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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Depressed over Dying thumb Drive
Friday. 10.8.04 8:25 am


If u dun already know-where have u been??

Gotta break the news again. My thumb drive had a stroke. Dun ask mi how. there were no symptoms. The split second i finish editing and saved and closed, my drive collasped. and along with it the latest ppt.

As such, my website which i did, could not be accessed. Had to use outdated slides with lots of errors with the same animation for the entire actual ppt. our ppt suxed as expected. QnA wasn't so bad. aniticipated the correct qns. I wun be able to score. My grp overshot time agian. have been telling them to take out some slides. had 80 slides sia. Bah. dun care le.

may have to push everyone for BD report to make up for the short fall in marks le.

My EA files were inside. Thank God it was only some research. Ironically, my mp3 files may be accessed. If i force the drive hard enuff. Gotta send my drive to Creative for phsyiotherapy soon. Hope my medical insurance with Warrenty Inc still stands.


Busy busy day today. left sch and went china town for lunch after BD. Had some great tian ji zhou. drifted a while in China town and rushed home to change before meeting another fren. supposed to be a study date but the fella was so freaking late ended up with dinner instead. And now i gotta cheong my EA proj after leaving it on the shelf for so long.

I'm so bushed. i can hardly keep myself awake. eyes have been swollen for 2 cont. days already. kindof subsided today but still a lil swollen. Not that i will get any sympathy.


Tml's gonna be a rawking day. Coz i'm going for Euphoria! Jamie had some extra tix so we're going! This is the onli right thing that has happened the entire week.

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Somehow, I did it again
Tuesday. 10.5.04 10:32 am
Apparently i've been pissing alot of pple off. Group mates or no. Not that i'm particularly affected by their anger directed at yours truly. I'm just very boggled by the fact that MOST of the time I dun know y.

ok..ok.. its prob mi and my big mouth that forever gotta make a dig at pple. and sometimes, i go a lil (i hope) overboard. But remarks like that were never made with any malice nor actual intentional harm. Unfortunately, pple may take what i say the wrong way, that is take to heart.

And mi, with the super short term memory, will definately not rem i said anything offensive. within a timespan of say...4 hrs, mi mind goes into auto mind wipe. those whu have hung around mi long enuff will know.... i seldom rem what i say. so end up i've got no idea when i piss pple off.

ok.. the other half of the probs lies with the fact that i'm freakingly impatient and demanding, hot tempered and extreme. (eh.. i tone down ALOT ALOT ALOT already k) constant reminders from ben: "relax, brother" "chill brother" "dun stress brother"

been hearing those statements quite alot. so i've taken steps to prevent any explosive situations. i refuse to handle it. i'm like that. its a yes or no question. a zero sum game. no grey. no doubt i'm not very popular amongst my mates. this kind of pissing pple off i know. but after a time lag.

in conclusion: if i ever piss u off, plz come and tell mi. If not i really will have no idea at all. itsn't it easier if u just tell mi and i stop doing whatever that is pissing u off? geez

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