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Demitri Martin: Person
Tuesday. 1.23.07 3:28 pm
These are a few clips from the show that I was talking about in the shoutbox about a week ago. Demitri Martin is one hilarious person.

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Monday. 1.22.07 9:17 pm
I'm warning you now, this is not going to be as happy-go-lucky, energetic like yesterday. The snow is gone and work was crappy. I have off tomorrow, though, so I'm still content.

First off, I took a pic of the trees outside my apartment last night with the snow on it. Well, this morning when I left to go to work, there was still snow on them so I took another pic.
Here's the one from last night:

And here's the same thing only from this morning:

That made me pretty happy. But it didn't last. It was already starting to thaw and by the time I left work at 5:45pm, it was 99% gone. {there was still a few small piles of what was once a snowman here and there, but other than that, nothing} Oh well. I knew it wouldn't last.

Work was shitty only because no one was in a good mood. We were short a person. And someone else called in, so their replacement wasn't the best person. Whatever. I knew that the good feeling brought on by the unexpected snow wasn't going to last. I was just hoping it would last a little longer than it did.

My headache has returned, though I'm not sure what brought it on. My jaw hurts too. I think I have one of my wisdom teeth growing in. I'm sure the pain will eventually go away. It has the last couple times its occured. I really need to find me a job with medical and dental and if vision is included, that would be even better. Hopefully once I get to Las Vegas I'll have a job at one of the casinos {like the dream job I want right now} and they'll all have the insurance I need.

Anywho, Heroes premieres tonight. So does Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. So I'll be glued to the TV for a while. I'm kinda glued right now, cuz I'm watching The Class. Jason Ritter is one very sexy actor. {the guy who came and fixed our fryer kinda looked like him}

Alright, I plan on resting tomorrow. I don't have anything else planned. Except getting my taxes done. I have to actually do them. I need to get them done so that I can put my return in my savings account. This way it'll collect interest and I'll have it for the move in July.

I don't have anything else to say. I'll write more tomorrow. {the basic day off 'I'm bored' entry} Oh well.

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Sunday. 1.21.07 8:02 pm
It snowed!!!!!! Its not heavy snow, and it barely stuck, but it definately snowed!!! A snow flurry. It lasted about a half hour, but I got to walk home in it. It was so totally awesome!

When the night shift came in, they were all 'Its snowing!!! Its snowing outside!' Almost immediately everyone stopped what they were doing and ran outside. Apparently is hasn't snowed in Tucson {at least not like this} in years. I haven't seen snow since I lived in Maryland; I was about 9. So its been a good 11 years since the last time it snowed where I was. I've seen it on TV and from a distance on the mountains, but not up close like this. I love it! It completely made my day.

The day was busy. I mean like steady busy. In four hours we did over $1000 {which is about twice as much as we normally do on a Sunday by 4 in the afternoon}. I was getting aggrivated by little things, but now I just don't care. The snow totally made my day. It depleted whatever anger and frustration I had.

I kinda hope it snows again, but I'm pretty sure what I witnessed was a once every 10 years type thing. That's fine. I got to see snow!

Anwyho, I was so distracted by the snow that I forgot that I had to go to the store. I have enough stuff to get me through tonight, but I'll need to go shopping tomorrow. I just hope that I get off early enough so that I'll be home before 8. Heroes premieres tomorrow night and I have to be home to watch it. Monday's aren't usually busy, so I shouldn't have a problem getting home in time to watch it.

As the day was progressing, I was thinking of what I was going to write about and I had this whole long thing, but then it snowed and it changed everything. I'm pretty sure I'll end up writing something similar to what I was originally going to write another time, but not today. I'm just too happy about the snow.

EDIT: Its snowing again!!! {7:10pm} I'm so happy!

Pics from outside my apartment {mind you these were taken at night with a camera phone; they're still pretty}:

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Saturday. 1.20.07 8:04 pm
Today I didn't have to work. It was just the same as any other day off: boring.

I still need to do my laundry. I will shortly.

One of the balls on my 16s fell off and I don't know when or where so I don't really know where to look. When I realized that it was missing I searched all over my apartment, but its so small I don't know if I'd be able to find it. You would think that the light would shine off it seeing as how its metal, but if its here, I'm not seeing it. I don't know if it came off while I was sleeping or when I brushed my hair or while I was taking a shower or what. Its kind of frustrating cuz these were supposed to be really good earrings. I only had one other 16g to put in there, but its one of the shitty ones. I tried gauging it so that I could put in one of the various 14s I have, but it wouldn't work.

Grr. I guess this means I'll have to go to the mall and buy more {and better} 16s.

Anywho, I have to do my taxes. I'm gonna try and do them later tonight, but since I'm such a procrastinator, it might be later this month before I do them. My mom did them for me last year and I was going to have her do them again this year, but since I have a computer {with internet access} I can just do them myself. Oh well. I know they'll get done and get done soon enough.

I don't really have anything else to say. I'm bored. I'm frustrated. Yeah that's about it. I'll write again another time.

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Friday. 1.19.07 11:07 pm
It was overcast and damp when I woke up this morning. It had obviously been raining for the last few hours, at least. I was happy about that, though, cuz I like the rain.

I got ready for work and when I left my apartment it was misting. There was enough moisture in the air to release a small mist, but not enough to be classified as rain. My glasses were spotted with droplets of water and my hands were freezing from the cold wind, but other than that, nothing too different than a normal walk to work.

It stayed overcast and chilly most of the rest of the day. The sun came out for about an hour before sunset, but it wasn't out long enough to dry the wet or warm it up much. I like days when the weather is gloomy like today. It puts me in a good mood.

Work was slow again. One of the fryers had been broken, but was fixed yesterday. {Actually it wasn't broken; something was just lodged in one of the pipes and we had someone come out to remove it} Well, today when I went to filter out the oil, it started leaking. This meant that the seal on the end of the pipe wasn't good anymore. So we called the guy back out today. I only mention this cuz the guy who came out was very cute. . . and very married. Oh well. Just cuz you're taken doesn't mean you stop being cute. Other than that, nothing important enough happened at work to talk about.

I started reading Interview with the Vampire last night. I'm into it. Maybe not as much as I was with Twilight, but its good none-the-less. I can definately tell that Anne Rice {author of The Vampire Chronicles} strongly influenced Stephenie Meyer {author of the Twilight series}. There are definite similarities between the vampires in Anne Rice's books and Stephenie Meyer's books. I'm glad I chose to buy the first part of the series.

I'm going to be adding more songs to my playlist. I just can't seem to stop. Oh well. Its all good music and if I get tired of a song {which is highly doubtful} I can always delete it.

Alright, I don't really have anything else to say so I'll end this now.

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Thursday. 1.18.07 10:29 pm
I have a headache. I've been dealing with more intense headaches again lately. I've been suffereing from headaches for years, but the strength of them rises and falls. Maybe its cuz I'm spending so much time trying to ignore things. I'm working my mind more than necessary. Oh well.

Vinnie came up to the store again today. He seems to be coming up every other day or every few days. He has to pass our store on the way to the new store, so he stops by to get drinks and food. {Being the owner, he gets free whatever he wants} Now, he rarely comes in. Instead he sends in the minion, Shane. I've mentioned him before.

I found out a small piece of information about Shane today. Its nothing big, but its something big enough that it could actually start a whole debate/conversation. He has his tongue pierced. I really like guys who have their tongues pierced. I'm not sure why it attracts me, but it does. Almost like guys with tattoos or those who wear camoflauge. When I see a tattoo or camoflauge on a guy, I get slightly distracted and have to work a little harder to stay concentrated. Oh well.

Anywho, I finished rereading New Moon. Now I can start the series that I bought while I was in Vegas, The Vampire Chronicles. I can only hope that it catches my attention as much {or close enough} to the way Twilight and New Moon did. Once Eclipse comes out, I'll be re-rereading those two books again. I can't wait.

I'm thinking about deleting my Myspace. I hardly go on it, I've already started deleting some of the stuff I had on there, and the reason, {'twas a person actually} I even joined in the first place, doesn't even have a myspace anymore. If he does, I don't know about it. Whatever. I'll probably keep it for a bit longer, then decide if I want to delete it or not.

Alright, I'm watching TV more than I am paying attention to the computer. I've got on National Geographic. In the Womb: Multiples is what's on. On this they follow the journey of the development of a set of twins, of triplets and of quadruplets. As much as I don't like kids or even the idea of kids, this show is very fascinating.

I'll write more most likely tomorrow night.

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