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Monday. 3.5.07 8:06 am

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Marriage, wat's the point?
Saturday. 2.10.07 10:50am
Last night me and the girls - Gail, Jess, Mel and Danae had a boy's night out. A 'boy's night' entailed going to a pub and eating steak. Then back to Gail's house for drinks and poker game. Also to top off the boy's night we watched some soft porn. hehehe. It was really a different for the girls, Gail had organised everything and it was her idea. It was not like the usual restaurant dinner...

We didnt know how to play poker properly, cuz everyone had their own versions of texas hold'em...so a lot of the time we were guessing the game. Gail's older bro had to butt in one time to make sure we playing right. We didn't play with money only chips...so we were pretending to make big bets like $50,000 hahaha. It's all pretend, but it didn't stop us from raising the stakes. And as for the soft porn, there was a lot of giggling and criticism of the porn stars techniques and physiques... lol! Got boring after a while, cuz it was all the same shit.

Anyways the subject title of the blog did come up in our evening conversation, it was around 11 and ended at 1am...whether a wedding and marriage was necessary? I was quite surprised at the opinions everyone had...cuz I thought we were all on the same page about wedding stuff. You know...being friends...having similar values and ideals. It was pretty much Danae, Mel and Jess on the cons of marriage...and me and Gail on the pros of marriage. It was quite a heated discussion.

They say wat is the point of getting married when all u get is the paper signed and a promise to be with each other forever. They say it shouldn't matter what the paper proves it is how you make the committment to each other. Which is true...I do not doubt. But then they say...they can't put up with a partner who was to cheat and to be a druggie or just plain difficult, because it would then allow yourself to be a doormat. Then again...it was a contridiction when they said if they knew their spouse was a druggie before marriage...it would only take an open mind or depending on how tolerant you were to handle them.

I believe quite strongly that marriage is not just a bond that is easily broken. It is not about tolerating the spouse...but it is about working through hardship. Yes if my partner was to cheat, I would not beg to stay with them...but I would definitely talk it through and find a way to reconcile. Some ways, tolerating is some what 'settling' for someone who does not have the same values as u. Marriage is not just a paper, but a spirtual connection you have made with the other person, it is a committment but not only that...it is a proclaimation of love and entire self to that person. Also legally a marriage has a husband and a wife. It is nice to to be called that and for kids to know that too.

Everyone has their perspective on what the perfect love committment should be. I think I see a lot of this in my parents which is why I too would like my marriage to go through the similar happy, sad, hardships and makes us stronger...I think depending on experience, a person has their own picture of what love is and how important marriage is to them.

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Experience greatly appreciated!
Monday. 2.5.07 8:25pm

I had one of the best Sundays out ever yesterday. I went to the Big Day out with my bf, it is all thanks to him for buying my ticket for me and for his fren Rob to get em. It was a great belated Christmas present and something I will keep in my memory for a long time. I only wished I had brought my digi like I said I would so you could all see the amazing site of the Claremont showgrounds being overtaken by music lovers. I'll try and find some on the web and put them up here.

It was a nice sunny 31 degs day...windy and lovely. It was perfect to be walking rnd listening to all different types of music, watching the way people act and how dressed up some were for the event. There was a good vibe in the air, like everyone was high or happy...and didnt have a care in the world. Even people who were drinking did not cause any stirs, everyone just loved being there and was more like your mate than worried about their ego.

At one point though I felt like fainting, my eyes were seeing black stars and it was bursting and multiplying...as everything was going to be darkness. My legs were wobbly and my head was heavy. I had to sit down and just experienced a cold sweat which wasnt very nice! I guess I wasnt prepared and didnt have enough sustanence to even start the day!! Amazing how we arrived at 12:30pm and went home about 11pm. It was a BIG DAY OUT! LOL!

I saw all the bands I wanted to see, especially the KILLERS!! YAY! Then I got into some metal at Trivium...which made me develop a strange love and want for it. Being in the crowd with other people chanting the lyrics, and putting all their energy into moshing and psyching up the bands was wicked! At Tool it was like a sea of meditators, when all I could hear was one voice. Even though there were 40,000 people there! It was very connected and very spiritual in a trance like atmosphere.

It was an experience of a lifetime, I'm glad I did it now. Cuz back in the days I would have never had the chance to go...or my friends would never listen to that music with me. That's why I have never been. So that's one thing ticked off my list of things to do in life. :) Go to an awesome music festival concert and MOSH!!!

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I'm going to the BDO
Tuesday. 1.30.07 6:11pm
I'm so happy that I will b going to the Big Day Out for the first time ever with my bf! Yay! It is like the coolest gift he could've given me. Especially since lately things have been troubling me....and this is a way of enjoying what I love...and that is music. It is quite a shock how my bf went all out to get ticks for me behind my back! I have told him before my world trip I wanted to go, and he has bought them. They are apparently all sold out every where... you can only get them on the radio stations competitions.

The line up is pretty impressive, listed here:

Violent Femmes
Eskimo Joe
The Streets
The Killers
John Butler Trio
Crystal Method DJs
My Chemical Romance
Peaches & Herms
John Cooper Clarke
Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band
Little Birdy
The Presets
Spank Rock
The Vines
Something for Kate
You Am I
Bob Evans
The Butterfly Effect
The Sleepy Jackson
The Herd
The Drones
[love] Tattoo
Sick Puppies
Digital Primate
DJ Mark Murphy

But it will prob be stinking hot, lots of aggro people and dehydration (a big factor). Haha like a normal big concert that runs for the whole day...key is to stay alive and enjoy yourself ;) Definitely get some pics of the day to post up here.

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dont try and understand me...
Wednesday. 1.24.07 9:21pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Fresh clean paper
Saturday. 1.20.07 10:25pm
I get excited at the anticipation of writing in a clean new journal every year. I get a bit unsure as to how to start my writings when I buy my book of clean white paper... but I just do the usual... write what I feel and have gone through my days in the year. This is not a dated diary, just plain pages, so it does not limit how many pages I should write per day.

It is just a nice, 'quiet' place to be yourself and pour out your inner thoughts and feelings. It is easier said on paper rather than lost in translation of verbal words. Every year my diary has to have a different look, it must be a representative of what's to come in 2007. I should post a pic of my journal cuz I really love and enjoy writing in it. As much I enjoy typing in Nutang.

Every year though... the diary becomes more expensive hehe. I dont know why, but I think I love to cherish my thoughts. I have not yet bought a leather bounded one, but I will in the years to come...maybe when I am more mature. I have written in a diary as long as I can remember, maybe when I was 8. It is my release and my escape...

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