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    Hip-Hop Charts:Rick Ross Keeps It Moving, Obie Trice Comes In "Second," Gnarls Barkley Maintain Dominance
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:53 pm
    Thursday - August 24, 2006 by Rebecca "Tracie J." Murphy Rick Ross In this week's Hip-Hop Charts, Rick Ross holds down the "Port of Miami," Obie Trice debuts in second place, and Gnarls Barkley continues their movement. Stepping down six seats this week but holding on to the top spot at No. 7 is Rick Ross. Port of Miami is doing well in its second week, with 78,700 copies sold. The second single, "Push It," is still making its way through airplay, contributing to the 266,600 units sold to date. Debuting on the Hip-Hop Charts this week is Obie Trice, coming in at No. 8. The long awaited sophomore album, Second Round's on Me, has finally hit the rap scene, and features collabos with Eminem, Akon, Trey Songz, Nate Dogg, and 50 Cent. Obie's second solo set moved 74,200 CDs in its first week. Keeping the movement moving in the top three this week is Gnarls Barkley holding down the No. 11 position. The duo has hit 772,200 sold after 14 weeks, as "Crazy" continues to dominate the airwaves and hip-hop competition. This week, the duo has made off with 50,100 units, just a few short of 53,700 last week. Dropping six positions on the charts this week is Yung Joc, settling for the No. 21 spot. The southern rapper has continued getting it in for the Bad Boy brand, rounding off his digits for Yung Joc City to 605,900 after 11 weeks on the move. The week-in total reads off at 33,800. Taking a sixteen-foot drop this week is DMX, tumbling hard to No. 25 this week. After losing his seat at No. 9 just last week, X has nearly fallen game to the rap race, but has still managed to pull off 28,100 copies this week. Year of the Dog, Again is still being uplifted with "Give Me a Sign," finishing off the total at 201,900. Next up is Pharrell, coming in at No. 36 this week. Skateboard P is rolling down the charts at a steady pace, as "Number One" continues to represent well in airplay and decent video spins. This week, the second half of The Neptunes is in tune at 22,900, bringing the total for In My Mind to 247,500 after 4 weeks on the charts. Hitting up No. 50 this week is Busta Rhymes. The Brooklyn rapper has finally hit official gold status, as the numbers for The Big Bang reads off at 503,500 in week nine. The 7-day cycle has ended this week at a limp 16,300. Debuting on the Hip-Hop Charts this week is reggae star Cham, taking the No. 53 spot. The Alicia Keys-featured "Ghetto Story," the lead single for the latest effort from the reggae heavy-hitter that bares the same title as the song, has hit the airwaves hard but only gathered enough interest to take in 15,375 disappointing units. The Atlantic recording artist, who is a veteran in the game, has also collaborated with Akon on his latest LP. Stepping his game up at No. 66 this week is E-40. "U and Dat" appears to be doing well, bringing E up ten positions on the charts this week. This week, My Ghetto Report Card has finished off the week-in total at 12,800, moving a slow 398,600 discs in total. Ten steps below is T.I., tumbling twenty-one slots on the charts to land at No. 76. The ATL rap star is losing his platinum power, but is still managing with 11,800 CDs sold this week. To date, King is still occupying the throne at 1,442,700. In closing, Chamillionaire stalls, Ice Cube freezes, and Sean Paul steps it up. This week, Chamillionaire falls thirteen slots to claim No. 77, despite the release of his new single "Grown and Sexy." Looks like Cham isn't appealing to the ladies too much this week, with a declining 11,700 copies sold this week, compared to 13,600 sold last week. The total for the Houston rep reads 1,148,000. Taking No. 84 this week is Ice Cube. The West Side rider has taken a twenty-foot sky dive on the charts, just barely managing 10,600 copies this week. Cube has sold a total of 408,500 units. Moving down one step to No. 85 this week is Sean Paul. The total for The Trinity rounds off at 1,165,000, with the week-in total finishing off at 10,500. Next week look for OutKast to dominate the charts with the soundtrack to their movie Idlewild.

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    Chingy Talks "Pullin' Me Back," "Some Of The Hardest Dudes Come Up To Me And Tell Me They Love That Song"
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:51 pm
    Friday - August 25, 2006 by Carl Chery Chingy Two years after delivering the commercially disappointing Powerballin, Chingy is ready to redeem himself with a new LP, Hoodstar. In this SOHH exclusive, the St-Louis rapper speaks on the pressure to succeed and one hit wonders. Roughly a year after the monstrous success of 2003's Jackpot, Chingy returned with Powerballin. Though the CD was lead with "Balla Baby," which faired decently on radio and video outlets, Chinga-ling's sophomore disc fell way under the 3 million units sold by its predecessor. Now with the Tyrese-featured "Pullin' Me Back" bubbling, Chingy is confident he's poised to return to glory. "I don't feel no pressure, cause the only reason Powerballin had mixed reactions is cause I came out with one single. The label messed that up. It was too much trying to make a decision on what second single to drop," Chingy told SOHH.com. "They waited too late and they just messed the whole process of it. They know they messed up with the second album, so they ain't got no choice." Though Jackpot quickly reached commercial success, Chingy's credibility has arguably never matched his record sales. Critics are usually pretty stingy with the praise while heads have questioned his longevity since his first single, "Right Thurr" came out. But Chingy doesn't sweat it. "I don't know how you can call somebody a one hit wonder that came out with four hit songs. And that's from my first album to my second album," Chingy explained. "A one hit wonder comes out with one song and you don't hear nothing from them. And when people talk crazy and be hating and all that shit, I don't even worry about that. That don't do nothing but give me drive." Misconceptions seemingly abound when it comes to Chingy. Ask anybody and they'll tell you his music caters to women. Yet, Chingy says he gets plenty of love from the fellas as well. "I would rather for all the women to like my music. I don't care. It's fellas that like my music too. I ain't fin to be mad cause mostly women listen to my music. That's what I want to hear my music," Chingy shared. "I always got dudes who came up to me and said they like my music. I figured it's vice versa like with this "Pulling Me Back" song, you wouldn't believe the dudes that come up to me. Some of the hardest dudes come up to me and tell me they love that song. It's more women because I think I attract women. The ladies love my music." Chingy's Hoodstar featuring production from Timbaland, Kwame, Mr. Collipark, Jermaine Dupri and Three Six Mafia hit stores September 19th.

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    Lil Kim Does Reggae Artist "Durty," Allegedly Stole Song
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:44 pm
    anya Stephens, a Jamaican based reggae artist, has filed a lawsuit against Lil' Kim alleging that the Brooklyn bred rapper stole a song from her. According to The New York Post, Stephens' suit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court last week, claims Kim stole lyrics from her 1997 song "Mi and Mi God" and used them on the song "Durty", which is featured on the rapper's 2005 album, The Naked Truth. The suit also claims Kim (born Kimberly Jones) flew Stephens to New York in 1999 to sing on one of her earlier albums and revealed she was a fan of the reggae singer when they officially met by singing "Mi and Mi God." The song the two recorded was never released. Stephens is seeking to gain ownership of "Durty" and receive all past and future royalties. "The lawsuit against Atlantic Records and Lil Kim is the result of Royaty Networks Inc's failed attempts to extract unreasonable sums and percentages of Lil Kim's new song for an interpolated use of a song which happens all the time in hip-hop," Kim's entertainment attorney L. Londell McMillan said in a statement. "There are no damages to Tanya Stephens, they never objected until after their efforts failed, and Kim was and remains willing to be fair. This matter should have been resolved but it appears to be another money and media play at Lil Kim's expense. This issue was no secret. Kim was advised licenses were obtained by those who handle clearances at the time. We shall defend this action." As SOHH previously reported, Kim is in the process of signing a lucrative record deal with Interscope Records and plans to release an album via the label in the summer of 2007. The Grammy Award winning rapper is also is readying to launch the second season of her BET reality show, "Countdown to Lockdown". The first season, which debuted earlier this year, captured footage of the petit lyricist before she turned herself into the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center to serve her 366-day sentence.

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    Foxy Brown Skips Another Court Date, Warrant Issued for Her Arrest
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:39 pm
    Monday - August 28, 2006 by Dick Johnson Foxy Brown Days after missing a court appearance in Jersey City, NJ, Foxy Brown has skipped another court date in Manhattan Criminal Court this morning, resulting in the judge issuing a warrent for her arrest. While Foxy (born Inga Marchand) had a 9:30 am court date, a court clerk told SOHH that the Brooklyn, NY rapper was still a no show well over an hour and a half after the hearing was slated to begin. "It doesn't look like she's gonna show up," a Manhattan Criminal Court clerk told SOHH. "I'm not sure how long they're going to be waiting for her." According to reports, Brown was in Jamaica for a performance and was unable to make her flight back to New York due to Hurricane Ernesto. Fox was to appear in court for allegedly assaulting two manicurists of Manhattan's Bloomie Nails back in 2004. The case was initially scheduled to head to court in July, but was postponed until August. Brown failed to appear at an unrelated court appearance in Jersey City last Wednesday. Fox's former personal assistant is alleging that the rapper harassed her and threatened her via emails and phone calls after she attempted to collect money owed to her. In related news, a day after missing her NJ court date (August 24) Brown was accused of stealing two belts valued at $400 a piece, at a high end New York boutique. The store owner has pressed charges. [Want to discuss Foxy's downfall? Share your thoughts here on our Ya Heard? blog.] http://www.sohh.com/articles/article.php/9688

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    Music download sales soar in US
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:26 pm
    Music download sales soar in US US download music sales increased by 77% in the first half of 2006, while album sales fell by 4.2%, according to research company Nielsen Soundscan. More than 14 million full-album downloads were bought, compared with 6.5 million purchased during the first six months of 2005. Top-selling albums of the year so far included those by Mary J Blige, James Blunt and Carrie Underwood. Country music enjoyed a 17.7% increase in sales. The decline in album sales has been partly attributed to a dearth of big hits so far this year - in contrast, Mariah Carey and 50 Cent both released multi-platinum albums in the early part of 2005. "Considering that you haven't had a 50 Cent to be the Pied Piper during the first half of the year or a Norah Jones the year before that, being behind 4% in album sales is really not that bad," said Geoff Mayfield, director of charts for music magazine Billboard. Although digital sales are growing, music fans are eschewing the more profitable full-album downloads in favour of cherry-picking a few songs. "Digital distribution is an answer to the consumer who's been throwing up that complaint," Mr Mayfield said. "It's a changing dynamic that the industry still needs to get its arms around." Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/entertainment/5160772.stm Published: 2006/07/08 11:03:40 GMT © BBC MMVI

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    Young Dro Drops Tomorrow
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:24 pm
    Meanwhile, get ready for The Best Thang Smokin'! Yeah, Young Dro is set to drop his CD tomorrow, and believe me the streetz iz watchin. To be honest, I've been satisfied with "Shoulder Lean," "Rubberband Banks" and Dro's mixtape collection beatin' in my system but I must admit that I'm anxiously awaiting this release. http://blogs.sohh.com/atlanta/archives/2006/08/young_dro_drops.html USE LINK TO VIEW COMMENTS

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