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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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*must... recover...*
Monday, February 2, 2004
watching: my screen
listening to: the sound of silence *not the song*
mood: exhausted
Oh MAN I had a great weekend. Although there are some parts of it I can't really remember... I'll start from the beginning. On Friday as soon as I left my English class I came home and did my homework, so I wouldn't have to do it on Sunday (that's right! I'm a genius!). Then I waited for Kristy to get down here. She drove from Decatur and got a little lost. Just a little bit though! Then me her and Ish piled into my car and headed for Auburn. We decided to go down there to watch the Super Bowl and party with some old friends. So we got to Keith, Matt and Justin's house. It's a really nice duplex... Anyway, we sat around there and then headed to a restaurant called Wings to Go. A girl we all graduated with works there and she lets us drink even though most of us are underage. So we start out with a couple of pitchers of beer, some wings *of course* cheesesicks, fried pickles, and fries. After a couple of beers I decided it was time to drink a little bit more, so Kristy and I decided to get appletinis. It's a mixture of apple liquer and SKYY vodka... Man were they good! They were my downfall... I sucked those bitches down like they were nothing! Shame on me... 4 bucks is way too much to spend on one little drink... Then somebody got the bright idea to order long island iced teas. Okay, those are the devil. It's a shot of tequilla, vodka, rum, gin, sweet and sour with a dash (a very little dash) of coke or tea. Ours had coke. Those are sooooo good, and the crazy part is you can't really taste the alcohol. Lucky for me I was low on money so I didn't get any, although I did help Kristy out with hers. So by this time Ish has had probably 12 cups of beer and the tea... He was DRUNK!!! At one point he actually got lost and couldn't find the bathroom. That was hilarious... So then we headed over to some guys house. We all get inside and then I was like... hey, where's Ishmael? I go outside and he was leaning up against my car, trying to puke. So I went to help him in the house and he tipped over onto the lawn. That was cool... I eventually got him to the bathroom where he yakked up his drinks and then passed out for the hour that we were there. Then we got back to the duplex and he layed on THAT bathroom floor for awhile and then he curled up in a recliner and he slept there all night. And him and Kristy BOTH talk in their sleep and it's really creepy. That pretty muched wrapped up night one... Okay, night two was my night to shine... First we went out and got Chinese buffet food which probably wasn't the best choice of food for me to eat before I go out and get shitty because I get queasy when I eat greasy stuff... And I had just eaten a Subway... so the food wasn't sitting too well but I didn't care. We went back to Wings to Go and the first thing I ordered was a pitcher of Bud Light with a long island. Then Kristy and I decided to get more appletinis. So I had 3 drinks in front of me and I just alternated. I drank the tea and then drank about 4 or 5 beers and then got to work on my appletini. Then I got another appletini and some MORE beer. Then I wandered *staggered* to the other side of the restaurant to watch Ish play darts. I was just sitting there minding my own business when some 25 year old guy and his friends walked up to me and started talking to me. I think his name was Clint... Well Clint apparently took a liking to me and got me ANOTHER appletini. So I drank that plus some more beer because, well, I was so wasted I didn't even realize that I had mixed my drinks so bad. Oh yeah, and some other guy, George, just gave me another long island that he couldn't finish. George also got me steal a martini glass I but I dropped it so that was a waste of my time and effort... Okay, here's a little tip for you ladies... DON'T EVER DO WHAT I DID AND ACCEPT DRINKS FROM A STRANGER!!!! Luckily Clint was a nice guy so he didn't slip a roofie or anything in my drink. I got in big trouble from my friends when they found out I took those drinks though. So anyway, I chugged my appletini, finished off the long island, and drank a couple more beers. Then I decided to go outside and call Matt and get a little fresh air. I talked to Matt for about 5 or 10 minutes and then second I hung up I puked EVERYWHERE. It was all rice too, it was disgusting. Then everyone decided we should leave. So I don't remember the trip back *even though I apparently talked to India the whole time I was in the car* but I do remember Ishmael carrying me up the stairs into the house. Then I went to the bathroom and puked on my pants. I also fell over about 50 times because I was trying to change into my pajama pants because I got vomit on my jeans... I chose some bad shoes to wear that night. I wore boots that zip up to the knee and I couldn't even stand up to take them off. Yeah, the last thing I remember is falling over in the bathroom. Oooh, it was rough. Then somebody put me in the bed. I remember waking up about 2 hours later because after they took me and Kristy back, the guys went back out and partied. When they came back they were really loud and then Ish ended up sleeping next to me. In fact, I discovered that he is a sleep spooner. I woke up at like, 11 the next morning and was like... "Who the hell has there arm over me?!?!" Some people have a tendency to snuggle with people when they lay next to them, and Ish is one of those people. My sister does it too, it's weird. But anyway, I woke up and I was STILL DRUNK. It was crazy. So I pretty much just bummed around the house for the rest of the day and then we went and watched the Super Bowl and then drove back. It's a 2 hour drive and I was tired as hell. Plus I got lost... But we finally made it and then I had to do some other homework that I couldn't do Friday because I had to wait on an email, and one guy didn't even email me so I got screwed... But yes. That was my fabulous, super fun weekend. More stuff happened that I can't remember, but if I do, then I'll be sure to tell you guys about it. Now I'm going to bed because I don't have any homework and I'm tired as hell. *whew*
PS- Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, nothing to fear.
And don't mix it all up or your stomach will hate you.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
watching: not shit.
listening to: Fiona Apple

mood: so sleepy! and a little cranky.
My fatty tumor is called a lipoma, but I call it Bob. Yesterday I made new friends. My old boss from the Carmike came down here to visit a pal of his and they went up to Hooters, and the boss man (John) gave Ishmael a call so we went up there to hang out. I got the delicious Hooters (more than a mouthful) Burger. It was great. Anyway, Johns friends were another guy named John and a guy called Brandon. Turns out they're pretty cool guys and they also like beer (who doesn't?) So we drank with them and hung out and it was cool. John lives in the same apt. complex as me and Ish, and is only one building away. Small world, huh? Oooh, I made a 90 on my Astronomy quiz which is pretty cool because those quizzes are like... 60% of our grade. So if I keep that up I'll be good to go, and maybe I can drag my GPA up. I'm pretty sure that the only class I'll have trouble in is my film class because it's too demanding. I can't write a five page film review on an 80 minute movie!!! The movie is called Stranger Than Paradise and it was real good or whatever but you can't rent it anywhere around here, so I can't watch it again. Plus, the whole review has to be what we thought the director was thinking. To tell that you have to analyze color and camera angles and lighting and shit like that. Well, the color part might be a little hard since the movie is black and white, but whatever. It's due Thursday. I'll probably post it up in my reading room, so you can check it out there on Friday. Anyway, I'm tired because I drank a bunch of beer and stayed up late last night. Yeah yeah, shame on me for drinking on a Monday, but hey... It's really boring around here and I have to something to keep me sane right? Right! I knew you'd agree.

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*i have a tumor*
Monday. 1.19.04 3:56 pm
It's completely harmless though so that's good. I forgot what it's called but it's some kind of fatty tumor. I can have it removed, but that would leave a scar. I could also just work out which is probably what I'll do. So my mom will probably be happy that I'm healthy... Soon I have to go to the dentist. Argh. ooh, funny story. My friend had been talking about seealing a keg from his job because it seemed like it would be really easy. His plan was for Friday. He was going to just... roll one out the back door and then call me and say, "The eagle has landed." Unfortunately he didn't have a chance to do it on Friday. So yesterday I was just sitting around watching the Panthers kill the Eagles when I got a *mysterious* phone call. "The eagle has landed." Alright! So now we have keg. I wish I had been the one to go and get it but I had to come here, which sort of sucks... But hey! He still got it! So now all we need is a tap and a birthday so we can legally get that bitch filled. I won't be 21 till next year... but I do know a couple of 21 year olds!!! You guys want to come to a keg party?

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Sunday. 1.18.04 5:24 pm
Sleepless In Seattle always makes me cry. In fact, I'm crying right now while I watch it. It's quite sad. Not the movie, but me and my crying. I'm home in Decatur right now because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and a doctors appointment for a some lumps in my back. Hopefully the lumps will just be fat or something harmless like that but they kinda hurt and my mom kinda flipped out when she saw them sooooo... Good God, here come the tears again. Stupid movie... Anyway I have to watch the Patriots stomp the Colts now, and then the Eagles play the Panthers. I secretly want the Panthers to win but I'm not allowed to say that because everyone else is rooting for the Eagles. Okay, well I'm gonna go eat some nachos now.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
watching: my figure
listening to: fiona apple
mood: cranky man. really cranky.
I hate English 102! It's just like 101 only a lot more homework. Only 3 days in the class and I'm already working on an essay, plus, last week we had WEEKEND homework (the very worst kind) and it was 6 different things that I won't go into because I forgot what they were already. Right now I have to write a year in review assessment of 2003. What a pain in my ass man... The good thing is it's just the rough draft that's due tomorrow. I've been working on this bitch for forever thinking it was due tomorrow, but I just now re-read the assignment and it turns out that all I need is a rough draft, and it's only worth one point. So... I have an introductory paragraph and that's all I'm bringing tomorrow because I have writers block from hell. I think I'll go watch a movie with Ishmael. Yeah, that's the ticket. Yeah man, I'm gonna watch Donnie Darko.

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*i just want to say*
Saturday. 1.10.04 11:45 am
tequila is nobody's friend.

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