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*~ Live without regrets
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*~ Be kind to your family, respect ur parents
*~ Enjoy song & dance
*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
*~ Have manners! Be polite
*~ Cherish ur group of friends
*~ Don't talk shit, get to the pt
*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Karen Cheng - This lady must love perth
as much as I do!! Great read, web designer

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site designs! Sweet person..

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Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
Count me in
Me, myself and Fernando
Wednesday. 4.25.07 6:29 pm
It isnt so bad the idea of spending the rest of my life with Fernando.. There are now 11 days til I'm walking down that aisle. It is an exciting feeling, and one that I am not too worried about...maybe the nerves will kick in on the day, but at the moment both of us are taking it easy. I think I will become more anxious about how the day will be run, rather than getting married to F. Cuz I just dont think things will turn out right, if I allow someone else to run the show. I hope I dont turn into a bridezilla and bite my friend's heads off! hehehe.

But it is feeling weird at the moment, I have fun with my girlfriends and I really miss their company when they are away or working or busy with their own lives. Especially Tiff and Yohana, because I'm the type of person who does not make close friends so easily. It takes years of being together to build that trust and connection, and since they are away and I have been so busy with the wedding, work and uni...I have had no time to make close rships with other girlfriends.

Fernando is now my best friend, the one I depend on to be there. Which can be hard on him, cuz he has his mates too. Though I know sometimes it is good for us to be a part, have our work at different shifts so we can concentrate on ourselves and not be with each other 24/7. A marriage will prob mean we will b together most times of the day...which is great! But I dont want to be dependant on him...and miss him when he is away. Therefore we still need our friends to enjoy our hobbies and interests with, and share it with each other too.

At work, my section is quite tight...everyone gets along and we have drinks after work. But I know I am different, I am getting married, in uni and just bz! They are young, care free 28 yr olds that love music, movies, going out, taking trips away, building houses etc. But not married...It is good to be so carefree and spending money on going out, buying cds, expensive clothing labels etc. I cant do that though...and I dont really miss it. I just feel a bit different from the rest of my peers..and older than my actual years.. More money conscious, and have to make decisions that may impact on the future. I would love to have more time to enjoy my interests and hobbies but at the moment, it will have to wait...

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I don't like ebayers
Sunday. 4.15.07 7:48pm

My 'could-have-been' dress

I don't like ebayers even though I am one myself. I just hate the way how both buyers and sellers are so non-human-like and got about bidding and selling etc. I have just come from a very disappointing bidding session which I have been keeping an eye on all week! It was a beautiful wedding bodice that would go with my ivory skirt... *sniff*, in the last 10 secs another stupid bitch came behind me and bid $10 more! I was totally devastated! And before my page could load any further on my new bid, it was gone...

I hate online bidding now! It pisses me off that I cannot get the things I want at the price I want. I hate it how it is so cowardly and sneeky. Cuz this woman hadn't even bid...only up until the last 15 mins. I wanted to strangle her and beat her down...cuz she doesnt deserve it as much as I do.. My wedding is in 21 days dammit! And this person doesnt give a fuck...and she will never know how upset she has made me feel.

Im in a bad mood now...I have really grown tired of the arrangements for the wedding...cuz things never happen exactly as they should. I got so annoyed when F's mum was discussing the limo itinerary with me...I just didnt want to hear it! I am at the point where I am tired of the whole wedding, and just want to elope with F.

So I hate ebay from now on. Esp. since they have been so disagreeable with my 'sellers cost'. Cuz I paid them the seller's fee and they keep harassing me! I hope someone would create a much more efficient way of online bidding, secure and just not a bunch of dickheads runnin the site.

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Noticing the less obvious
Sunday. 4.8.07 6:13 pm
When you become a person who in the 'pre-marriage' stage, and only less than a month till the big day you start to notice a lot of things. I notice more people who are in love, who look like they are going through the same situation...I think I can pick up on the vibes of others who are also getting hitched soon. It is a weird feeling but also a nice and warm, fuzzy feeling of love is all around.

My friend from work will be popping the big question to his gf of 9 years this weekend. I cant wait to get back to work to hear of his happy news! :) I really hope she says yes, she has got to! They just put all their savings into a newly built home. And once he walks her through that door, he will go down on the one knee. Awwww... I do think the on 'bended knee' thing is the way to go...so romantic and unexpected. I feel for him, and know he must be going through a stressful and anxious time!! Wow what pressure for the man!

But yes there are 28 days to go! I was just discussing itinary with my soon-to-be-mother-in-law yesterday and realise the day is going to be insane! Wake up at 7:30am and no rest till after the reception which ends midnight. I hope all will go smoothly. Me and F just wanna sit back and have fun and joke around with our friends and family...and hopefully stress will not be an overshadowing factor. MOst things are organised and deposits have been paid. Invitations r out and all is left is for the day to swing by.

I am annoyed of the details that seem to stop things from happening. We have yet to secure a photographer...and my fear is there wont be one on the day. F refuses to pay more for what everyone can do (take a camera and click the button) on photoshop, I agree with him too...but what to do!! Photographers can be overpriced wankers!!!

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It's April Fools Day
Sunday. 4.1.07 9:27 am
I am in the mood to be a prankster. Woke up extra early this morning, cuz I had been sleeping all day yesterday and it is great! This must be the first weekend, not runnin around and just relaxing, and I just played a prank on my poor mother. Im sure she will pay the favour back to me.

But last year my dad got me good. After I had serviced my car and came home, he said that it was leaking oil onto the grass. I naively went to the car and ducked my head underneath to see there was nothing there. It would have been a funny sight for my mum and dad to see. But this yr I plan not to fall for any jokes.

Im also happy for finishing my assignment, and able to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I will prob meet with Tiff, cuz it is her last day in Perth today. It sucks big time! Cuz she has helped me so much, gave me so many things to help out with the wedding and I wish she could spend more time so I can show her how much I appreciate our friendship. Even though I show her, but I feel so guilty as she is giving free beds, furniture to my family and I. I have said good bye to 2 close friends already...both in Indo...as a girl I guess I depend much on my female friends for comfort and advice. Now...my best friend is Fernando.

But doesnt mean we will lose contact and be any 'less' friends...I will just miss them so much, cuz it'll be months or years till I see them again.

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Budget wedding
Saturday. 3.17.07 8:23am
It is tough to have a wedding on a budget. Because you have to make sure everything is below the price you intend to spend. It can often be a headache to keep searching around for a better price or deal when you are the first out of your friends and family to have wedding! Why cant someone else get marred before us, so we can scam the work off them! At this moment in time I cant wait till the day arrives, so Fernando and I can relax. But for now...it is GO GO GO with appointments. You have to meet with the photographer, the florist, the gift registry, the ring designer, the priest, the venue coordinator, the cake designer, the dress maker, the suit maker etc.

And I am managing to do all this in about 3 months ;) Now, I am super organised and this surprises me...because I am more of a chilled out sort of person. I dont like organising even my own birthday event! Oh yea and that is next week...I cant be bothered doing anything for it because I'm all planned out! And I am also sick of going out and meeting with people who are all service-happy... but it helps I guess when they are polite cuz they totally understand the stress. We have come across rude people who stood us for appointments, look down on our budget etc. So we have learnt to let go and let be...if we cannot get what we want.

One thing is not organised though is my uni work. I had an assignment due yesterday and have not bought the textbook yet!! One unit is running smoothly whereas the other...I just wanna drop right now. But it is my last 2 units and I should complete it, then this yr will be perfect for Fernando and I to start our lives together. Though as a newly wed, we need cash...and hope our guests at the wedding with bring money gifts - like in chinese tradition, rather than a crappy toaster or dishes.

Sad thing, my best friend Tiff is leaving on 30th Mar. Even though she will be back for my wedding...she will stay in Indo to help her dad and prob live there. :( I cant believe I will lose 2 close friends this yr, first Yohanna then Tiff. Im glad I still got my Lumen friends, but these girls I have grown close to like sisters. Seems so weird how we are all growing up and leadng our own lives...it scares me that we may lose contact.

I just have to be strong and live my life the way I want to...and not worry about every little thing and every lil problem that may come along. Fernando has been helping me calm down and stress less, by just being by my side and giving me hugs. It totally changes my worlds colours from red to blue...

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Just notchin up the suspense!
Thursday. 3.8.07 8:22 pm
Hahaha...I tricked yas wit my last entry. Yeh it was BIG NEWS, a entry with nada in it, hahaha. Well it was a ploy to build up ur excitement for wha I shall reveal to u now. It is the reason why I have not been online and blogging for ages...it s because I have been organising my wedding!!!

Yes, after the 2nd last entry, all that discussion about marriage and the beauty of it. I decided to get hitched myself. Hehehe. Nah it didnt happen like that exactly. But me and my long time bf...who r very much in love will get married this Autumn in May. I would love to be an autumn bride, nice and cool...yet still a bit of summer left.

Im very excited, even thoughthis was not really my dream to be a bride. But I think deep down every girl would like to wear a beautiful gown and be adored. :) I think I will be a gushing bride. But at the moment I am a stressing bride...with only 2 months left to go I have to book things fast! I did start contacting since Feb, so I got a bit done. But now I realise why brides require at least a yr of planning!

I cant wait to be Mrs.Quevedo Arevalo... man it is a bit long. But we will work something out. It is definitely an eye opener to be engaged and planning the rest of your life together...very nice in fact. Cant wait till the ceremony is over and we can start our lives together, cuz at the moment it is a headache!!!

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