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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Friday. 10.1.04 10:57 am
no motivation to do bd.. mi and aud slacked the time away during class trying help my mates' FM. main event today was that i went to cut my hair w jana, aud, amy standing guard outside the small shop. the shop busy v good man.... had to wait like an hour later before i can actually sit down on the hair dressers chair. now i gotta find hair gel and spray to style my hair before i can step out. sianz..... looks nice tho. yes, i am delaying starting on my proj even tho i've been slpy thru out the whole day. hao xian arh! mates coming over to do proj again. got to make my place somewhat presentable. haiz. mafan. and v depressingly, aud might be staying over again. Aud, like T, is beginning to remind mi of nothing but work. sobz. gotta make full use of this period when aud got not comp/internet to suan/scold/niao her~ lolz. haiz.. got to go do some chores le. think i won't do any work today.

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Thursday. 9.30.04 12:14 pm
Unfortunately for my BD group i'm not in the mood to do work. I'm pessimistic. no matter how much is done now, end up will have a ton of changes. so y bother.
demoralised? maybe. more of a 'i can't be bothered' attitude. once that sets in permenently. i really won't bother anymore. que sera sera.

Called fer a mini meeting couple of days ago. to tell this ger abt some probs that i feel she has been causing to the grp. shan't elaborate the probs here just know its output prob. amy overheard mi , and said i was v fierce. but personally, i thought it was one of my more controlled moments. Fad had it alot alot alot worse. eitherways, the ger was quite sadden by the fact that i found her things not up to scratch.

i hate having to re-do other people's work. I get very freaked out when i gotta redo things many many times. re-do to improve is called edit. re-do becuase its horrendously wrong is due to some rubbish or another is a separate case altogether.

those whu have worked with mi in projs before will know i ask for alot. i'm pretty sure, Fad, lifen, joan? etc must have hated mi alot when we were doing projs. lolz. its really hard to find a balance between getting along and getting work done. getting work done is more important to me. i definately will ruffle feathers along the way, i may not bothered by how hurt the other person's feelings are. But i am bothered when i find that its not worth my while to slog for something the grp may not find it impt to achieve. I should just let go of BD den i can free up time for mi to catch up on my EA proj, FIA,CF or TA even.

Selfishness? Realistic more like. alas, knowing mi, i'm just venting my fustrations here. end up i will not allow myself to sink just like that. stubborn.

amy says "different pple have diff perceptions of what is good enough" if so, den whats up with any grading system? if everyone accepts a different standard den y do people still set a benchmark? flaw in her argument. nothing in sg is done without grading.

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