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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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patchy upy
Friday. 8.20.04 8:48 am
hmmm...... my sec skool friends still trying to make mi patch up with this woman, whom i've mentioned before. fell out with her in wat yr1? yr2? cause i bth her and "scolded" her via sms. there's a magnitude of reasons for the out burst, but not impt already. in fact, i've already deleted her number.

they've arranged for a bday celebration for one of the clique gers and invited her along. w/o telling her i'm going. i'm not going to avoid her. i still insist that it was not my fault and i've done what i could to tolerate her. i'm just concerned that the atmosphere that day will turn out to be v jiang, ruining the bday celebration. lets imagine the scenerio:

scenerio 1
she sees mi from afar and stops dead in her tracks. eyes stare till big big and hesitates if she should come forward. she will come forward but she is silent thru the whole thingy.

scenerio 2
i'm the one silent.

scenerio 3
we end up quarrelling.
none of u have seen mi spit fire yet. premonition tat sunday will be the day.

we'll see.

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Wednesday. 8.18.04 9:31 am

whirlwind of things happened today. true to form, was late for TA. Think Ricky will think i'm up to sumthing if i ever made it to class in time.lolz. i'm always late for his class. record held for 2 yrs already. whaha.

lunch at FC5, total of 9 or 10 pple at a table. result: heavy noise pollution. had to talk so loudly for the end of the table to hear the other end. lolz. so sad. i'll be missing my frens for the nov holidays. they are all going to China to do community service @ 500 bucks/all expenses. wish i can go. haiz. even tho they will be staying at a bug/lizard/god knows wat-infested, no-hot water, no decent bed, crappy food, freezing cold rural Kunming, in addition to working their butts off shovelling, sawing and sweating. but still, its probably the last chance i'll get to do sumthing meaningful with my life with all my frens. once again its affordability issue. haiz. altho joan has generously offered to lend, i'll rather not borrow. haiz... dilemma. so many people going. audrey, joan, T, ben, amy even maybe lifen. geez. sad....

went ikea with audrey, amy, T. Me, supposedly to buy easel, but ended up no need to buy. anyways the only easel i saw was those tiny ones to put foto. think we practically ordered all the main courses available today. roast beef, poached salmon, curry w rice, meatballs, cheese cake, potato salad, choc mousse (which T bought juz to spite mi since i'm on diet and cannot eat pluz he dun like to eat summore..geez.. idiot T).

discovered 4 things today.

1st hypothesis,: sch bags get heavier with passing time and becums a leaden weight

2nd discovery: i lost my atm card
shit. i dun understand. i rem putting it in my wallet and haven't taken it out since. gotta call the bank nd notify the bank. crapz.

3rd discovery: chris cheong home no.:64443616
chris cheong v hardworking siaz~ 9pm le still working. he called me to inform me i miscalculated. and i went:"shit". and he went: "no shit." oopz. haiz, i'm gonna be on the lecture news come fri le. fortunately, i under calculated. not over. that means i won't be headlined on the news. i muz have acculated good karma by voting for seba. lolz.jumped from 2 credits to 3 credits. hengz. (news is when the lecturer flashes on transparency our record sheet and HIGHLIGHTs our mistakes)

4th discovery: yining is in the belle and beau wor..last page, no votes pix kindof blurred

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