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Another Friday come and gone
Saturday. 11.18.06 12:31 am
Today was definately different. It was slow for the first half of the day, then right around 5 it picked up out of nowhere. It was right at shift change, so we had people coming in to start their shift, but it was busy to the point that they were basically coming into a lot. They had to be quickly briefed so that they could catch up.

Although it was slow during the day, I was doing a good portion of the work. Erin left suddenly at 2 to go pick up her four year old. The day care called her and told her that her daughter had a 104 temperature, thus the reason Erin had to leave. The thing was, was that she didn't come back. Tori was making pizza and Joey was just being Joey. I was running the register, answering phones, making kitchen orders, finishing prep, doing special requests for the owner while he was there, cleaning and all the while trying not to lose my head; or punch something/someone. So I was pretty annoyed by the time the night manager got there and asked why I was still doing prep. I had to bite my tongue to keep from going off on him.

Anywho, the day is over and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Katie has to work till 5, but afterwards we're gonna be going to the mall. We're gonna go see Happy Feet. I'm so excited! I've been looking forward to this movie coming out since last year when I first saw a preview for it. Now its finally here and I'm gonna be watching it tomorrow night. I can't wait.

I have a head ache. I know that its just from today being a long ass day. Hopefully it'll go away soon.

I'm gonna be watching Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour in about 15 minutes. There are some pretty damn funny comedians on there. Dane Cook is the reason I'll be watching it though. And then afterwards, Comedy Central Present's: Dane Cook will be on. I have the full, uncensored, hour long version on DVD, but its just easier to watch it when it comes on TV.

Alright, I don't really have anything else to say so I guess I'll end this here.

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Snack Stuff
Thursday. 11.16.06 10:47 pm
So I'm thinking that my diet isn't working out as well as I had originally hoped. I've given in a bunch of times. I bought a pint of ice cream the other day; I've been snacking on fried chicken tenders at work and I can't stop eating chocolate {some of which is healthy for me}. I'm still eating salads and other healthy stuff, but not as much as I had originally planned. I guess I tried to go cold turkey and it didn't work. Oh well. I don't even know if I am even losing any weight cuz I don't have a scale and my clothes aren't fitting any differently. I guess as long as they still fit and don't become an issue to get into, then I shouldn't have a problem.

Anywho, I went to the bank and the store today as planned. It was nice enough outside when I went cuz I waited till after the sun had gone down. It was still pretty warm outside though. I really do wish it would start getting cooler and stay that way. The next county over has been in freeze warnings the last couple nights. Now, I don't know if I want it to get down that far, although, if it brings snow, then okay, sure. But I want it to get down so that its cool enough for me to have to wear a jacket or a hoodie. I know that people out here are already wearing jackets and such, because they're locals and they're not used to the cooler weather. Oh well. The cooler weather will come soon enough.

I watched My Name is Earl and The Office tonight. They were pretty funny. I think I like Earl better than The Office, but they're both pretty darn funny. There's nothing on now, but that's normal. I've been flipping back and forth between channels and still haven't found anything.

I don't really have anything else to write right now. I know that this entry wasn't very interesting, but since nothing interesting happened today, there's really nothing to report. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting entry next time.

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Quick entry
Wednesday. 11.15.06 10:08 pm
Today was busy. There's no other words as to how to describe this morning. The first two hours were just nonstop. First about 3 groups of 20 came in, and then another 5 groups of like 5-10 came in. After the first two hours, it slowed up, but people kept coming in. It was busy. It wasn't a bad day though. So that was good.

There seems to be a stomach flu going around again. I hope I don't get it. I can't afford it right now.

I have to go to the bank tomorrow to cash my check, but other than that I don't have any plans. So it should be a pretty uneventful day tomorrow.

I have this zit thing right underneath my industrial piercing. I decided I was gonna scratch it last night and in doing so made it bleed. Well today, Stephanie gave me a hug and her head hit the spot on my ear, making it start to bleed again. Its not bleeding now. What's kinda cool about it though, is its location. Since its not right on the piercing, it doesn't hurt whenever I clean it or play with the piercing. So that's good. {If you wanna see a pic of the piercing go to Bug 's page and scroll down, you'll see the pic I took of it the night I got it}

Anywho, since there's nothing on for the next couple hours I'm gonna put in a movie; most likely Pulp Fiction. Its either gonna be that, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Grosse Pointe Blank. Those are the three movies I rented and I'm gonna watch one of them now.

So I'll most likely be on later. If not then I'll be on tomorrow.

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On another note; Happy Anniversary: 2 years
Tuesday. 11.14.06 10:37 pm
Again I really don't like writing more than one entry in the same day, but this one will be simple, short and sweet.

I've been a member of Nutang for 2 years now!!! Yay! Although, I was inactive on here for about a year due to the fact that I had no computer. But now that I have my laptop, I will not be without again.

Anywho, that's it for now. I just wanted to say:

Happy 2-yr Anniversary Nutang!!!

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*~sigh~* long day
Tuesday. 11.14.06 9:22 pm
So I'm kind of confused as to exactly what's going on. As I had wrote {written? not sure which is right} last night two of our managers might be getting fired. Well at this point I'm thinking that that's not going to happen.

This morning when I got there Gary was there, but he wasn't very happy. Actually he was downright pissed. And I guess I don't blame him. If I was chewed out for something that I had nothing to do with, I'd be pissed too. But anywho, since he was pissed, he basically did a few things that the opening manager is supposed to do, then turned in his uniform, his keys and walked out. He was gone before we opened. Erin was stiill there, but she wasn't in the highest of spirits either.

Now, since I'm not invovled in what's going on, I'm not 100% sure as to what exactly happened, but from what I gathered, Joey's plan was to fire Gary when he got there tonight. But then Joe stepped in. Before Gary had even made it home, Joe called him and talked to him and asked him to come in around 4:30 so that they {Joe, Gary and Erin} could talk about the situation. So that's what happened. Joe, in doing this, fucked up the plans that Joey had.

As of right now, Gary and Erin both still have their jobs and now they're extremely pissed at the person who told on them in the first place. Again, I don't blame them. I'm not sure how this is going to work out and for how long cuz Joey was pretty damn set in his ways. But who knows. All I know right now is that Gary and Erin are still working and that today was a very long and very confusing day.

Anywho, I sort of gave in on my diet, cuz I was craving ice cream so much that I bought some. I bought Ben & Jerry's The Gobfather. Its good. It consists of chocolate ice cream, fudge covered almonds and a nougat swirl. I'd probably buy it again. And I had some chicken tenders at work. Oh well. It was just one time giving in. I won't do it again, now that I've had my fix.

I really don't want to work tomorrow; I have no idea what it's going to bring or how the moods are going to be. But alright, I think I'm done writing for now. I can't really think of anything else.

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I withdraw my previous entry's title
Monday. 11.13.06 11:26 pm
I don't like posting more than one entry on the same name in the same day/night, especially if its only a few hours afterwards; however, something has come up.

Joey just called me about half an hour ago, asking me if I could be ready to come in and open tomorrow. When I asked why, he told me that its cuz there's a possibility that the opening manager {one of the two involved in the 'situation'} might not show up. This is not the news I wanted to hear. Joey told me that its doubtful, but it's possible. I really don't want to open tomorrow morning. And I sure as hell don't want to be the manager tomorrow. Its not that the people who work are hard to work with, I just don't want to do it more than I have to.


Anywho, so I think you basically get the gist of what I'm saying. I know that I normally put names in here, but till shit gets figured out they shall remain annoymous. If you've read my past entries then you should be able to figure out who the four managers are {I'll start you off, I'm one of the four, but not one of the two}. If you can't get it or you don't want to, then just stay tuned. I'm sure I'll say who they are eventually.

I'm so sick of the drama at work. I can't wait to go on vacation. I need this vacation. And I need it now. Alright, I'm tired. And now I have a headache.

I'll write again whenever. Hopefully next time I write I'll have better stuff to write.

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