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18/06/07 22:01
I am...

feeling: anxious
chatting to: no one

我感冒了... 今天早上刚说完今年回国前千万不要再感冒...刚刚才发现我竟然已经感冒好几天了=_=;; 非~~~常讨厌. 2005年回国时感冒了整整两个月(回国前就感冒了,回英国后才好了)... ARG!



我早就开始头疼了,可把它当做上网太多,坐计算机前的时间太长了,没想到会是又感冒了...烦人. ¬_¬

气死我了! >=(

我星期三还要在对我来说是最难的课题上考试.我不会!!! 今天早上还试着复习呢,发现我还真的一点也不会.头又疼,喉咙也疼,不想复习,也复习不了.死定了呜呜呜... ;_;

考试成绩回来后肯定会羞死我了 >_<;; 算了... 考牛津时不写上我further maths(不知道怎么翻译... er... 进一步算术? 反正比别人学的普通算数再高一层o_O)成绩就是了!

Translation: I've caught a cold... I was saying to myself this morning that I cannot catch a cold this year just before I go back to China again... And I just realised I've had a cold for a few days now =_=;;

Reaaaally annoyed. I had a cold for 2 whole months in 2005 (started before I went back to China, didn't get better till I got back to England)... ARG!!! So not impressed =_=;;

How'd I (finally) realise I'd caught a cold?

...My throat is now itchy, and I've begun to cough...

I had a headache AGES ago, but I chalked that up to be excessive amounts of internet and sitting in front of the computer for too long. Completely didn't realise I'd caught another cold. Ugh. ¬_¬

=Pissed off=

I have an exam in the hardest subject EVER for me on Wednesday as well! I KNOW NOTHING!!! I was trying to revise this morning and realised I actually know absolutely nothing. My head hurts, my throat hurts, really don’t feel like revising, and actually can’t revise in my state. I am so dead wuuuu ;_;

I’m gna be so embarassed when I get my grades back >_<;; Nevermind... I just won’t put down my further maths grade when I’m applying for Oxford =D




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[200 Pounds Beauty]
16/06/07 16:53
I am...

feeling: touched
watching: 200 Pounds Beauty

After reading tallieme's blog on Thursday I decided to go with her recommendation and watch a Korean movie called '200 Pounds Beauty'...

I was not disappointed...

It is one of the best movies I've ever seen and although I've seen other bloggers rate it like... 8/10 or something like that, I give it a full 10/10 <333 I loved it SO much!!!

It was really funny which eventually turned into really touching and I'll admit I think I got a little annoyed at some parts but I could totally understand why they did that =/ Spoiler:

Like when Sang-Jun told Ammy they were only using Hanna: I think it was just to get Ammy to leave Hanna alone, but unfortunately Hanna heard it and took it the wrong way =(

And also when Hanna pretended not to know her father at the party as 'Jenny'--I can understand, because she didn't want to be found out, but that doesn't mean it was the right thing to do, so I did get annoyed at her there, but I can totally understand why she did it...

I also got confused at one point too, but yeah... Spoiler:

Like when Sang-Jun looked at the door then SUDDENLY jumped up, ran in and found the folder and connected Jenny to Hanna... I'm reaaaaally confused about that part? @[email protected]

On Wikipedia it says he saw the 'Hakuna Matata' sign on the door so went through and found Hanna's file? Am I blind or is there nothing different on the door??? I didn't see a sign at all; the decoration looked exactly the same as everywhere else, and I also found it a bit random he shifted through her files and automatically found the file Hanna had connected her to Hanna? o_O

I also thought it was HIS house at first, then realised it wasnt... o_O;; And why WOULDN'T the file be in her hands? Isn't it the company's file? @[email protected]

I was so touched at the end though... I have actually re-watched the ending 4 times and have cried every single time... Actually, what was really shocking was that I even cried the last time, when I was watching the movie without subtitles! Although I guess I do know what they're saying, but still...

So yes... That automatically bumps this movie into the 'Kuri's-absolute-favourite-movies-of-all-time' list XD

Anyways! After rambling so long, I should reaaaaally tell you guys what it's about, right? ^^;;

200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워) is a 2006 South Korean comedy. The story tells the tale about a large girl that undergoes an extreme makeover. Hanna is an overweight phone sex employee as well as a lip sync vocalist for Ammy, a famous Korean pop singer.

Instead of being famous for her own amazing vocal talent, Hanna hides behind Ammy's performance stage and sings during Ammy's concerts, as well as recording all of Ammy's songs.

One day, Ammy humiliates her in front of the music company's director Sang-Jun during his birthday party, knowing full well that Hanna is in love with him. While crying in the bathroom, Hanna overhears Sang-Jun telling Ammy that even though they are just using Hanna for her voice, they must be kind to her so she will not walk out on them.

Heartbroken, Hanna decides to get a head-to-toe makeover through plastic surgery and puts herself in seclusion for a year as she recovers from the changes. When she comes back from the hospital, Hanna is incredibly beautiful as well as slender. No one, not even her best friend, recognizes her.

...I'm was lazy to type a synopsis, so, that taken from Wikipedia (with spoilers edited out) XD ...OoOoOoOo... She comes back completely changed =O What will happen? XD

Okay at one point it was so unbelievably cliché it wasn't even funny, but even so it was still so, so touching... Wuuuu TT_TT I loved it<333

You can watch it on YouTube, just search '200 Pounds Beauty Eng Subs' ^_^ Here's part 1 of the movie:

Oh... I also forgot to mention: Some of the songs are amazing! I can't stop listening to them *_* Such gorgeous songs... I've downloaded the soundtrack already XD

You can find the soundtrack up for download if you search '200 Pounds Beauty OST megaupload' on google =]

...Hmmm... Omw... I've actually watched a Korean movie!!! =OOO First time ever!!! XDDD And I absolutely loved it!!! Killie-Poohs will be so proud of me XDDD




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[Fun ^_^]
14/06/07 18:08
I am...

feeling: very accomplished (^____^)v
chatting to: Link, MengYuan

So I've made another new layout for my design blogsite and I love it.

A lot more than this one, actually =3 My new Nana layout kinda makes this one look rather insignificant. I think I might have to get a new layout for this blog soon, but I think I'd like to keep one of my recent layouts up for more than a couple of weeks or so first ^^;;

So far nobody has asked for any of them, but I don't mind at all; I just love to make them *_* I'm sure some soul will stumble upon my design blogsite sooner or later and ask for a layout <3 It'll make me feel so special that someone else is using a layout I made <333

And I'm so happy! In the process of making my Nana layout I learnt so much new coding tricks and hacks it's so funky! XD I really feel I've improved in webdesign <3 They're not half as long to code as they were before now =3

If only I had so much motivation to do work ^^;;

I had a really fun day today: Mary came round in the morning then we went to The Harvester (a pub down the road) and met up with Tanya and had the most delicious puddings I've ever tasted <333 They were quite expensive though, but £3.50 for the NICEST hot fudge cake covered with ice-cream and cream and chocolate sprinkles ever were totally worth it! *_*

After much fun, laughter, messing about and photo taking we all came back to my house and played Simon Says with my little sister... Hahaha a definitely amusing experience XD I'll post photos later if I manage to get my hands on them =3

Hopefully I won't forget x_x;;

Was just talking to MengYuan about NuTang just now! =DDD I think she's intrigued XD I'm trying to get her to join too <333 More people should blog! ^_^ I love blogs <3 Unfortunately I haven't the time to read any at the moment... I will do as soon as my exams are over (final exam in 6 days!!!) =3 Although I have a hectic summer too, but I can't wait! *_*

Okies~ Dinner time~ ^_^




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[Wasting Time ^_^]
12/06/07 15:52
I am...

feeling: accomplished ^_^
watching: nada

You know what they say: "procrastination is the thief of time"... Well, it's certainly the theif of my time... Cept most of the time I let it steal my time... so I dno if 'thief' is very justified =P And I'm also well aware I'm making no sense too XDDD

But anyways! I had my FP1 exam (further maths) yesterday... and it's one of my final exams! Woo! \m/

Haha except I failed it ^_^

I was up at 5am cramming for it to be honest, but even though I'm a definite crammer and get best results whilst cramming, 7 hrs before the exam of hardcore work won't get me familiar with the whole syllabus =3 As it goes, that was the only time I'd revised further maths (or *done* any further maths) in quite a few months ._.;;

Haha... so in the exam, I wasn't able to answer even half the questions... I left so many questions blank; it was laughable XD In fact, I did actually sit in the exam hall giggling for a bit because I just couldn't answer any of the questions and was laughing at my own idiocy... it really was quite amusing XD

What's even more amusing is that I could sit and laugh at my own failure--first faliure that I've ever gotten in an exam--and not actually care about it at all XD The only thing I was worried about was whether it'd pull my chances of getting into Oxford down, but as it goes, languages (the subject I want to study at Uni) and further mathematics don't aaaactually have much to do with each other at all, so I think I'm safe ;)

If worse comes to worst, I'll just not put the fact that I did further maths down. Which would be slightly annoying cos that means it'd have been a complete waste of a subject for a year and just extra stress o_O;; but nevermind, it's almost over now =3 I only have one more exam left!!! I'm soooo happy!!! =DDD

Haha although my last exam is the 3rd and final module for further maths, and seeing as how I have absolutely zero motivation to work for it, I doubt I'll be passing it to be honest.

Although I must admit, if I'm just going to give up now and accept my fail (which I basically have done--there's no way I'm going to pass at the rate I'm going, and I can't be stuffed to actually work for it anymore. All my friends finished their exams ages ago. I still have 8 days left ¬_¬) it'd mean that I'd stayed up till 1am working my arse off on coursework for no reason.

Which would be just sliiiightly annoying... although I guess there's no way I'd have known that I'd accept a loss so quickly =3 But honestly, if you were me yesterday... hahahaha it was actually really amusing...

When I was taking M1 (normal maths), I was in peals of laughter because it was so easy and for the first time in my life I'd thought an exam paper went so well, yet a friend of mine in the same class was like "I'm so gutted...it's the easiest paper I've ever seen, and I screwed it up so badly!"...

Now I know exactly how he felt XD cept I'm not really gutted; I knew I wouldn't be passing FP1 (although I'd heard it was easier than D1--it was. I just couldn't do it), so it didn't come as that big a surprise to me when I sat in the exam hall and couldn't answer anything to save my life, but just that I never, ever thought I'd sit an exam and not know what I was doing...

I've never done that before =3 But I guess there's a first time for everything! XD

Let's just say... if I get an E in further maths, it'll be an achievement! >=D

But honestly I'm not as bothered as I thought I would be =3 The fact that I sat in the exam thinking 'whaaaat? o_O' just proves my decision of not taking maths at Uni the best one I've made thus far! XD

Yeah... I was originally going to do maths... then it changed to theatre, but due to other problems, it's now German/Modern Foreign Languages that I want to take =D

And a fail in further maths won't lower my chances of doing MFL, so I really dont care! Woo \m/ I want to be able to speak fluent English (achieved), Mandarin (achieved), German (achieving), Japanese (long way to go ^^;; ) and Spanish (=gives self kick up the arse and tells self to start learning! XD) before I die =3

Aside from that, I also want to learn Gu Zheng [古筝] and Xiao [萧] (Chinese instruments) and maybe guitar, too, before I die =] I'll teach myself the Chinese instruments, that should be no problem, but the problem is *getting* those instruments ^^;;

A Xiao, I can get quite easily if I go to a Chinese music store, but a Gu Zheng is too large to carry back, and it's so fragile it'll break TT_TT

I already play piano, flute, pipa (mostly self-taught) dizi (completely self-taught) and erhu (not very well though ^^;; ) and if you look, dizi and xiao are very similar, so I should be able to play a xiao easily! =D [Click to enlarge the pictures]





Gu Zheng:

Yup. I will aim to be able to play those all as well as I play the piano before I die!!! XDDD (Which, judging by my laziness, isn't really going to happen ^^;; I will do my best! =3)

On other notes, in my last entry, I was wondering if I should create a design blogsite? Well~~~ I have now! (^_^)v

Feel free to visit my new design blogsite, Kuri Designs, that gives out layouts coded by me, just for NuTang ^_^

I created it yesterday, and have two layouts up already =D If you like any of them, feel free to email me or note me for the code ^_^ The only rules are that you must NEVER take off the credit links or redistribute them without my permission =3

I personally love the two layouts that I have up already *_* although there is a slight problem with the profile page and I don't know why it does that >_<;; I'm trying to find out and sort it out, but no luck so far ;_;

But yeah... I won't be using those layouts =] They're for other NuTanger's enjoyment~ ^_^

Okies~~~ I'm going to er... try and fix the problem again haha XDDD <33



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[Layouts For You? =3]
10/06/07 17:43
I am...

feeling: happy! And slightly anxious
chatting to: Jesi

Okieee!!! First of all, please direct your attention to the 'CK.TW.ORG' module (2nd module)... Notice any changes? XDDD

YES! The button is different... and you all know what that means right? XD No? It means I have a new layout for my Personal Website! =DDD

Please click the button and pay my personal site a visit (and leave a comment if you're up to it)! I'm so, so pleased with that layout <333 Honestly it's the best one I've ever made <333 So happy!!! =DDD

I think I need to re-do some affiliates cos for some, I have linked them and recieved no link back... for others, the site has been inactive for so long I'm not sure what the point in keeping their link up anymore is... And I think it's only a few of them who actually still visit my site x_x;;

Oh well =3

Hehe as you all know 8th was Katrina-nee's wedding!!! Major congrats to her!!! XDDD <333 Hehe I've written that so many times now (^_^)v I was going to blog on the 8th, but I ended up making a new layout for my site instead and got sidetracked ^^;;

I also had 2 drama exams on the 8th. Both of which are 1 hr 30 mins long (with a 10 min break between part A and part B of the 2nd exam). I was sitting in the exam hall from 1pm till 4:30pm. And by 4:15 my right hand felt like it'd fallen off. It was so, so painful... ;_;

So by 4:15 I was like 'screw this... I don't care if I fail, my hands are in too much pain!!! =Puts pen down, stops writing and cradles right hand=' @[email protected] Ughhh constant writing in continous prose for like... 3 hrs is NOT fun. At all. I find it hard enough to write continous prose in the first place! But 3 hours!!! My brain was frying as well, for another thing!!! X_x;;

Anyways, only 2 more exams!!! 10 days!!! (Yes, I am actually counting!)

I have my first further maths exam tomorrow and I'm not ready for it. But to be honest, I don't really care... I'm failing further maths anyways. It's ridiculously hard. (I got a D in the January modular exams -- D1. It made NO sense ¬_¬ Although I felt much better when I found out nobody in our class got an A, only about 2 people got B's, and the rest were C's, D's and E's, but still! x_x)

Anyways, point of the title! Haha... I've been going through a stage of really wanting to code layouts! And I don't want to keep making more and more for my own site that aren't going to be used before I get sick of them ^^;; I was thinking of putting up a new layout for this blog, but I realised this layout hasn't even been up for that long yet! =3

So I was thinking... If I made pre-made layouts for you NuTangers, would you use them? =3

I saw invisible has a layout from Aethereality and adapted it for NuTang, and I've been browsing through design sites and there are some absolutely gorgeous layouts that I'd really love to adapt for NuTang, so I thought about making another NuTang 'blog' to give out layouts too, like Kirei and little-b, since I don't have enough pps to get a new page on this blog? =/

So... ne... what do you guys think? ^_^ And about the affiliates on my site, too, I've cleared out the ones who didn't link me back... But should I also get rid of the ones who haven't updated in over half a year? =3




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[Moo. The 3rd...]
05/06/07 19:27
I am...

feeling: absolutely shattered x_x;;
watching: my future flash before my eyes; I will end up on the streets, somewhere... cleaning up garbage... if I'm lucky... *_*

(continuation from title)...Will there be a fourth? XD

Ooookay... First thing's first... I have 5 exams left. By the end of Monday the 11th, I will have 1 left. On the 20th (grrr.) Then, I will be free.


But anyways. Before that, I need to revise. Which I am not. Therefore I will most likely fail cos I know nothing for FP1 or NM or M1 or Drama. And here, I kid you not. I have not finished reading my set texts for Drama or making notes for the production I saw.

I am praying a LOT =]

Aside from that, I have been losing sleep, which is just spiffing, don't you think? ^_^

I'm absolutely knackered. Maybe my sleeping schedule has been screwed up over half term, but I almost fell asleep in the common room this afternoon... Barely any Sixth Formers went to school today as well TT_TT I was rather lonely, sigh... x_x;;

Anyways, how cool is today's date?! XD 05/06/07, ne! XDDD

Okay really short post. I'm off to work =3

Final note:

If you don't know what that's about, my absolutely wonderfully wonderful Katrina-nee has finally decided to get married!!!!! <333 I feel so happy for her~~~ =DDD

Her wedding is next Friday, I believe ^_^ If you want to know more about her and the wedding, go read her blog! XD If not, go read her blog anyways and you'll want to know more about her hehe XDDD

@Katrina-nee, I've been meaning to email you! I will need to email you soon about that entry =3 I will email you on Tuesday evening next week XD (Monday is my last really close exam for a bit =3)

Edit: Ah! I made a mistake! I read the date wrong on Katrina-nee's blog ^^;; Her wedding is actually this friday! <333 Let's all show our love to her, ne~~~! =D




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