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Photobucket Video
Saturday. 2.17.07 12:12 pm
The latest Flash photo/video/sound editing tools that we mentioned last week are now enabled at Photobucket for premium users, and will go live for all users in March. Geoff Baum at Adobe confirmed that these tools are not yet available anywhere on the web except for Photobucket.

The new tool allows PhotoBucket users to mash up photos, video and stock music files into a single slide show/video and then display those mashups on any website.

Users are restricted from uploading their own audio files (copyright concerns drove this), but Photobucket says they may add a record button to allow a narrative of the photo/video stream in the future. For now, a selection of licensed stock music is available. Users can also add transition effects, text bubbles, frames and other effects to the mashup.

READ MORE (http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/02/16/newest-flash-tools-on-display-at-photobucket/#more-4929)

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Isn't it so messed up!
Saturday. 2.17.07 10:56 pm
I was invited to party that I don't want to go to. I turned down the last two invites and so I cant turn it down again. It is like if I don't go, I will become the topic of conversation. I am only going because I don't want people to talk or rather gossip about me. Isn't that so messed up?

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Britney is just a sick little girl
Friday. 2.23.07 11:44 am

Britneys Father Speaks Out

Hollywood.com reported that Britney Spears father, Jamie, has spoken out about his daughters recent troubles, calling her a sick little girl.

Spears father, who, like the Toxic singer, has also sought rehab help, was seen with his daughter when she initially checked into the Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, California, on Tuesday.

The pop star was spotted having dinner with her father on Sunday, when he reportedly pleaded with her to get professional help.

Jamie Spears tells Fox News the problems she is facing are not about what other people think.

He says that he and Spears mother are concerned about our daughter, adding the troubled pop star is sick little girl.

He says, "We are just trying to take care of her."

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Ultimate Pleasure Beverage
Sunday. 2.18.07 9:14 pm
"I heard some people talking about this energy drink on the radio and that they were introducing them to clubs. Some questions arrose regarding date rape. It seemed like the creator of the beverage avoided that question by changing the subject."

Fever Stimulation Beverage is a natural herbal beverage that enhances pleasure and the personal socializing experience, while at the same time offers wellness benefits from its proprietary formula of natural herbs and ingredients. Fever is for men and women ages 18 years or older and makes your feelings seem more intense and your emotions more sensitive.

Fever is NOT an Energy Drink. Fever is a Stimulation Beverage and the “Ultimate Pleasure Beverage”. FEVER is based on the concept that offering consumers a natural, attractively tasting beverage that stimulates pleasure and personal socializing experiences, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular “new age” beverages to hit the market. Fever is a trend-setter in the marketplace today.

Here is their website:

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Dark Gate Comic Slurper
Tuesday. 2.20.07 12:55 pm
Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

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iPhone will change the PC world
Tuesday. 2.20.07 7:40 pm
According to Macworld, iPhone will change the PC world.

iPhone adds new hotness by taking a radical leap forward in UI technology.

1. Multi-touch: A lot of people now think Apple invented multi-touch—the idea that a touch-screen can respond to two or more points of control at once. In fact, researchers have been developing multi-touch technologies for more than a decade.

Multi-touch on a PC user interface is as powerful as “multi-touch” in real life. Imagine if you had to go through life interacting with the world using just one fingertip. Dialing the phone would be OK, but picking up the receiver would be a problem. Multi-touch lets you ”pick up” on-screen objects, turn them around, resize them and do other useful things.

2. Gestures: Current generation touch-screen devices already have rudimentary gestures. In fact, even the Apple Newton, one of the first personal digital assistants, supported gestures. If you circled text while writing on the Newton, the circled word would then be “selected.” That’s a gesture. Interestingly, multi-touch amplifies the power of gestures by an order of magnitude. For example, you can put two fingers on the left and right side of a photograph, then use the gesture of moving your fingers apart to instantly enlarge the picture.

3. Physics: Second-generation UIs have folders, trash cans and documents that represent physical objects. But they don’t act like physical objects. They don’t move like they have weight, mass and momentum. When you slide a folder across your Windows desktop, it doesn’t slow down gradually, but stops the instant you release the mouse button. When you crash an icon against other desktop objects, they don’t scatter like bowling pins. If they did, your mind would more readily accept them as real objects.

4. 3-D: Some UI objects in both Vista and OS X have 3-D properties. For example, you might be able to turn a document around and see what’'s on the back, or look at cascaded documents from the side, which helps you select and organize them. For the most part, however, current generation UIs are profoundly 2-D.

5. Minimization of icons: Icons are the central element of today’s operating systems and represent folders, documents and applications in their closed state. When you click on them to open, the icon is still there, but clicking opens the item and loads it into memory. Next-generation operating systems will make items in their open state—not their closed state represented by icons—the central element. You’ll be able to shrink or grow just about any object almost infinitely in either direction, but size will be fluid, rather than binary—items will be shown in degrees of largeness, rather than either open or closed.

The combination of these elements means that the UI practically disappears. And so does the learning curve for basic use. A child will be able to walk up to a third-generation PC and start playing around with it.

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Bullwinkle is going to stomp somebody
Tuesday. 2.20.07 10:00 pm
Towns residents chase moose
February 20th, 2007 at 06:36 pm

In the North Idaho city of Sandpoint the police are telling residents to stop chasing the moose. During the past few weeks, the Sandpoint Police Department has received dozens of phone calls each day reporting moose inside city limits. Area residents have taken to chasing the moose. Police Chief Mark Lockwood said.

The towns residents are sharing the city with about three to five moose. It’s not all that uncommon for moose to come into areas with a lower elevation in the winter months as the snow is usually not as deep.

“When these animals roam into the city, they can become frightened and disoriented, making them more dangerous than if they were encountered in the wild,” Lockwood said.

One woman pushing a jogging stroller recently chased after a moose in an attempt to photograph it, with a pack of people close behind. If things don’t change, Lockwood said police may have to cite residents for “molesting wildlife.”

“Do not approach any moose, even if it seems quiet and gentle,” Lockwood said. “If approached repeatedly, even by the best-intentioned onlookers, it may become aggressive. Sooner or later Bullwinkle is going to stomp somebody.”

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iliotibial band syndrome
Wednesday. 2.21.07 11:30 am
I have been training in karate as I always have been and I have also been working out at the gym. I have been trying to lose weight and tone my muscles. So anyhow, for about a month now I have noticed that my knee has been causing me problems. At one time it buckled during my karate workout.

Shortly after that I felt pain in my hip. I went to the chiropractor and asked him to adjust me knee and he kind of looked at me strangely. But I still felt alot of pain the next day. Shortly after that I felt burning in my lower back. I was wondering what the hell is going on!!?? I went to the chiropractor again yesterday and found out that I have a "t-band injury". What is it?? This is what I found.

ITB - iliotibial band syndrome - the BIG 5 - common running injuries
Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Definition: Pain and inflammation on the outside of the knee, where the iliotibial band (a muscle on the outside of the thigh) becomes tendinous, and results in a friction syndrome by rubbing against the femur (thigh bone) as it runs alongside the knee joint.

illitibiol band syndromeSymptoms:
Initially, a dull ache 1-2 kilometres into a run, with pain remaining for the duration of the run. The pain disappears soon after stopping running, later, severe sharp pain which prevents running pain is worse on running downhills, or on cambered surfaces pain may be present when walking up or downstairs.
Local tenderness and inflammation

Anything that causes the leg to bend inwards, stretching the ITB against the femur overpronation (feet rotate too far inward on impact) tightness of the ITB muscle lack of stretching of the ITB incorrect or worn shoes excessive hill running (especially downhills) and running on cambered surfaces overtraining

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