too, which is bad. He had someone with him; he told me that he was training his replacement. That really sux, cuz this means that I won't be able to see him. I hardly see him anyway. Oh well. I guess I wasn't supposed to be with him anyway.

Anywho, working with Steve today wasn't bad at all. I actually enjoyed his company. I haven't seen him on forever so it was nice seeing him again. I only work with him once a week. but that's fine with me. It got sort of busy first thing this morning, but after that it died off. We got the prep done, and I was able to leave early. So today was definately uneventful.

I'm off tomorrow and I have no plans. I might go up to the bank because there's a small problem with my account. Its nothing major, but its enough of a problem for me to have to go up there. Other than that I don't have anything else planned.

I'm watching Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. That movie is so effing funny. Even though its a stoner movie, and I'm not a stoner, I have so many stoner friends that I get most of the shit going on. And I'm watching it cuz there's nothing else on. Lost is on tonight, but I'm not really into it anymore.

I leave for Vegas in a little over a month, and I'm looking so effing forward to it. My mom told me that her boss might be able to get us free passes to Magic Mountain and Lego Land. That would be so sweet!!! It would also save us a lot of money. I want December to come now so that I'll be able to go on vacation. Time is going by so slowly, its just dragging. But that's how things usually work when you're looking forward to something. And when you are having fun and don't want it to end, that's when time flies by.

Anywho, my burn hurts now. At least when I rub it up against stuff. It looks pretty bad, but as they say, it has to get worse before it gets better. It's kinda blurry, but here's a pic of the burn I've been talking about. This is what happens when you put your arm against a 500 degree oven door:

There's nothing else that I want to talk about right now so I'll write again later.

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