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smudge clothing company.
sometimes randy and sporadicfunk and i draw pictures and we put the pictures on shirts and you have to buy them.

here is a direct link to our store on zazzle.

shirts for sale.

also, you can find us on facebook.

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Monday. 5.31.10 8:35 pm


it's not much, yet. but i gave nutang a nod.

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Thursday. 5.27.10 10:06 am
heh. i made a plush. meet ezekiel:

it was fun.

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don't worry.
Wednesday. 5.26.10 11:47 am
don't worry folks, hopefully within a few days production will begin for the music video remake challenge between middaymoon and myself.

i've got a video in mind, and i've got a way to do it. hopefully you guys like it. it isn't going to be overly complicated, just because i don't have a lot of time on my hands, what with moving, the bank, the side job, and smudge.

yeah, that's an actual link. surprised? it's something i actually slightly care about, so i figured i should link you guys up.

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Monday. 5.24.10 8:40 am
not sure what to blog about, but i figured i should.

SporadicFunk and i bought a queen size bed frame yesterday, so that's pretty exciting.

i have approximately $0 this week, so i'm going to be starving to death and pushing my car to work. sounds like it is going to be an awesome week.

*holds up sarcasm sign*

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Wednesday. 5.19.10 8:56 am
i'm trying to figure out what incentive i have to put in an extra amount of effort around here (at work). what is it for? to get in good with the higher-ups? what good is that if they aren't going to promote me? no matter if i do a good job, or i put myself completely into my job and do an AWESOME job, the result will be the same. the same shitty annual raise. the respect to my face with no acknowledgment behind my back. what's it all for?

i was recently asked if i wanted to go on a trip up to warren, pennsylvania to be part of our celebration as being rated the #1 bank in the mid-atlantic region by j.d. powers and associates. at first, i was excited that i was even offered. then i was told that i was only being asked because ALL of the tellers were asked, and none of them wanted to go. wow, what an honor, being the 5th or 6th person asked to go.

at first i just said yes, because i figured i should appease my boss. i later retracted. i "have a birthday dinner with my father."

the truth is, i wish i got more respect around here. i have to run from desk to desk helping others, constantly, and the gratitude i get is minimal. and you would think that they would learn something from all the god damn teaching i do. but alas, fuck no. next day i'll be back at their desk again, helping them.

one of the other CSRs, i understand, as she is newer to the game. but a CSR that has been doing this for thirty years or so should have some slight clue as to what they are doing. give me a break. you had thirty years to learn how to open a business account.

i'm tired of working here. i hope things shape up, as my options are slim. if it were up to me i'd just quit, but with moving out into a new place, i have to keep a steady job, otherwise i'll be out on the street.

i guess i'll continue working my ass off for little reward.

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Friday. 5.14.10 12:49 pm
i was going to change my layout, but then i just changed the header picture and the colors instead. maybe i'll remove my face from the background and replace it with another picture or something.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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