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After midnight cravings
Tuesday. 11.4.08 1:32 am
I'm hungry and yet I can't can't eat. It's too late for food. I knew I should have bought that onigiri if only for a snack later. Damn it! TT.TT Wah, no food...

Tired, too. *snore*

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Wednesday. 10.29.08 2:50 pm
I've been looking around and noticed that everyone's using my "re:c/r:c" for re: comment.


Eh-hah, *cough* bleh. *sigh* Re-watching Hana-Kimi Jap version, I am. Can't remember how many eps it had. I had only dl-ed six of them. *shrug* Eh.

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Ehwat is this warm feeling that flows thwoo me?
Tuesday. 10.28.08 2:28 pm
Ah...feeling: content listening to: the echoes of an ending theme song.

I have just finished watching Painted Skin. Look it up. The little fox in the end is absolutely adorable. Ah, don't listen to my mutterings. Go watch it. The movie is far from adorable.

It was good. I loved it. Don't miss it!


Note: This movie is in Chinese so look for subtitles if you don't speak/understand Mandarin.

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Across the distance...
Thursday. 10.2.08 4:13 pm
Ketchup: September 30, 2008 Ma goes home to find the whole apartment lightly dusted in white and brown powder. The faint smell of chocolate in the air. A bag of shelled peanuts on the floor with a corner ripped off. Three plastic bags ripped to shreds. A couple of dumps placed here and there--yes, it's what you're thinking of, dumps. And a hole in the wall. The culprit? My dear ol' little puppy frozen in the corner with guilt and no remorse.
October 1, 2008 I hadn't gone home the night before and so did not witness the above pretty picture. Ma calls in the middle of the day to tell me to go home early. Why? Clean up and wash the dog. I went home and laughed myself sick at the sight of the dog with brown muzzle and paws. I would give you a pic but I don't know how to upload pics from my phone. Then I went around the room, placing his nose at strategic places and spanking him, ending with the hole in the wall. After this, I penned him in the little square of a hallway between the bathroom, living room, and bedroom. There he stayed the rest of the evening, night, and morning.

Today: I just wanted to tell you guys of the little widget to your left. I had one before and now have it again. It is a textmark. I can update it from anywhere using my cell phone. You can get Sdot news from anywhere using your cell phone. I remembered this little widget when browsing random's page. Just send SDOT/sdot/Sdot/whatever form you wish to 41411 and they will send my latest update in reply. ^-^ Normal texting prices apply. Or instead of doing it EVERYTIME, just subscribe~!

I'm not forcing anything. It's up to you. In fact, I had an idea where 'Tang has it's own textmark. Kind of like the shoutbox. Or something. Anyway, it's just an easy way for me to put something up about my whereabouts or whatever when I'm bored, excited, blah blahblah. Too bad about the character count though, no actual entries, but isn't that what the 'Tang is for?

Plugs: randomjunk

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Monday. 9.29.08 3:44 pm
Note: Please give this entry a chance and read to the end before judging me. The third paragraph isn't everything. This is ME here. I am hoping that means something...

I was just looking over my old entries and I was completely wide-eyed at all the various titles which bring me no recollections whatsoever.

Hahaha, I wonder if any of us still use the smilies anymore. Anyway, this no recollection thing isn't new, it goes for the content of my entries--or anything I 'write' (paper or otherwise). I remember being twelve and picking up an old writing assignment from...elementary school, I think, and going "Eh?! I wrote this?" And I don't mean like "Ooh, the handwriting is so messy" or "...that's not a sentence..." I mean, "Hey, I don't remember writing this. Huh. Where'd I get that idea? Hey, I wrote pretty well! It doesn't look/sound/seem like me!"

Anyway, I've been thinking about the future lately. More like I don't have a choice with my ma being the what-ever she is...shut up, brain! Not going there. See, I have this idea to go into an asian entertainment circle. Go to the Miss HK pageant or go to Taiwan. If the former, I have to win the Miss Chinatown-NYC pageant first(since I'm not HK born)--which isn't that hard, considering. Well, alright, I'll explain. Almost every time this 'pageant' comes around, we're always lamenting why there aren't any cute/okay, let alone pretty girls. And the 'talent's they all claim to have...mostly laughable. Especially the dancing. I laugh my head off. And have you seen the latest HK one? I can't believe the dancing was so bad considering the wider range of choices and the fact they're supposed to represent HK...

Of course, it might just be that the talented ones are too smart and level-minded to enter a pageant, of all things. Dance or music or any real kind of performing art has certain personality characteristics entailed, almost in their genes. If they were to enter a competition of any kind, it would be an aw-ing (not laughable one) one with a respectable and admirable background. If I do this, I would just be looking to get into the circle. HK winners/participants get a leg up into the entertainment circle and go on to act in tv series--even if their acting is not good enough, they have the chance to improve. Taiwan's idols aren't the most talented. I can still make it into the circle somehow. My taiwan-mandarin is getting more natural everyday. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing...especially since I've always loved Beijing mandarin the best.

This is an idea and inner hope I've never shared completely with anyone. Only part once in passing to ma.

Of course, the less courageous but current plan is to go to college and then law school. But if I really want to do the above, I can't wait till after college or law school. I'd be too old and won't have the time or focus needed.

So I have two choices. Go out, debut! Or stay unknown and lead a life here as a writer, teacher, get a job, no career in mind, dance on weekends. Truly, I have no idea what the future holds for me after school--college and/or grad.

*chuckle* I have never even really admitted the entertainment thing to myself! Too level-headed for that. Or at least, I'm supposed to be.

Who am I again? Right, I never knew...

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his teeth broke through my skin and i screamed.
Thursday. 7.24.08 7:12 pm
News Update (I am forever updating, aren't I?)

1. Date: A couple of days ago. My puppy was, as usual, biting me in his usual crazy frenzy. Enough for me to get scared. This happens at least once a day. Only this time his tiny dagger-like teeth sunk into my flesh and tore my skin into to miniature jagged peaks. (Re: Entry Title)

2. I just finished washing my clothes in the sink/bathtub. Don't worry, it wasn't a full load. Of course my hands are feeling tingly, rough, and chapped. Next, I shall work on my jean shorts and jean skirt. Once that's done, the laundry item on my list can be checked 'done'.

3. Re: Prev. Entry Oh, go look it up on Wikipedia! Ya'll fingers ain't that lazy.

4. I'm still waiting on that trip to Coney Island... Beach, amusement park, and fireworks all rolled in one. *dreamy sigh*

5. I can't think of anything else. Sorry. Oh! I was contemplating an emo wardrobe tomorrow. Nah.

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Just finished...
Sunday. 7.13.08 12:53 am
watching a British Indie film on PBS, "Me Without You". Fantastic. I loved it.

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Ah am BACK!
Sunday. 7.6.08 12:56 pm
Mm, my puppy was pronounced healthy at the vet yesterday. Three more weeks and he'll get his last shots and he can go mingle with his fellows. Right now, he's sleeping on my lap. XD Lazy little thing.

I went to see the fireworks on Friday. I went with a friend and ten of his friends. >.> Do you see what's wrong with that? All alone among 'strangers'? Well, not strangers in that I wouldn't know how they'd act or whatever. Who is ever surprised by teenagers? But I actually had some fun. Made a couple of new friends. It was by no means a bad time. The fireworks were fab with the smiley faces and the 'willow trees' as my friend calls them.

*sigh* I haven't been back to the 'Tang in a while. How are ya'll doing? Feel free to rant in my comment section below if you dont want to do so on your own page.

Argh, I gotta get him off my lap. I need to find some food...

It seems I always talk of food whenever I'm here...As iki says, I AM a growing girl. I'm fine with that as long as it's my height!

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