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Half and half
Monday. 9.21.15 9:01 pm
As with most people, my mind wanders to some of the most random places at times. Other times, there's a reason why my mind goes where it goes. This evening, I was thinking about how half of my friends are either married with/expecting children, or are single. I have very few friends who are just in a relationship. It seems kind of strange thinking about it, really. I've reached the age where it's completely normal for people to be getting married and starting families. Or embracing the hell out of their singleness if they're not on the married side of the spectrum.

Currently, I'm on the single side of things. And I'm perfectly okay with this, at least for now. I met someone whom I'd love to be able to date, but it's out of the question at this present time. I wish we were at least talking on a semi-regular basis, but it's been too long now; things would be awkward as all hell if I suddenly attempted to maintain an open form of communication. Oh well. I accept it for what it is and continue to embrace being single.

I can list, off the top of my head, 4 of my friends who are either currently expecting, or are trying for it. Which is crazy! I'm not even dating anyone and people around me are reproducing. I guess that's what happens when you inch closer to 30.

Now, I've never been shy about my feelings toward this route in my life. My future "children" will all be fur babies. I feel like a small part of this is a reason as to why I'm still single. Obviously it's not the right time in my life for it to happen; otherwise it'd be happening, but at the same time, I have to find a guy who's views on having offspring is equivalent to mine.

In due time, I suppose. It's possible that I've already met this man, but the point in which our paths are supposed to become one is still to come. It's also just as possible that I haven't met this person yet; our paths are still waiting to intersect. It's split 50/50 down the middle. I'm curious, though. My curiosity gets the better of me quite often; this is just one of those situations where my curiosity cannot simply be answered by me asking people, reading through books or relying on Google for the answers.

Only time will tell.

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Lessons of the life kind
Thursday. 9.17.15 7:41 pm
After getting intimately aware of the varying reasons for people to be referred to our departments, I've realized that if I said really anything about how tired I am on a regular basis and how I completely lack the energy to do things I'd like to do, I'd most likely be referred to my own department. How fucking strange would that be to see my own name pop up?

It happens, you know. You go in to your doctor's office and discuss things with them; they hear trigger words and refer you to a department without actually telling you that they're doing this. Then when we call to set up the appointment, the patient has not fucking clue. At this point, it becomes super awkward for me because I now have to play dumb while I have someone arguing with me about why they've been referred and what is the point and why can't I tell them more?

Ugh. I'm so ready for the weekend. After working in a phone-based customer service job for the past 9 months, I've learned quite a few valuable life lessons. Such as: when the person on the phone isn't helping you the way you're wanting, raising your voice gets you even less than what the person was originally planning on helping you with. If you're super polite and patient, the person on the phone will *likely* do everything in their power to help you.

**disclaimer: some people are just assholes who hate their jobs and they don't give a shit what tone you take or what your issue is. They will do as little as possible anyway**

Also, those little funny stories that you think are hilarious? The backstory to your problem? The jokes about how you could be dead by tomorrow? I don't know those are jokes because people actually say those things, and mean it! Don't get pissed at me because I didn't laugh at your "lame joke." I honestly don't care about how you got to the point you're at. I don't care that your mom did this and your dog is eating your phone wire. Please, please, don't ever start out the phone call with, "okay, let me tell you the story." I will literally mute you and say that I don't give a fuck.

I'm not the only one. And thanks to this personal experience, I am no longer one of those people who does that when I have to call in somewhere. I get straight to the point; I don't make small talk. I am quiet while waiting for a response; no reason to fill dead air with things that are irrelevant. The more cooperative on the phone, the faster the call is, the sooner I can hang up and move on with my life.

The intention of this blog was not meant to be quite so rage filled ... oops. I think this is my way of saying that I'm very ready for my vacation. I need a break from reality.

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Tuesday. 9.15.15 6:56 pm
It just hit me yesterday that my birthday is in 3 weeks. Normally I don't give a shit {I still kind of don't} but just the fact that it's getting really close without me even realizing it, is amusing to me. I also leave for Vegas in 5 1/2 weeks. The idea that I'm that close to my vacation is awesome! I'm so looking forward to it.

I'm hoping to be down at least 5 more pounds before I go on my trip and even if I only lost a pound per week, that is where I'd end up. Hopefully it'll be a little more. 10 max, but that's if I really push myself and pay super close attention to what I'm consuming. Today was a little bit of a "cheat day," so to speak, because there was a potluck, but I only indulged a little. I still recorded everything since it all came from a store with labels.

Saturday is going to be my actual cheat day, where I don't log anything or pay attention to what I'm consuming. I'm going hiking with a friend and we're going out for margaritas afterwards. However, the hike is an 8 mile round trip hike so I'll be doing more walking than I normally do on any single day so it's our reward for completing the whole thing.

Tomorrow is my rest day for lunges and pushups; I'm debating whether to go to the gym after work and get in a quick 30 minute jog. I guess we'll see how I feel when I get home from work. It could very well happen. I know that I do need to get in to the gym at some point before Saturday since I'll likely be too sore to go on Sunday. If not tomorrow, then definitely Thursday.

Until next time. . .

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Another Mile
Wednesday. 9.9.15 9:25 pm
Pandora was advertising today as their "appreciation day" which meant that they were going ad-free for everyone, even if you hadn't paid to eliminate ads. Because of this, I finally brought my extra set of ear buds to work {8 months later} and listened to it while on lunch. After lunch, we used the free computer in the office to play background music. 3 hours of uninterrupted music. 'Twas awesome. It kind of, sort of, helped motivate us a little more. Sort of.

I usually listen to Pandora while I'm at the gym, but there's always ads right in the middle of my flow, so throughout the day, I debated whether I wanted to take the extra initiative to go to the gym in the middle of the week just to have a run without having to listen to ads. When I got home from work, I decided to just go for it. I changed, grabbed my stuff and headed back out in to traffic. It takes me so much longer to get to work at that time of day simply because everyone is trying to leave. A 6 minute trip in no traffic took me 15. Not complaining, despite the way it sounds. I think the decision would have been different if my commute wasn't so short.

It was definitely worth it. I found it rather entertaining that the only people in the gym during the 35 minutes I was there were just females. There were about 6 of us when I got there and it ended with just two of us. There were also 3 other women in the yoga room next door. No men at all. We females are bad ass and we work hard at it!

... I'm tired. Ignore that last sentence. I just don't feel like deleting it.

Anywho, payday is this weekend. I need to go grocery shopping for the next two weeks, pay the bills and purchase my airline ticket to Vegas. I know I'm cutting it close, but the trip to DC was necessary and more than worth the money spent so I'm good with this. My family understands that I'm pretty much broke until January.

Other than the gym, grocery shopping and bill paying, I have no other plans for this weekend. Next weekend, I'm going on a hike with a friend so I'm looking forward to that. This weekend is pretty open. Who knows what it'll bring.

Until next time. . .

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Hungover? Sweat it out!
Monday. 9.7.15 3:35 pm
Last night I hung out with a few friends for a round of 5 Tribes, and Cards Against Humanity. Alcohol was introduced in to the second game and it was pretty amazing. We're all horrible people, and the cards drawn and chosen were proof enough of that; if anyone ever actually needs proof, anyway.

Because I'd only had one thing to eat the entire day, the few bottles of beer that I had {two of the taller bottles from Elysian Brewery: one at 6.3% and the other at 8.1% and a bottle of a 5.6% Oktoberfest kind} made me quite cozy. We all hung out longer than we normally would have so that the two of use who needed to drive home could do so without being intoxicated.

This morning I woke up with a slight hangover and I was quite reluctant to go to the gym, but I decided to stick with it ... and pray that I didn't puke. A friend of mine, who's recently starting going to the gym himself, calls it "rise and grind." I like that phrase; it's fitting. I asked him what kind of advice he had for going to the gym with a hangover and he said to run until I puke, then keep going because it had only been 30 seconds. I laughed harder at that than I probably should have ...

I took it a little easier than I have been. I only ran for 35 minutes and only went 2.49 miles. I was sweating quite a bit more than normal, despite taking it back a notch, so I'm thinking that my body was sweating out all the toxins still left behind. I didn't puke, I only had one side stitch episode, and I felt pretty damn good afterwards. I think if I'd consumed more than the alcohol I did, the gym would not have been possible this morning so I'm thankful I limited myself.

After the shower, I hung out for about 30 minutes before going back out to the store and then to my friend's workplace to hang out for their little Labor Day "BBQ." I say it that way because it was inside an office and someone brought in their George Foreman grill to use for the hot dogs. I only ate some pasta salad and a hot dog. I let them keep the bag of chips that I didn't even try because I know that if I'd taken them home, I would have eaten the whole thing in a matter of days. With as well as I'm doing with the weight loss right now, I don't need more temptations than necessary. It's already going to be difficult enough with another potluck for lunch on Thursday and happy hour afterwards the same day.

It's a short work week, though, since we're off today for the holiday so I'm definitely happy about that. I'm also pretty happy with the progress I've made so far. I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal, but it's nice seeing results.

Until next time. . .

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Every-season-in-24-hours season is back
Saturday. 9.5.15 6:48 pm
It's definitely changing from summer to fall. This entire past week has been gradually getting cooler and cooler. It's rained more often over the last week than it has over the last three months combined. Today, it started out quite chilly; the temperature was below 50 at sunrise. It warmed up to a comfortable high 60s, with the sun shining bright between puffy white clouds. There was even a cool breeze to make it the ultimate perfect temperature for being comfortable.

Around 4 I laid down for a nap, with the sun still shining, but two hours later I was awoken to thunder and a pretty heavy rain for Seattle. There wasn't even a 50% chance of rain today so it was quite the pleasant surprise. I opened my blinds just in time for the final bit of lightning and thunder before the rain tapered off to what Seattle is used to getting.

I think there's a Sounders game tonight; the Geico banner plane was flying around earlier and the stadium lights are all on. I guess I'll find out here shortly because they set off fireworks when the game starts. It kind of sucks for the players, but they are more than capable of playing in the rain. That's why Safeco Field has a convertible top and the Clink doesn't have one at all.

I got up this morning, drove up north to put gas in my car, stopped at the eye glass place so that they could actually see the scratched up lenses that needed replacing before ordering new ones for me, and then proceeded to the gym to get in my run. I went for a little more time today and covered a little more distance. I'm pretty damn close to finishing 3 miles in 40 minutes. If I can get there by the end of the month, I'll be happy. Then I start working on shaving off time to get to the 10 minute mile people strive for.

On top of the gym this morning, I've also completed my lunge challenge for the day. It's another challenge my sister and I are doing for the month of September. She started everything else over as well, because we never really finished the other two challenges. Because I'm going to the gym once/twice per week, I count that towards my working out. My DC trip is what screwed up the challenges last month. This month should be fine since I'm not going anywhere and next month should be okay too, since my Vegas trip will have been a little more thoroughly planned. Also, my sister's place has a community fitness center that I can use so even that won't have to stop.

I'll be getting on a scale again tomorrow {I will own my own scale one of these days} and I'm really hoping the number has gone down again, but I also understand that all the lunges and running has probably increased my muscles so I have to take that in to account. Scale doesn't care if you have muscle or fat; it just tells it like it feels it.

Anwyho, it's a three day weekend and I'm pretty damn happy about not having to go to work that day. Any extra time I have off from work is good, especially when it's a paid holiday. I'll be taking another three day weekend in a month; I used my floating holiday to take my birthday off, which is actually a month from today. 13 months from today I'll be 30 ... woo! As soon as I get back from Vegas and get caught up on my bills and such, I'll be saving like the dickens to take two more weeks off for next year's birthday. I'm going back east and this time around I'll have time and money to do whatever I want. Ahh! I can't wait!

Until next time. . .

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