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Friday. 1.9.09 1:34 am
Update 2: The egg craving went away, but I'm still up for bacon. Yum. Drool.

Activity @ moment: Watching "Innocent Love" starring Horikita Maki and that guy who plays Nobuo in Nana. The title is bad, but the story's kind of interesting. Big fire when she was young, big brother rescued her, parents died and their deaths are blamed on the brother. Then the story goes on.

Started my first knitting project. I cast on too tight and decided to re-do it. Only I'm not cuz I'm typing right now. BTW: I never eally officially knitted before. Wish me luck.

Boy, do I need it. Arrrgh!

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Egg update & other things
Thursday. 1.8.09 12:07 pm
As unicornasaurus asked, I shall keep you all updated on my craving.

Update 1: No, I have not had my eggs yet. ={ This craving seems to have retreated a bit, but then I got a craving for bacon. Saltiness, yum. So now the grand total is 2 for eggs and bacon.

In other things, I am currently trying to finish two assignments to hand in on the same day. Wish me luck.

In other other things, what would I do with my own forum? Bring up interesting tidbits/subjects/quotes/lifestyles/food, etc. etc. etc. for discussion, perhaps?

My first idea The raped and rapist: thoughts on it, any literature on it, maybe the unconventional--raped falling in love with rapist and so on and so forth. These days it is depicted as a horror between strangers, a female and a twisted man. Is it really just so? I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I was watching Tess D'urberville on PBS Masterpiece Theater(is it still called that? or just Classic series). At least maybe recommend books on it, historical fiction to fiction, I'd rather not read any self-help books, thank you.

**Don't anyone steal it! I will have my vengeance!**
It's really the whole writer thing part of me. It's my work, go on, and find your own. Shoo.

I don't really mean for you to answer the above questions or what not. I just wanted to put it down before I forget and have nothing to use if/when I do get that forum-thingy

Now, gotta run. Toodles!

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I've got a craving
Wednesday. 1.7.09 2:39 am
...for eggs. And I don't know why. I want really nice fluffy eggs. Big pieces with scallions and tomatoes and maybe ham and onions and just really yummy eggs! I want eggs! I want!

Ugh, I'm hungry. I'll probably empty my cup of Pepsi's answer to Sprite and go to sleep.

But I want eggs...

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Compilation of Happenings Since the Last time I Deigned to Land on the 'Tang.
Saturday. 1.3.09 4:51 pm
As you all may (or may not) know, my mother likes to take over my laptop for extra-lengthy periods of time. During which I am left to my own devices such as breaking open the age old twenty-something inch TV (as wide as the screen is big) and swiveling the antennas to get through the pixel-ated fog and snow. Or re-re-re-re-re-re...reading the same old books again and again. And lamenting the ones I know are in storage and haven't been read in years.

Anyhoo, I bought two 4G USB storage devices back during Black Friday after Thanksgiving. The night before last, I downloaded Portable Apps on it thinking I could at least get some work done on the HP PC out in the living room. Now I am using Firefox instead of IE especially in light of the news of security breaches that only occur in IE.

And now I must ask. That TextMark widget to your left? I can't see it in Firefox. Help anybody? And cool thing about the Tang IM-ing, if only I could use it with someone...

I watched Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility (1995), Little Women (1949?), and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon last night. Am currently looking for Brokeback Mountain, which I have never watched, but cannot seem to find it online. Help is welcomed. I will continue to look in the meantime. Hmm...

My puppy is oh so cute and oh, so neglected.
I'm offering to anyone who will listen.
But Ma says no.
She doesn't take care of him, I do.
Bah humbug.

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trains 0.0 oh, the things that happen
Friday. 12.12.08 10:26 pm
I had two of the worst subway rides in my life in the same week.

Scenario One
Setting: To my right, the doors. To my left sits my ma. I am reading.

I smell a stink. Edge of my right eye, I see a white guy standing in front of the door and it doesn't look to be him. I continue reading. A minute later I feel droplets on my right ear and maybe right cheek/hair. I look at edge of my eye again, that same white guy is flicking something in his hand. The next thing I know, he's walking away.


My book closed in my hands, I freeze as I deliberate. Then I calmly reach in my bag, pull out my kill-ninety-nine-percent-germs hand sanitizer and splash it all over my right ear, right cheek, and hair. Rub my hands, too. There. Pick up my book and continue reading.

Scenario Two
Setting: On the train in the corner seat with a window behind my head. I am leaning against the wall on my left and squeezing my eyes shut.

I am having the worst abdomen-ache ever. Well, besides the cramps when I first turned into a 'woman'. Every few minutes, the muscles in that area constrict, just a nice painful squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Then it stops. And starts again. And stops. StartStopStartStopStartStop.......

For an hour long train ride. Nice.

Am currently listening to: If you seek Amy by Britney Spears

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have a jolly holly christmas it's the best time of the year...
Monday. 12.8.08 2:49 pm

No pretty tuffs of cottonball snow. Just little fluffs that fell, collected (lightly) on car hoods, doors, and mirrors, and then melted away. Nothing close to a white Christmas--which is good since we don't want it to melt away before Christmas Day. Hey, that rhymed. Anyway, here're my early wishes.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY NEW YEAR! Plus, Jolly Lunar New Year ann may you all get bulging red envelopes and win the lottery.

I went on a crazy spanking spree on my pup and after months of discipline...he's the quietest, most careful (as in frozen until sure of no spanking) puppy ever. He's still bad with his jumping and biting, but its all unintentional and all only after hes sure of his goodness and no badness for spanking and scolding. We love me pup. Good boy. *scratch scratch* My widdle fluffy, wuffy, luffy, puppy.

He's HUGE compared to the others though. Bigger and scarier to seven years olds when hes just seven months old. >.>;;

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My dog WANTS to die
Monday. 11.24.08 9:51 pm
He is not allowed in the bedroom, period. As all babes and pups go, he went in anyway. He did so again today. BUT the havoc is much greater when I found it tonight than any of the other three-four occasions. My best friend's gift to me was a panda, because my mother had given her own panda present (that was supposed to be mine) to some other girl. He bit its eye off. My newly washed Hello Kitty body pillow (washed bc of his prev. incident) was on the floor covered in his hair and paper scraps (I have no idea). Shoes all over the floor. Clothes all over the bed and floor. Tiny paper balls all over half the bed (no idea). I think he pee-d on the bed, too, but it's on my ma's side so I don't care as much.

Just wait, I'm gonna have puppy soup for dinner tonignt. Young meat, delicious.

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Saturday. 11.15.08 1:04 am
Puppy ripped the hole bigger in the sofa. He broke a plastic container. He jumped onto the bed to snuggle when we weren't looking and no, he's not allowed on it. He stole a persimmon off the table and carried it off to eat. (He finished an eighth of it.) He eats my phlegmy tissues (which are everywhere bc of my cold).

Ay, I have a guilty picture of him and the gaping hole. Too bad I can't use it for blackmail on a pup. I also have two pics of the Winter/Christmas decoration that flashes to the beat of traditional Christmas musical scores. Haven't uploaded to Flickr yet, so y'all will just have to be patient.


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