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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Lottery no
Friday, November 14, 2014
Well, recently, a potential client asked me if I could give lottery numbers with my tarot cards and I said no. I said if he wanna be rich, it's better start doing some investment or do some business as those area. If not, just train his own intuition to get rich. And then he said he and I are not psychic so it's impossible. And then the next day, he asked if I were psychic.

And now I don't know if I am just being nice in attending to his query.

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Monday. 11.10.14 3:35 am
A few months back, I hit my invisible ceiling that I almost went nuts because I was suffocated with life affairs. All I wanted to do was nothing. I just wanna have a break from life but I have just returned from a short trip during my birthday. Should not that be sufficient? Unfortunately, no. And my thirst for escapade came hit back stronger. I just wanna go somewhere I can be isolated from others like by the beach and at the same time I can meditate - to be in touch with nature.

I tried googling for such places and found them to be luxurious services. There is one in Nepal that you need to reach there by helicopter and they charge USD 1000 per night. Quite ridiculous right?

I talked to my friend from the US and she suggested monastery in countries like Japan, Thailand and India and even China. Sounds so cool!

Yes, shukubo sounds good! It means monastery stay in Japanese. I heavily considered Japan despite of the radiation leak there but it seems to be my most viable choice given the safety and cleanliness. I know I am a freak but I can't help it when I am traveling alone.

Perhaps I shall try going to Japan. I know my holistic dr will go ballistic if he found out I go there. But we shall see.

I am in need of serene peace. Isolation amongst the trees or sea breeze is what my soul needs.

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Silence discomfort
Sunday. 10.26.14 9:39 am
My Korean collegemate came to the city for the past few days to do his research. I agreed to help him out in looking for some guinea pigs for him to interview. I didn't know it was a lot of work but this entry is not about the hard work. It's about an unmarried woman who happens to be my collegemate too.

On the first night the Korean friend arrived, I took him to meet the unmarried woman for dinner. A night before it, she asked if we could have dinner earlier and I replied it's not my decision but it was not a problem. I didn't realise my other collegemate who could not make it didn't inform the others when I have already told her many nights ago. So when this woman replied I asked if she could inform another friend, she said why so last minute. Geez. It's just a courtesy. It does not matter if she could not make it. I don't want to be branded as a bitch for keeping a friend to herself.

Anyways, on that date, I texted her earlier that we could have dinner earlier as she requested and she replied she will only come the time we promised.

Fine. On the way to the dinner venue, I have already informed the Korean friend that don't mind her she makes lots of noise, which she is famous for. Don't know why... some unmarried women seem to have some psychotic problem. They will complain about everything and want everything to be in their convenience. One of my friends said they need a good sex...

Oh well, when we met, I was, being myself, happy to meet her and said "Hey, let's take selfie to upload!"

Her reply? "Why need to take selfie?" like a teacher telling a student why are you stupid?

So condescending man. But we are talking about unmarried woman. Ok. Fine. They continue talking... but somehow as they talked... I was not included in the conversation.... the whole night for 2.5 hours. She only said two things:

1) Renaye, can you finish this?

Like hell I could. I am allergic to prawns.

2) Oh so yo are going to take him back to the hotel?

Like hell I am going to dump him at the shopping mall and let him go back on his own. And yes... she went home on her own... What? Am I being too nice? That's what my friends said.

And yes... I played tour guide for him for the past three days and he was telling me... can we go elsewhere anywhere but here?


Never mind... he paid for my dinner and transportation and I get to meet some friends I have never met for ages or for the first time!!! Yes, I got people from my FB to be guinea pigs...

And he bought me facial masks. Can la! I am grateful for the experience and the gifts!

And the unmarried woman paid for my dinner. BWAHAHA... because half way in their conversation, I walked out from the restaurant to charge my phone. Haha.

Thank you God!

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pick pocket
Sunday. 10.12.14 8:56 am
Wah... I witnessed an attempt of someone trying to steal money from a girl in broad daylight.

I was walking along an area that was used to be the city of Malaysia, but now it is a sad sight because it is occupied by foreigners. There were a lot of foreigners hanging around that main road and I was hugging my bag closely. In front of me was a local girl and a foreign man. He was walking on the opposite direction and in a blink of an eye, his finger 'harrassesed' the girl's thigh area. And he cursed. I didn't understand what was happening. I scrutinised the large-sized girl in front of me and I realised her tight jeans massaged the money out of her pocket.

Aww... no wonder the foreign guy tried to harrass her. He was trying to hook the money! It was not USD 10 its USD 30. It was a huge sum!!

Later I told the girl who stopped by a streetfood hawker that somebody tried to pickpocket her and she went 'Oh really'?

I facepalm-ed.

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alan oh alan
Tuesday. 10.7.14 10:24 am
Man. Looking back at the old songs... I feel past singers are better than many of the younger generations now. At least their songs are of substance not like now... really crap... but hey they are the trendsetters!

I miss alan's singing. If only she learns the language and market herself more in Japan, I think she will be somewhere instead of having unknown status now. She went on the The Voice in China but got kicked out in the early rounds. Her performance during the audition was poor. As though she was singing for the sake of singing. It was soulless compared to her other songs. In fact, she should not even sing her own releases during the audition but covers. That was what other participants were doing. So just follow the crowd!

Anyhow, I love her voice... I love her second album. So nice! Sigh... Can you just self-release?

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Look who's running
Friday. 10.3.14 9:23 pm
While watching a movie on TV last night and one scene on the protagonist running on a track, it made me remember of my sports involvement in high school. Well, my school treated the students like some sheep in the pen. We were not allowed to leave the field until we had completed all the sports from running to high jump. You name it.

There was one particular sport that the girls somehow hated which was running. I got no idea why. All I knew was I love it and I always got first easily. I found out why until I became the spectator for the run. The teacher said 'Start' and the girls who were of large size ran extremely slow and the teacher was like 'RUNNNNNNNNNN' and yet they were slower than snails. The guys were whistling and smiling like a coyote. The girls were still running but it was like you were watching some slow motion scenes on the computer. The girls were laughing of shyness.


Then I saw why they were running extremely slow... Their breasts were moving up and down as they ran. Yes, they have large breasts. Damn. That was why the guys were showing off their pervert side. And to be frank that scene was pretty appetising for the guys because the boobies were moving in slow motion. I thought the girls should just run FAST and so the guys cant see anything. Oh, won't that be more fantasizing? No idea.

Then I thought about myself. DAMN. I ran as fast as I could against the wind and I never once thought about my boobs. Did it move like those girls? Wait do I have visible boobs? Yikes. No wonder my guy friends in high school once commented mine was as flat as the air runway. DAMN. Anyways, I wear sports bra for sports. So it further enhances my already flat chest.


Oh well, despite that, I still have many guys chasing after me. Thank you, God.

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