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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Friday. 9.17.04 11:27 am
Was drifting around in orchard today after school with jana. was in orchard in the first place coz T wanted to exchange the T shirt we bought fer him. too small apparently. he left after that. 2 bored and lazy women in need of entertainment. what to do? Look fer guys to entertain us. Jana called her fren whu happens to live in Orchard to meet us. just fer company u understand. lolz. he's a nice guy, easy to get along and to make conversation. anyways whiled away the time in orchard eating waffles. eventually, whiled away enuff time to return to school and watch the SB concert band Concert I Believe in Music IBM with fad and jana. i'm no music critique but i was quite impressed with the entire performance. can see all the blood sweat tears that have gone into the performance. can also see that the time lifen devoted to band has paid off, also the phemonemon that she becomes more noisy with her band mates. the camaderie, fun and cohesiviness no doubt. lazy to describe the concert. if u wanna know....................... u should have gone. bleeeahhh! :O)

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Happy bday T!
Thursday. 9.16.04 10:17 am
CF test SUX! Bah! dodo! freak! wtf! Fook! ....... don't understand y? don't ask

T's b day today. the fella skipped sch the whole day. so met up with him only at cineleisure after CF test. where supposedly we were attempting to force T to take 'so called' glam shots. Audrey was using the logic of: since its his bday, he will entertain us. True to moi and joan's prediction, he was willing to admit that he loves: Audrey, MeiShan mich and even weijie, just so that he won't have to take those photos. lolz.

anyways, ended up audrey joan amy went to buy him this adidias tee. for some reason the guy detests nike.geez. while jana, Thiam hock, Kev, yuan feng, T and moi found us a table at marche. actually had quite an enjoyable time....long long long long time time since us clique gers went out with the F4. miss those times. but there's no way to turn back the clock.

were chatting abt a lot of stuff. some of which cannot be disclosed here. all i can say is. the guys are not good judges of character. was rather suprised by what we heard. heard even more enlightening stories from yuan feng on the trip back on the mrt and when we were all strolling so romantically under the bright lights of orchard road. thats y i love to take the train after an outing.

was supposed to exchange stories, after a hiatus of what? almost 1yr? prob less. ended up hearing a lot. so much so can say it opened my eyes.

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