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» Random Guy (Continuation..)
Wednesday, 7/30/03 - 12:44 am
Beat: Feeling Left Out - Would You Like Something To Drink?

On Queer Eye today: The guy the made over is so good looking and sweet. I'm into that whole being a gentlemen thing. I still believe in that opening the door for the lady, kiss on the hand, pulling the chair, and all that good stuff. Damn that urban cowboy! Good thing he's not gay, but he's engaged, and in NYC.

My brother just came home. Good thing I'm in the room on the computer and not outside. I looked like crap. Mikey and Byron came over. That's why I never finished my entry, because Mikey had to use the phone. The guy [Mikey] that lives on my street, the one I've had a 2 year crush on, is here, in my very own home. I really want to go out there to say "Hi." but I felt like I was going to interupt because they're going to be recording some songs. Hopefully he comes over more..

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» Random Guy
Wednesday, 7/29/03 - 11:06 am
Beat: Feeling Left Out - Enough About Me
Quote of the Day: "Confidence breeds success."

The outside of my apartment is being painted. So that means it's hard for me to stare outside the windows because some random guy might scare the shizz out of me.

I took a break from that game, thank God. It's making my eyes hurt a little. Well, on the tube today, I found another great show. It's called Core Culture. It's about skateboarding, bmx, and music. It shows just before 54321. Well, today's episode of Queer Eye was a good one. Details later..

To Be Continued..

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» Heartless
Monday, 7/28/03 - 3:26 pm
Beat: Feeling Left Out - Gravy Fries And Dirty Lollipops

Whoa.. I was bonding with my brother. Our eyes were glued to the TV from playing Kingdom Hearts. Well, watching The Weekenders and maybe beat more of the Heartless. Later Days!

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» Temp.
Friday, 7/25/03 - 5:06 pm
Beat: Feeling Left Out - Goodbye My Friend

I have a new background. Hmm.. Maybe it's a temp? Temporary if I'm not lazy but when I do get lazy ..then whatever.

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