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Thursday. 11.30.06 8:15 pm
I'm bored. I'm also yawning. I was up earlier than I normally am on my day off, but not by too much. I was up maybe an hour earlier than normal. I watched The Price is Right. I haven't watched that show in forever, so it was nice.

Lance came by around 11:30am after he got out of his class cuz we were supposed to be going to Marcus's. When Lance got to my apt, I hadn't even gotten dressed yet; I had just fixed myself a salad for breakfast. When he asked why I wasn't ready, I came back with 'do you even know if he's home?' He said that that's what I had said yesterday and he was right, however, I had also said that he still had to go into the hospital as an outpatient to get treatments. So he called Marcus and when he got no answer he assumed that Marcus wasn't home. I had Pulp Fiction in so he hung out for a while to watch some of it. He left around 12:30 cuz he had to get home and work on a paper for school.

My Name is Earl, The Office and an all new Scrubs are on tonight. 30 Rock is also on, but I'm not really into that show as much as I thought I would be. I have the News on right now since there's nothing else on. All they're saying is that we're going to be in another freeze warning like last night. And that tomorrow {and the rest of the week} its going to be in the upper 60s for highs during the day. So it'll definately be nice. Maybe on the warm side in the middle of the day cuz the sun warms it up. But since I leave for work before the sun has the chance to get too high up in the sky, and I leave after its already set, I'm most likely gonna hafta wear a hoodie. Fine by me though.

Anywho, I didn't do anything today. I left my apartment to go to the bank to cash my check and get a money order so that I could pay my rent. I didn't even get anything from the store. Although I could have gotten some things. But it can wait till tomorrow. I'm in for the rest of the night though. I don't have any plans tonight except to watch TV and play on the comp.

I don't really have anything else to say and I'm paying attention to the TV more than I am the comp so I'll end this entry here.

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Cold, yay!
Wednesday. 11.29.06 9:39 pm
Its finally cold outside! Right now {at 7:40pm} its 44 degrees outside and with a wind chill of 39 degrees. Thats a wind chill of one degree higher than when I walked home at 6. But the wind was also stronger at 6 than it is now. And I'm loving it!!! I've been waiting for it to get cold again since it started getting hot {back in like February, hehe}. I don't like the wind, but then again I never have liked wind. Its supposed to be in the mid 20s tonight and then tomorrow only get up to the low 50s. Then tomorrow night back into the upper 20s; after that it'll start warming up again into the uper 60s during the day. But its finally getting cooler and staying that way.

The only problem I had today was that I didn't want to go into the walk-in. And the freezer was worse. When I got to work at 10:30am, it started out at a nice, comfortable 74 degrees. As the day went on, every time the back door was opened, it would drop a half degree. When I left work at 5:45pm it was down to 58 degrees. All just from opening the back door allowing the wind to blow in. So going into the 35 degree walk-in and then into the 3 degree freezer wasn't fun at all. Other than that, I guess my day was pretty okay.

I have tomorrow off. I have to go out so that I can cash my paycheck. I'm happy that I won't have to worry about being all hot and sweaty since its going to be cold out tomorrow. I don't really have anything else planned tomorrow though. I'm probably going to sit at home and play on the comp all day.

Some good news: Marcus is home from the hospial. A lot sooner than expected. The doctors said that he was responding really well to the treatments so they allowed him to go home. He still has to get the treatments, but he can go in as an outpatient. So we're all really happy about that. All we can do is keep him in our prayers.

Lance is supposed to be coming over tonight. I wonder if he's gonna actually show. The last time he said he was gonna come over, he ended up having to do something else. It was school related, so it could really be helped. Oh well.

I don't really know what else to write so I guess I'll write another time.

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Tuesday. 11.28.06 10:35 pm
Since today was slow and since we didn't have to do like hardly any prep, I ended up cleaning most of the day. I actually only focused on one thing that took up the greater part of the shift. I did have some prep {I had to make a batch of dough and grate some garlic} and I had some orders throughout the day. Other than that I spend most of the day scrubbing the shit out of a couple parts on the fryer.

Now I know that whenever you go to McDonald's, Burger King, or some other fast food restaurant, you've seen the fryers. And the pieces that hold up the baskets when they're not being used usually {or are at least supposed to} come off so as to be cleaned. Well, on our fryers those particular pieces {we have 2} are supposed to be taken off and cleaned every couple weeks. Since we work in a store full of procrastinators {I being one of the biggest ones} it kept getting put off and put off, until it got to the point were no one really thought about it. Until today.

Due to the fact that it was so slow, we agreed that since we didn't know how long its been since the last time it was done, I had to clean it. I scrubbed and I scrubbed. I used a lot of oven and grill cleaner. I had to keep taking breaks so that I could do orders and let my hands rest. It was really gross. But it looks much better now that its clean. I wonder how long its going to stay that way. I might go in to work earlier the next time I have to change out the oil so that I can take them off and clean them before they get too bad again.

Anywho, nothing exciting happened today. Lance said he'd come over tomorrow. Who knows if he'll show. He was supposed to come over Sunday night too, but never did. One can only hope right?

Oh, I downloaded this game called DX-Ball. Its an awesome game. A good few years ago {like back in the late 90s} my uncle gave us a disc so that we could upload this game to the computer. I became addicted to it. And I got really really good at it too. Its very similar to the games where you have bricks set up a certain way and you have a ball that you aim at the bricks. Its where you have to knock the bricks and sometimes stuff falls from them to either help you or hurt you. I love it cuz its a challenge. And its been forever since I played it.

Alrighty, I don't know what else to say. Nothing else happened that's worth writing about. I'll write again tomorrow.

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Monday. 11.27.06 11:10 pm
I'm tired. Today was a slow day at work. There was only three of us working today. And it was pretty damn boring. David was working so it was a funny kind of boring. He's the comic relief at the store.

I mentioned my 'issue' with Lance up at work today. I'm still confused about how I feel. But I'm thinking that I'm gonna go for it. I guess if he doesn't want it, then I'm sure he'll let me know. But I'm still not sure if I'm even going to do that. Ugh, I feel like I'm back in high school. And I don't want to feel that way. I'm still not too comfortable with the knowledge that he's younger than me. And all the other reasons I listed in one of my other entries. {I can't remember if it was on this name or another}. I want to see him, but then again I'm perfectly okay with not seeing him. I dunno. Oh well.

I watched How I Met Your Mother, The Class and Heroes. I've got Studio 60 on right now. How I Met Your Mother was funny, as was The Class. Heroes was good and answered some unanswered questions that had been put forth in past episodes. And they informed us that next week's episode was the last one until the New Year. Which means that the 'To Be Continued...' that shows after every episode will mean that I'll have to wait till January to see the next episode. Talk about being stuck on the edge of your seat.

I don't really have anything else to talk about. Its getting cooler; finally. Other than that, no change. I'll write more when I have more to write about.

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so ... yeah
Sunday. 11.26.06 10:05 pm
Today was a different Sunday cuz it wasn't Tori working. Instead it was Jeff. No big deal I guess. It wasn't too busy; it was steady enough though. It got busy right around 5ish and was that way till 6, like it was last Sunday. It was enough to make me tired. And I don't really wanna work tomorrow. But I don't ever wanna work.

Anywho, there was something that happened yesterday that I forgot to write about. They shut off the water in the back half of the complex because there was a problem with the boiler. They shut the water off at around 10 in the morning and it wasn't turned back on until almost 8 at night. So we had water back. However, as I found out this morning, that they hadn't fixed the boiler yet so we still didn't have hot water. I went to take a shower this morning and there was absolutely no hot water. Now, I cannot take a cold shower. Even if I have sunburn, I can't take a cold shower. It has to be hot water. So because it was cold in my apt when I woke up, I was already cold to begin with. Turning on the water just to find out that it was cold water didn't make me very happy. Since I have to have my hair wet so that it cooperates with me when I put it up for work, I had to get into the cold water. I nearly hyperventilated. I'm fine now that the hot water is back on, but this morning was so shitty.

Lance was supposed to come over tonight, but I have a feeling that he's not going to come over. I tried calling him to let him know that I was home so he could feel free to come over whenever, but he didn't answer his phone. I guess I don't mind. I'm confused as to how I feel about him. I want him to come over, but then again I guess I don't mind if I don't see him. I dunno. Its not distracting me too much, so I don't think it's that big of a deal. Whatever.

Its finally starting to cool off outside. It was sort of chilly when I left work. When I got home and looked on the comp it said it was 61 outside. Which would explain the chill. If its still cool out tomorrow, then I might wear a long sleeve shirt. I wear one on Friday when I work cuz I leave so much later than I normally do during the week. But if its going to be staying cool and chilly outside then I'll have to start wearing either long sleeves or a hoodie. I'm happy about that though. Its about damn time.

Okie dokie, I think I'm done writing for now.

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December is almost here
Saturday. 11.25.06 3:19 pm
I leave to go on vacation in about 3 1/2 weeks. I cannot wait! My mom told me that she got this thing in the mail about the Blue Man Group. Its for Nevada locals only {a local ID must be shown} and its for the next month, from November 28th to December 28th. It says that if you can provide a local ID then you can buy 1 ticket and get the other free. Its limited to 4 tickets. So basically if you buy 2 tickets you get 2 free. That's fucking awesome! I will definately be taking advantage of my madre being a Las Vegas resident. I've been wanting to see the Blue Man Group since back in 2000 when I first moved to Vegas. And only having to spend about $250 as apposed to twice that is great! I'm willing to not spend money on something if it means going to see them. I'll even put it on my credit card and pay it off later. It is that worth it.

I'm also gonna be going to Magic Mountain and LegoLand California. It is the only time I am willing to go to California. I otherwise don't have any interest in going. Maybe one day I'll go to the San Diego Zoo, but other than that, nope. As much as people keep asking me 'why don't you go to DisneyLand?' I don't want to. I've been to Disney World often enough and seeing as how DisneyLand is much smaller, I'd compare the two and I wouldn't be all that excited. So that's why I'm not gonna go.

I'm also planning on getting my second tattoo while in Vegas. Its going to cost me about $300 {which is going on my credit card if at all possible} due to its size and color. If you get a black and white tattoo, it doesn't cost as much. Even if you get a small tattoo, but its got a lot of color, it'll cost more due to the higher cost of the colored inks. I have been waiting a good half a year to get this tattoo. I was supposed to get it back in May when I went to Vegas the last time, but I didn't have the money for it. I would have had the money had I not wanted my laptop. But seeing as how my laptop is much more important and significant than a tattoo, the comuter came first.

Anywho, my day is going to be fairly boring. I have to do laundry {Saturday is always my laundry day}. I have no other plans. I am baking my pumpkin pie that I had bought for Thanksgiving and it was never baked. I finally went down to get the gym key, and instead of borrowing it, since there were no more to borrow, the lady just gave me hers. She said she didn't need it {sorry to say it was obvious that she didn't use it} and as a perk of working for the complex they'd make her another one for free. So that was cool.

I don't think I'll have company tonight, seeing as how Lance is going to be busy all day with school/band stuff. Diana might come over later, since she's the one who kept bugging me to get the gym key in the first place, but I'm not sure since she has to work tonight. Oh well. The key is mine now so I'll be able to go any time I want.

Normally when you think Thanksgiving weekend, you don't consider going swimming. Well, when it's in the upper 70s, low 80s, and the sun is bright and hot, swimming is definately an option. The cool water feels really good on your skin. I can go swimming but I can't go under water because I haven't had the industrial piercing long enough for it to not be affected. Although when you get an oral piercing {i.e. your lip, tongue etc ~in my case my tongue} you're not supposed to drink alcohol for a few months and since I had gotten mine done New Years Eve, I drank alcohol less than 3 hours after I had gotten it done. Whatever. Swimming is nice, relaxing and fun. As long as I clean my ear afterwards I should be fine.

Alright I hadn't planned on this entry being so long. Its my day off and since nothing eventful happened, it wasn't going to be long. Oh well. I apparently had a lot to talk about. But for now, my pie is almost done cooking so I'll be letting it cool for the next couple hours. While its cooking, I'm going to be making some other food for myself. And I'm watching National Treasure again. Hehe. I'll write more later on tonight if I feel the need to write more. If not then I'll be on tomorrow.

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