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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



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Freedom i feel you
Monday. 11.3.08 4:50 am


today's paper was freestyle baby... just wrote what i can think about.
finally o's is ending real soon. like fucking soon.
My FREEDOM is coming my way baby ; yes i can feel you.
But one thing is my result is gonna be like shit i tell you. totally shit.

Oh.. speaking about freedom. I've watched this movie title "Blindness".
Kept emphasizing about this movie to liyun and she finds it irritating.
So i wont bother to type out the review. HAHAHA
Just get you arse down to the cinema and watch it. Oh btw its M18 yeah.

Its about time to Party people. Real soon ;)

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"Record"a must watch
Saturday. 11.1.08 1:03 am

Bloody Awesome movie "record". Got me freaked out man..
Its freaky and gross. but i totally LOVE it. WOoot! its nerve-racking!
You people have to catch this movie today!
Gonna catch it again today and get myself freaked out
but at least i'm preapred for it! hah




FInally a day out with my buddies. Great day we had. Fell the love baby!
More pictures to come!

Random pictures. Dont mess with Zohan wee!



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Fuck O level
Thursday. 10.30.08 11:35 pm

Ewwww.... lol

My first time wearing red lens

Seriously, dont think i'm gonna do very well for my O's.
It suck big time. screwed O levels. I need to get into a poly!
Hopefully there are still some chances of me getting into some courses i prefer.
If not NAFA awaits my TALENT! LOl kidding.
Why do i sound so happy when i seriously screwed my O's.
I feel so gulity if my parents is gonna know my results. i'm so dead luh. *faint*

Its time to pray hard..Sad-ed

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We believe
Friday. 10.24.08 3:35 pm

We are all the same
Human in all our ways and all our pains, so let it be.
Thereís a love that could fall down like rain, let us see.
Let forgiveness wash away the pain, thats what we need.
And no one really knows what they are searching for,
This world is crying for so much more

So this world is too much for you to take.
Just lay it down and follow me
Iíll be everything you need, in everyway

We believe in this love.

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Nude shoot.
Wednesday. 10.22.08 3:06 am

Nude pictures with Michelle Ang after o's.
her friend is gonna take picture of us.
Cause she said she wanted someone who is looks slutty? LOL
so she thought of me. hah
Anyway i'll be in my jeans but topless luh. So i have to work out real soon.
As for her she's gonna be topless too. WooOt sexy uh.
So she be in front of me and i'll cover her "....."
More slutty and sexy pictures coming up soon!

See you soon honey.

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Life's a bitch
Monday. 10.20.08 10:12 pm

One paper down and more to come.
Distraction everywhere.
Its hard to trust anyone right now. Fucked up life.
Where life can really be such a bitch.

What do you really want? What do you wanna know?
What do you wanna see? Where do you wanna go?
I'm just a little bossy.
I like it how I like it, when i like it and thats how it is.
You got a problem with it?

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