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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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Sunday. 12.23.07 10:07 pm
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

I haven't updated in WAAAAY too long. In truth I had resorted to pen and paper and then i couldn't even keep up with that.

I don't think anyone who used to reads this anymore. I'm not sure. Possibly Zanzibar and Dilated but that might be it.

I'm coming back.
Just so you know.

Merry Christmas ya'll.

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Sunday. 11.18.07 3:08 pm
Well, it's been an age and a half.

Not much has changed. Doing well~ish in my classes. Not worried. Only bad with school? So far it's that I was too late to get into either the Jane Austen class OR the Midevil Women Writers class. On the upside? Taking a Middle English class with my professor crush.

Um, I've become a youth leader along with Elessar257 over at his church (finally). I actually met the pastor for the first time last night. It was weird.

I'll be going home for Thanksgiving and while it SHOULD be a holiday and in point of fact WILL be a holiday, I know it won't feel like it since it's going to be SO short. Also, I'm missing the renassance (sp?) fair over in Houstn w/Elessar and our mutual friend David. :(

Saw Across the Universe and I'm in love. WIth that movie. With the actors. WIth the music. With that era. With the Beatles.
It makes me sad to live in the now. But, perhaps in retrospect my kids will say that about my generation. Though somehow, I find that unlikely.

Also saw Titanic. Learned some things.

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a pointless entry
Tuesday. 9.11.07 12:32 pm
School has started.
It's not horrible.
My classes are intresting, though this will be the heaviest term I've had to date.
2, 10 page term papers.
I've already got a theme for one, I just need to get it approved.

Mom had to have surgery again. (I think I mentioned that...)
Well, she's doing fine. She's back home resting and will be back in school by the end of September.

I didn't have much to say when I first got on here and now my head is swimming. It's all pretty much boring nonsense though. I'd need more time than I currently have to set it down right.

I suppose this calls for a return visit?

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Thursday. 8.16.07 12:12 am
"Hi, my name is Helena and you know what I don't do? UPDATE ENOUGH FOR ZANZIBAR'S RAPACIOUS APPETITE!"

Come ooon, I want to hear what you think about... uh... colonizing the ocean/other planets.
Also I want to know if... everyone in the whole world disappeared, would you drive the wrong way up one-way streets?
Also... what is your favorite type of cloud?

Colonizing the ocean is just scary. Other planets, i'm ok with. In fact, if wasn't for the vasty vastiness of space I might even volunteer to be one of the colonizers. Something THAT new and intresting? Psh, count me in. The deepest oceans are a bit scary. No, not just a bit, the more I learn about 'em the more they creep me out. Perhaps if they created a brand new island in the middle of the ocean. An island that can only be reached by hours upon hours on a ship. That seems like fun.

lol, I don't need the whole world to disappear to drive the wrong way on a one way street. I'm quite a bit more clumsy than people realize. I've done it a total of twice now. Thankfully both times I came out perfectly fine, besides a few angry (or warning) honks. However, if the whole planet dissappeared, there would be NO STOPPING my curiosity. I would go into other people's homes and look through their family albums and videos (if there was still electricity) try to figure out how they were as a family. Perhaps even into people's rooms and look at the walls and stuff - make up my own stories about these people. Who they were, what they did....and I'd totally camp outside every single night. Under the stars. No electricty means less light - less light equals more stars - more stars equals me outside at night nearly constantly.

My favorite types of clouds are.....clouds. I love 'em all. Whispy ones that look like brush strokes, fluffy ones that look like pirate ships, thunderheads which is a major foreshadowing of lightning, rain, the smell of wet earth, and general pretty~ness.

As for an update in my life?
Well, my mom had surgery on Tuesday. It only lasted about an hour and a half. By the same time the next day (today) she was at home with my grandma. She's walking on her own and isn't requireing any help other than to get up. Even with that....mostly, just a hand or steady surface to get up out of a chair.

I came down with Elessar257, who's mom also had an appointment on tuesday in San Antonio. Since I was there long before my parents arrival I showed him and his mom around town a little bit. I took them to the Alamo, the RIverwalk and to Mi Tierra which is a really nice restruant that my family and I go to reguarly. Besides the creepy painting of a woman stirring beans I like to believe that everything went well.

My grandma kind of made me a little angry though. She seemed really apathetic about the whole thing and didn't even stay at the hospital when my mom finally went into surgery. My aunt was there as well. My grandmother blatently favors my aunt. It really got to me. In a huge way. She didn't even want me to get my mom flowers when I wanted to. As soon as I had the means however, I went off and got them. I bought her white daisys with yellow gerba dasies. She liked 'em alot.

As for everything else?
School is over.
I'm on vacation.
And, I'm home.
So far nothing is planned beyond a dentsit appointment tomorrow and going out to a ranch for a Carne Asada with a few friends. Lots of lunches and a 'Sibling Day' are roughly planned - but other than that....nothing set in stone.

I'll be updating more frequently.
I hope.

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