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Thursday, 7/24/03 - 6:46 pm
Beat: Madonna - Take a Bow

I just finished reading a response back from a friend. It was about two earlier entries that I decided to omit. I never did finish those entries but I decided to disregard the idea of continuing with them. Umm, I didn't think people actually read my entries. I'm was surprised with that feedback. Knowing me, I can get emotional. Yes, I did get emotional with that email, but it did leave me with a sense of comfort. Thanks Michella. Later Days.

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» Yesterday 7/22
Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 7:33 pm
Beat: Another Hope - Why
Joke of the Day: A moving truck was parked infront of Jill's car facing the wrong way. I told Jill that she parked backwards. She got so scared and thought the sticker on her window was a ticket. She thought it was hilarious.

Yesterday I didn't get to update because I was working on a CD. Well, not the whole day. I tried to wake up at 10am but I ended up getting up around 11:30am.

Jill was suppose to come over and then go to Rockstar Alex's house. We walked over since we needed the exercise. We decided not to go the long way and just go through Williams School. We ended up climbing the fence because the gates were locked.

When we got to Alex's house, he had all his things setup for us. His bass player wasn't there so it was just him and his brother, Sean.

They played about 9 songs for us, non-stop. It was a good, private concert. I recorded it on MD and it turned out clear, but the drums were really loud. It was still all good.

When I got home I decided to put MD to CD. The quality came out nasty but I'm bugging my brother to fix it.

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» Morning Sunshine!
Monday, 7/21/03 - 4:37 pm
Beat: Saving Sebastian - Far From Forever

Agh.. I woke up around 7am today. I felt so drunk. Even though I don't know how it feels to be drunk. I was so sleepy. I went to register today for OC. I also got my permit renewal, signed up for my Identification Card, and registered to vote. I swear I spent the whole day over at the DMV. I saw Jake there too! Last time I saw him was 4-5 years ago. He still looks the same, just taller.

Well that's about it. I was trying to convince my brother earlier to take me to Toys 'R' Us today So I can get my button/pin maker. He said he had to go to Joe's house.

I think I might go to bed early today since I have to go to Alex's house tomorrow, real early..

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» Kris Unplugged.
Monday, 7/21/03 - 1:05 am
Beat: Saving Sebastian - Late Night Land

Late again. I got home from BF today. There's a grip load of snacks that my sister bought. I saw that movie on Fox Family, Lucky 7. It's a good movie. I liked it.

Anyways, I'm trying to make plans for Tuesday. So far me and Jill are heading to Rockstar Alex's place at 12pm. Hecka early but oh well. He's giving us a private concert. I'm going to record it. Cool beans. I might go to Susan D.'s concert over at Borders in Esplanade. I haven't seen her yeat and only heard of one song by her. I heard she's pretty dope. I'm going to buy a CD if she's good. I'm not sure if I'm going though. cause that's my mom's birthday. I guess it's TBA. I think I'll go burn that CD I promised Kris. "YEA! COME ON! GO!"

I forgot to mention. I'm retaking my permit test tomorrow. Mine expired.. Haha. I think I'm finally going to commit into getting my license. Also, I'm heading over the the College of Rosenbard [OC] to register.

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