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V-Day nightmare
Wednesday. 2.14.07 10:53 pm
Today started out with me waking up in an iffy mood. I wasn't mad or depressed, but I wasn't happy either. I was just eh. When I got to work, there wasn't a whole ton that needed to be done, but just the norm, so I wasn't too worried.

No one was expecting it to be busy tonight so I just prepped for a normal Wednesday. Ha! Were we all fucking wrong!

The night shift started and people just started calling and showing up.

Now, hold on a sec. Lemme ask you this: Since when did everyone decide that Valentine's Day was a pizza joint holiday?! What the fuck happened to going to a nice, fancy restaurant with lobster or steak or some shit like that?!

We tied our numbers with a Friday night. And we did it with half the staff that we usually have on a Friday night. At one point I had about 20 tickets and at least 2 things on each one. I was by myself {for the most part, cuz my 'help' doesn't know jack fucking shit about what her job is}.

Gary got pissed cuz I got behind so now he's telling me that I have to work two night shifts next week to 'refresh'. I fucking hate working night shifts and he knows it so I don't think this is just to 'refresh'. I think its punishment. Actually, I know its punishment; he's just not phrasing it that way. What-the-fuck-ever.

Tomorrow morning we have an alcohol/wine class that we have to go to. I have to work in the morning so its not a big deal for me. I just have to get up half an hour earlier than I would be. I get to taste the different wines so I'll have at least some alcohol in me. Maybe I'll be able to calm down slightly tomorrow.

I'm so tired right now, so I think that after I eat {I've been up since 9am, at work since 10:15am, got off work at 8:10pm and this is the first I've eaten today} I'm going to just lay down and pass the fuck out.

I've got plenty of other shit to rant about, but I'm just too damn tired. I'll comment tomorrow. I promise.

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Yummy goodness
Tuesday. 2.13.07 6:06 pm
I went to the store to buy some V-Day candy, like I said I was going to do. I also bought McDonald's. I really wanted a shake and I prefer McDonald's over Arby's. I tried the grilled chicken snack wrap and I much prefer it over the crispy chicken snack wrap.

I'm now really full. But I was expecting that to happen. Shakes usually do that to me. Shakes are good though.

Damn, now I'm tired. I guess I was expecting that too since it was a chocolate shake that I got. The sugar is making me tired. Maybe I'll lay down in a short while.

I'm bored.

The second half of the dog show is on tonight. I love the doggies! Last night two of the three types of Poodle won best in their group. This means that the poodle has the advantage in the Best In Show. I don't really have anything against the poodle, but I'm sick of them always winning. Oh well. I can only hope that tonight one of the other breeds wins. Bill Cosby's dog is in the Best In Show: the Dandie Dinmont. Its a cute little dog. It has huge eyes.

Alright, I guess today is one of the days that I don't have much to say. So I'll write again whenever I have something to say.

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Half hour
Monday. 2.12.07 7:03 pm
The title is significant in two ways.

The first being the fact that that's how long I had to get ready for work and to be there. Not because I was running late or anything, but cuz of Gary. At 9:25am {5 minutes before Gary had to be at work} Gary text messaged me asking if I could be at work by 10 cuz he had just woken up. He lives on the other side of town. Now, it takes me about an hour to get ready for work. So, yeah, I do live right across the street from work, but I need time to shower {20 minutes}, let my hair towel dry {10 minutes}, put my hair up for work {10 minutes}, and walk to work {10 minutes}. That's a total of 50 minutes. {I get dressed and brush my teeth while my hair is drying}. I managed to rush and get there at 10:05am.

Then I was rushed to get everything done that the manager is supposed to do before we open, as well as writing checks for the venders that delivered out beer and soda. Gary got there shortly after 10:30am. So the morning was rushed, but then it slowed down.

I had an awesome salad today. Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken strips, croutons {of course}, wing sauce {we make it ourselves and its delicious} and ranch dressing. It was awesome! I think I'll have it again on Wednesday.

I'm off work tomorrow and I'm thinking about going out to buy some V-Day candy. I was going to buy it today after work, but Gary's text rushing me to work prevented me from remembering to bring money with me. Oh well. Its supposed to be mostly cloudy tomorrow so I'm not going to be in the hot sun.

Anywho, the second is the fact that I only have half an hour to write this entry {which shouldn't be a problem} until The Class comes on. Then afterwards at 8, Heroes is on. After that, at 9, is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! A two night event that only happens once a year. I love the doggies!

I'm sorry I won't be able to comment tonight. I'll be paying too much attention to the TV to completely focus my attention on your entries so I promise I'll comment tomorrow.

Till then, I'm done with the entry and I'm off to get food. I have 8 minutes to heat something up.

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I wanted to just throw something
Sunday. 2.11.07 7:11 pm
That's how I felt this morning when I got to work. When I looked to see what needed to be done today, it seemed as though nothing was done yesterday. Our prep list was 2 1/2 times longer than it normally is. I was pissed. I just wanted to pick something up and chuck it as hard as I possbily could across the length of the back kitchen. I didn't cuz then it would have meant I had to clean up whatever mess it would have made, but I came close.

Well, I got a couple things done before we opened and when I opened the doors there wasn't anyone outside. I was like 'oh thank God, no huge ass group of people'. Low and behold not even a minute later people just seemed to morph out of nowhere. The chime that signified a door was being opened kept going off and like 5 families of more than 4 people each came in. I was like 'where the fuck did ya'll come from?!?!' That took up about 45 minutes of our precious {and limited} prep time.

Once the lunch rush was over, it remained steady for most of the rest of the day. There were maybe one or two small breaks inbetween groups of people, but not long enough to get a large amount of prep knocked out. Most of it got done before the night shift though. I think only the freezer stuff was left. And a majority of that got knocked out before I left {and hour later than normal}. I can only hope tomorrow isn't as crazy as today was.

Anywho, I didn't realize just how much I wrote yesterday until looking at it just now. I guess I had a lot to say. So kudos to those who read all the way through it.

Tomorrow is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!!! It comes on right after Heroes; which is good. I'm okay with missing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. But Heroes I have to watch.

Alright, I don't really have anything else to write about so I'll write tomorrow.

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Saturday. 2.10.07 4:44 pm
I'm really, really bored right now. I just got done watching Talladega Nights and I honestly didn't really like it. I actually liked Gary's impressions of certain points in the movie better than the actual scene in the movie. Whatever.

There's actually nothing on TV right now. There are a few movies on the movie channels that are worth watching, but I've seen them all and I'm not in the mood to watch them at the present time.

Ugh! I can't wait to get back to Vegas. Oh, mom got the house {the one that my sister was complaining about not being able to pick her own room}. Only my sister isn't complaining any more. She's now drawing out floorplans as to where all her furnature is going to go and what color she's going to paint her room. Normally with rental homes, you can't paint the walls, but this landlord is okay with it. {right now one bedroom is yellow and another is green; ick} So there's no issue with painting the walls.

I'm going to go crazy on job aps as soon as I get out there. I might start filling them out online a week or so before I even get out there. This way I can have interviews set up for as soon as I get out there. I just have to get through the next 5 months here. Shouldn't be too hard, though you can never be sure.

Zach {he also works nextdoor at PostNet} has been unusally nice to me lately. See, we had this thing a little over a year ago, that ended twice. Once, due to the fact that he moved. When he moved back, it started up again, then he got a girlfriend and he completely ignored me. I think all we exchanged {only on rare occasion} were a few common courtesy hellos. Well, apparently he and his girlfriend had broken up and in the last few weeks he's been talking to me again. Joking with me, teasing me about dumb things, etc. He's being really nice. Its kinda weird. I don't feel anything for him anymore so if he does try anything it won't happen.

Anywho, I think I might call Allie later on and see if she wants to go to the gym. We've been meaning to go, but with her school and work schedules and my full work schedule its hard to figure out time to go. I'm sure soon enough, when the water isn't so cold, we're gonna find time to go swimming. Hopefully the pools won't be too busy with anxious people wanting to so swimming.

When I get out to Vegas I'm going to try and get into the routine of going to the gym every day. I would try doing it here, but I'm not in the best part of the neighborhood and I'm not comfortable with going myself. I need to get something like an exercise ball or something small that I can use in my own apartment. I dunno. I'll figure something out.

I haven't heard from Katie in a while. Maybe I'll call her later tonight or tomorrow after work. See if she wants to go hang out for a while. Tori said that we would have to go to GameStop next time Katie and me hung out. It'd be more fun than the mall. I've heard advertisements about it, but I've never been. Oh well.

I've added some songs to my playlist. Its basically for me to listen to when there's nothing to watch on TV and there's nothing good on the radio. I fell asleep listening to it last night and about two hours later I woke up and it was still playing. What can I say, I like a lot of different songs.

Why is it on my day off, I seem to either have nothing to write or a lot to write? Its kinda weird. I need to do my laundry later and I think I might lay down for a bit later. Not cuz I'm tired, just cuz I'm that damn bored and it'll give me something to do.

Alright, I'm done. I'll write more another time.

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Off and on day
Friday. 2.9.07 10:35 pm
The morning shift was nice. The night shift not so much. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as nice as the morning shift.

Everyone was in good moods this morning which is what made it enjoyable. One thing happened that was really funny. You may not find it as funny cuz it was one of those things that you sort of had to be here, but I'm gonna elaborate anyway. Erin when to Dairy Queen to get a few blizzards for us to chow down on. Well, Tori and I went outside to eat our blizzard and she thought it would be funny to fling a spoonfull of ice cream at Keith {Keith works nextdoor at the PostNet}. She took the spoonfull and flung it not actually thinking it would hit him. Well it splatted right against the inside of his leg. It was soooo funny. We're glad that he found it funny. We were expecting him to not be as cool about it as he was.

Anywho, once the night shift began, the mood changed to the regular Friday night attitudes. Not horrible, but more dull. I was actually happy to be out of there early.

I'm tired again. I've been exhausted the last couple days. I'm not getting any less sleep that I normally do and I'm not really exerting myself any more than I normally do. So I have no idea what it is that's causing it. Maybe its the depression. It comes and goes. And it can drain a lot out of you. Whatever. I'll have tomorrow to relax and let it pass before Sunday comes.

Alright, I was going to write something else, but I don't remember what it was. So I guess this means I'll just write again whenever.

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