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Uneventful vaca day
Friday. 12.22.06 9:13 pm
Today was pretty much a relaxing day. Mom had off; we {my sister and I} went with her to get her paycheck, go to the store to get ingredients for tonight's dinner and then just came back home. We also went for about half an hour to Super Pup, a store/shop that sells pure bred puppies. The four cocker spaniel puppies were definately teething and decided to all four chew my hand at once. The two chocolate ones were worse though. Their teeth were stronger. They had a Shitzhu pup on sale for $500 something. Mom wanted to buy him, but we didn't have the money and I don't think the cats would like it too much. All the puppies were cute.

We're having Spanish Rice for dinner. We bought brownies and we have cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for desert. There's also a bunch of other snack stuff, but I don't feel like looking to see what we have.

All around today was just an uneventful day. Hopefully only one of two during this vacation. Although, who knows. I might want another day to just sit and do nothing. That's what a vacation is all about right? Sitting doing nothing, or going out doing all kinds of stuff.

I'm done. I'll write tomorrow.

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My Blue Man Experience
Friday. 12.22.06 4:46 am
Tonight was one of the best night's of my life. We went to see the Blue Man Group. Let me just tell you now that if you ever have the opportunity to go see them, do so immediately. It is more than worth the money. I had such a good time. The music was awesome, they interacted with the audience, it was just fucking awesome. There are no true words to describe exactly how awesome it was. I want to go back, but I don't know if I could afford it right now.

Here I am with one of the Blue Men after the show {I think I'm in love}:

Every time I walked past a poster, or saw or heard about them, I wanted to go back. The guy that I took the pic with actually smelled really nice. The band also came out after the show for a kind of meet and greet thing, but I didn't go over there. I was really excited to meet one of the Blue Men though.

Here's a pic I took of inside the Venetian, in one of the Venice areas {yes, that's inside}:

This is a pic I took of one of the living statues. He's a real person so he moves, but the makeup makes him look like a real statue; its pretty cool:

This is that last pic I have from the day. Its the front part of one of the gondolas:

My sister's boyfriend took some pics from tonight with his digital camera. I'll upload them onto my comp as soon as he brings the camera back over here. Its basically just us {me, my sister and him} goofing off. Some of them are pretty funny though, so I'll share them later.

I'm not sure what we have planned for tomorrow, but hopefully it'll be eventful. Nothing can top the performance tonight though. That's the highlight of my vacation. I can't wait to do it again.

Anywho, its after 2 in the morning. I should really be getting some sleep. I'll probably be on tomorrow at some point, though I don't know when. It'll most likely be later at night, but I doubt if it'll be as late as it is tonight.
Plenty of other stuff happened, but I'm too tired and all I wanted to write about was how awesome a time I had at the Blue Man Group performance. Maybe you'll get more details tomorrow.

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In Las Vegas
Thursday. 12.21.06 1:20 am
I arrived right on schedule. It took no time to get my bags either; unlike last time we were waiting at baggage claim for almost an hour. Once we were on the road, my mom asked me where I wanted to eat and finally I decided on Arby's. I was trying to think of something that wasn't right by my apartment, but I didn't really want Sonic, Taco Bell or In & Out Burger {they were packed anyway, so that wasn't really an option either way}.

When we got to my mom's house, I brought my stuff in, and immediately the cat decided he was going to get reacquainted with the suitcase. For some odd reason my sister's cat likes suitcases. Maybe its cuz of all the times we've moved, he just got used to it. Oh well.

Jean {mom's roommate} made her famous Tater Tot Casserole. It was pretty good, though I probably would have enjoyed it more had my stomach not been so full from Arby's. {I had two beef and cheddars, some curly fries and some mozz stix ~I was hungry~} I'm pretty sure there's left overs though, so maybe I'll have some tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we're going down the strip. We've got plans. I'm not going to state the exact plans just in case my sister happens to get on tonight and read my blog. I'll explain more probably tomorrow night. All I'm going to say is that it requires a casual dress, and its going to involve going down the Strip to one of the casinos. I'm looking forward to it.

Anywho, I can't think of anything else to say right now. Today was basically just a day to get settled in. I'll have more to write as the days go by.

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at the airport
Wednesday. 12.20.06 2:08 pm
Well, I've made it to the airport. I'm sitting here extremely bored out of my mind. I have an hour and 45 minutes till my flight leaves.

Lance showed up really early this morning. He had apparently set his alarm wrong. So he hung out while I finished getting ready. I pretty much had everything packed by the time he had arrived. So I read another chapter in Twilight while he watched TV. Afterwards, we decided to wrestle around a bit. He kept kicking me off my own couch, but I retaliated everytime. It was fun.

We left around 11:20am, stopped so that he could get gas and headed off to the airport. I didn't want to be here 2 hours early cuz then I really would have to sit around doing nothing. Traffic wasn't bad and even leaving later than originally planned, I'm still here 2 hours early.

Security check is a pain in the ass. I wasn't allowed to keep my lotion cuz it was too big of a bottle. I don't mind having to take off my shoes, but then I had to seperate my laptop, and the other smaller bottles of liquid {a small bottle of hand lotion and A&D ointment for my tattoo}. Oh and my purse and cell phone. Ugh. I hate the terroists and the fact they screwed up security so badly.

Lance is going to be picking me up agian when I arrive back. He was the only one who has taken me to the airport who has helped me with my bags. I've flown out of Tuscon 3 other times and no one bothered to help. I didn't ask for it, so they couldn't refuse, but I mean its sort of curtiousy to help. Whatever. I liked that Lance actually helped.

I'm trying to think of stuff to say.... Oh, my mom was funny. She had told her boss that I was flying in today so she had to leave work early to pick me up from the airport. She 'accidentally' failed to mention that I wasn't flying in till 2. Which meant that she technically didn't have to leave work until around noon or 1. Well, she wanted me to text or call her when I got to the Tucson airport so that she could use that as an excuse to leave early, which I had no problem doing. I thought it was pretty funny.

Anywho, I think I'm out of stuff to say. I leave in an hour and a half. I'm going to be bored for the rest of the time here. I'll try and get some entries in while I'm out in Vegas. Which shouldn't be an issue. The only thing is they might be later at night, rather than during the day. Oh well. I'll be writing either way. Next time I write I'll be in Vegas!

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Almost ready...
Wednesday. 12.20.06 12:09 am
I'm almost ready to leave. I finally packed my suitcase... at 9:45pm. I'm not quite done yet either. I haven't packed my carry on bag {its going to be holding my laptop, so I can't really pack it yet}. I pretty much know what's going into it though so it shouldn't be an issue come tomorrow morning.

I got my hair cut. Its not obviously layered; the layers are mostly at the ends. It is shorter, though. I don't think its obvious to anyone else, but its very obvious to me. Its alright, I guess. It'll grow back.

I got my Cingular check cashed. I have cash again. Its not to be spent until I get to Vegas though. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make the money last through the whole trip.

Lance stopped by tonight. I wasn't expecting it. It was just out of the blue, like before. He hung out for about an hour and a half. He'll be back tomorrow morning to take me to the airport. There's still a small amount of feelings for him, that I don't think will ever go away, but for the most part I'm over him. I still have the ability to turn him on. . . I couldn't help but notice. And the urge to kiss him is easier to resist. I think I'm in good shape.

I've found that I've been watching a wide variety of movies lately. And all of them being on network television. Its kinda sad that there are more movies on the networks than there are on the movie channels. Tonight's selection is Back to the Future. An awesome movie. Its almost over. Doc is hanging from the clock tower and Marty is trying to start the time machine. There's about 20 minutes left, if even that.

Alright, I don't know what else to write for tonight so I'll end this here. I'll probably have time to type up an entry when I'm at the airport tomorrow. So I'll be back on then.

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Last full day...
Tuesday. 12.19.06 1:01 pm
Today is my last full day in Tucson for two weeks. I leave tomorrow. My flight leaves at 1:45pm {my time} and lands in Vegas at 2:00pm {their time}. I think its funny how the time zone change makes the hour long flight sound like a 15 minute flight. But then coming back it sounds like its a two hour flight. Oh well.

Today I need to pack {no I still haven't packed yet}, which means I have to dig my suitcase out of the closet and get my apartment ready for the two weeks I'll be gone. I have to take all my trash out, get rid of the perishable stuff in my fridge, make sure my window is closed and locked, that my heat will come on when necessary {this way its not freezing when I get back}, and a bunch of other small things. I probably won't do that till later. I know, I'm such a procrastinator. But what can I say? Its in my nature. {Actually its true. I was born 2 weeks late, so I'm a natural born procrastinator... hehe}

I also need to go to the bank and cash my $500 refund check from Cingular. That'll be the cash I have to spend. That, plus the $500ish I'm allowing myself from my credit card. Its not as much as it sounds though. It'll be gone in no time.

Alright I need to get dressed and get ready to start my day. Today is going to be one of the busiest, relaxing days that I've had in a while. I'll write about how the day went later on tonight.

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