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    Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Quitting?
    Monday. 8.28.06 9:10 pm
    AY-Z's TERM IS UP? It must be nice. There is a rumor circulating that, as Jay-Z jumps back into the recording fray with this new album/tour, he'll be quitting his position as the president of Def Jam. Three years and he's done, I heard. I'm not mad at that, because I'm anxious for a new Jigga LP. I heard he's working hard between L.A. and N.Y. with Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and others for this monster project. The word is: November. RUMORS FROM THE UNDERGROUND! Rumor has it that the original horrorcore group, The Gravediggaz are coming back! Now, this rumor says that the line up will change but also include some familiar faces. Frukwan aka the Gatekeeper joins with Shabazz The Disciple, Killah Priest, Prince Paul and some other notables. I also heard Canibus and original Gravedigga The RZA will have something to do with this new project. I also heard that Canibus is doing his next project with Hooper & K.O. artist Ron Artest and his Truwarier Records. Hey, I'm still waging a Holy War in the mental so it’s all good to me. J-LO IS ABOUT TO DROP...WITH DIDDY'S PAIR? Word on the street is that Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony are about to have a seed, but have been super-dilligent about hiding it. I hope Diddy is ready to marry Kim because rumor has it, Kim Porter might be pregnant with twins. How ironic is that? Diddy's girl and his ex are both pregnant at the same time. I just hope he’s ready to marry to Kim cause child support on twins can’t be anything nice! Oh, I forgot to mention, ‘Jenny From The Block's’ rep shot the rumor down: "She is 100% not pregnant," her rep told Us Weekly. THE COST OF MISSY The word on the street is that booking Missy for a concert is like opening a small Wal -Mart department store. First, rumor has it that she demands $133,000 in backstage perks, a rider fit for a juggernaut. The people of Bournemouth, England, who organized a show, paid for 35 first class tickets (is first class even that big?), two five-star hotel suites, 33 five-star rooms, $5,500 worth of dinners and an unlimited source of Cristal champagne ($750 a pop). But, of all the opulence, why didn't Missy get the memo that "we" no longer drink Cristal? ONE OF HEF'S GIRL'S GOES AT EMINEM AND GETS SHUTDOWN? So, I was on the blog of Hugh Hefner's gals, Kendra Wilkinson. A few days ago, she had a long, detailed, extensive rant about her encounter with Eminem. The story goes a little something like this…She's at a rap video shoot for Akon, her very first. She was extremely excited about the event as she is a huge fan of rappers like 50 Cent. On the set, there was Eminem; another rapper she loves. She said that she had a brief encounter with the rapper that was positive and she kept it moving. But, later, it wasn't so positive. But, I don't want to speculate...Guess why? The blog entry was removed! Apparently, the powers that be shut down the Playboy bunny for her controversial remarks. Needless to say, she claims this is her last attempt to be in a rap video. OH WELL! If she was on the set of a Common video, all she'd have to worry about is eating Tofu and veggie burgers. Better luck next time. WAIT - HOLD THE PRESSES! My girl Heather is the bomb. An e-pack rat like myself, she saved the blog before ol' Kendra took it down. Click here to read about the mess. QUICKIES Rumor has it, the brass in NYC is trying to stop the new race-segmented "Survivor" from hitting the air in September. "The idea of having a battle of the races is preposterous," said City Councilman John Lui. "How could anybody be so desperate for ratings?" I think its working. I love me some Keyshia Cole and now there is reason to love her even more - I think. There is a picture of her on the internet looking quite the sexpot, but her people are saying it’s not her. I don't know if that tattoo is lying, my friends. I'll take their word for it - for now. I heard that Eddie Murphy has been seen shopping for a wedding ring with a female. That's interesting on so many levels. For one, people seem to think Eddie has something going on with J. Gill and he's only recently divorced. OH YEA. Some people misunderstood that I didn't know that LeToya and Slim Thug used to be a couple back in the day. Not. Of course I knew that, but, like I said it seemed that they were back together in her new vid. Apparently, this isn't the case. A friend of mine let me know that it was a case of "H-Town love" and he was just lending his services for the video. I think it’s about time for Slim Thug to come back out again. He's extremely underrated. Rumor has it, nobody wants to buy MiJac's Neverland Ranch so he's resorted to selling the poor animals. What goes up must really come down, huh? I'm down by law. Check out DJ Tr0pikana! I thought she was Somethin’ from the "Flavor of Love." As a way of saying I’m sorry, I thought I'd put her in my Top 8.

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    CANDY:StrawberriCream® Caramel Creams®
    Monday. 8.28.06 8:55 pm

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    Monday. 8.28.06 8:53 pm

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    FAVORITE CANDY RIGHT NOW: Goetze's Original Caramel Creams®
    Monday. 8.28.06 8:51 pm

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    Flavor of Love: Now That I Can Dance...
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:58 pm
    Do you love me now that I can dance? flavorflav-hydrotee.jpg In his apparently never-ending and televised quest to find a soulmate, Flavor is definitely covering the important bases again. We find that the nex,t most important characteristic of a Flavette-to-be is the ability to dance… and well. “Flavor of Love” is apparently about to begin a 2-part mini-saga I’d like to call “Showing Your Black Ass For The Stars.” Sorry, “Dancing” didn’t seem appropriate. Oh, our good friend Toastee! How we appreciate your snail trail on every surface you are mandated by contract to grace. You can tell Slimer’s been drinking since she was 12… like 5 years ago. These girls need to be on rationed alcohol consumption! Big Rick gotta start taking glasses away. Eh, fuck it. Let the alchies weed themselves out. Anyway, on to the premise of the episode. After effectively shitting on the self-inflicted minstrel show damage that was allowing Brigette Nielsen to act a god damn ass at a Public Enemy concert, he effectively convinces that he needs a woman in his life who can dance better than whatever you would call that. The part that fucked me up though was when he was introducing the dance instructors/stoochie squad leaders. “My man, ‘Tommy The Clown’—” Man, I damn near lost my shit. He introduced dude like it was normal or commonplace to see a god damn hospital clown in the middle of the living room or some shit. I say hospital clown because dude didn’t look much like a krumper to me. That was ‘bout the hoest krumpin I’ve ever seen. Nigga ain’t do shit but the Rerun. I was waitin for some "Rize" shit. My homeboy EOB alerted me that it was indeed Tone Loc in the clown costume and that I should chill on the negative feedback. Nigga’s doin his best. Buckeey was luckeey to be the certified video ho-fessional of her group because Toastee and Tyson didn’t stand a crack rock’s chance on Flav’s nightstand of surviving. They easily had the best performance though. It’s a damn shame they had to face off against Krazy and The Pussytrap Dolls. Tyson’s desperation attempt was also classic. “I am a far better stripper than I am a dancer.” You know it’s bad when Flavor doesn’t want his face that close to the gas chamber. “I wasn’t sure what might come out her ass.” Indeed, Flavor! Lest we forget, bitches been shittin! How did I know Flavor was gonna get all Tyrone Biggums polished up to take that poor girl to KFC? The coonery! The amount of money it must have cost to shut down the restaurant and indulge in all the Original Recipe romance the Colonel has to offer must eclipse the amount it would have cost to just take the girl to Roscoe’s or some shit. TGI Friday’s? Friendly’s? SOMETHING! I know you all peeped the hot tub scene! I wanted to vomit on the spot. Brother Valdez “kicked it up a notch” by removing the drizzaws. I was waiting for the bubbles to turn black. That is gross. I’m sorry. When you do that with Flavor Flav, you’re not playing a game anymore. I guess he’s putting these girls through Fear Factor. I don’t know how these girls can break the previous [conscious] record of 17 seconds, set by Brigette Nielsen, but damn… just put me in the coffin with the worms. Fuck it. As if going to the KFC parking lot for date #1 wasn’t enough, Flavor took A Ho Named Scarback to the damn cotton fields for some slave lovin’. That’s what this shit is to me now, Slaver of Love. My “The Color Purple” flashbacks were violently disturbed as the bright red gear they had on blinded me temporarily. You ain’t escaping the plantation looking like 2 big Kool-Aid packets. Massa was pretty smart with the wardrobe selection. As there was really no drama to speak of, Toastee apparently looked to create some. Feeling threatened by Nibblz’s lisp and cock-induced overbite, French Toast Sticks decided to spread some shit around the house (not in the Somethin' sense). For some reason she didn’t think that shit would get back to her. Her plan backfired miserably as Ms. Tyson immediately dropped dime that, as expected, Toastee is a porno chick. Flavor’s problem wasn’t so much that she was a porno chick, as he is surrounded by “innanet skrippers” and the like, but that she refused to come clean about it and he had to air out her Barely Legal flicks [NSFW] with the fingers where they not supposed to be… you know… not all publicized like that. Ironically, he sends this girl away for being a hoe-bag of sorts… when we all know that next episode is the official BET UnCut tryout. Any of these girls who have not yet experienced working in a BET UnCut environment will have ample opportunity shortly. I can’t wait. Free DJ Quik… and Warren G. [email protected] It's Method Man week, so we're gonna be discussing Mr. Mef in days to come. Also... the Petey Greene was for tomorrow. That was a mistake today. We'll go back to that one.

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    Diddy Destroys His Sexy, Loon Explains Beef With 40 Cal, "Idlewild" Screening Breaks Out In A Brawl, Kanye Keeps His Mouth Shut
    Monday. 8.28.06 6:56 pm
    Friday - August 25, 2006 by Carl Chery P. Diddy In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about Diddy making a fool of himself, Loon and 40 Cal's conflicting reports about their beef and an altercation breaking out at NYC's Idlewild premiere. 1. Diddy demands Proactiv bragging rights. Diddy, Diddy, Diddy. He allegedly invented the remix and now Puff claims to be the first to use Proactiv skin care. Take that! Take that! A drunken, platinum-teeth sporting, doo-rag wearing Diddy recently made the revelation in a clip presently floating on the net. "Ya'll know damn well that Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson is not using no Proactiv til Diddy wore Proactiv. Now, ya'll into skin care products. Now ya'll think it's official," Diddy complained. "Well ha! I was on Proactiv for seven years. That's why I got the silky smooth, cocoa butter skin. So Lindsay, Jessica, you're late. You should have followed my pretty ass from the beginning." O...K! Moving along. Your boy is so concerned with being stuntastic that he recently posted a clip of him waking up on Myspace. The subject at hand? Well, the Puffster reveals that he doesn't like having crust in the corner of his lips and suspects that his morning breath may be kicking. Eeeewwww! TMI, Diddy. TMI! Diddybop then talked about his breakfast preferences. Sausage, egg and cheese anyone? Look for more online clips from Diddy. The mogul swears that his myspace page will stay updated with fresh new videos. But just as Puff was putting new stuff up, old items resurfaced. Some may remember that shock jock Wendy Williams was allegedly suspended from New York's Hot 97 because she accused Puff of being gay. The photos that apparently lead Williams to that assumption are now posted online. One photo pictures Puff's lips uncomfortably close to those of his former protégé, Mason Betha, while another has him unintentionally mooning a crowd on an unknown beach. 2. Loon gives his side of the story. In recent weeks, 40 Cal has been making the media rounds, claiming that Loon took off running during an altercation the two had in a Harlem, NY barbershop. The Dipset young gun even stopped by SOHH.com to detail the encounter last week. Not so fast, according to a recent New York Hot 97 interview, Loon claimed otherwise. The former bad boy's account had him busting 40 in the head with a shovel. A woman, who claimed to be waiting on 40 outside of the shop when the fight took place, phoned into Hot 97 to corroborate Loon's story. Minutes into the interview, 40 called into the station. The two proceeded to discredit one another, speak on top of each other and issue threats for the remainder of the interview. So why are these two even feuding? Well, according to Loon, Cal set it off when he began taking shots on record. "Me and Jim Jones had a little friction between us and the kid 40 Cal supposedly had got on a few records with Jim Jones... talking about me and stuff," the Harlemite told Miss Jones on the morning show. "I knew Cal for a long time so when I seen him I just felt kinda disrespected with him trying to acknowledge me as a friend...you know partake in a conspiracy to try and assassinate my character, embarrass me or whatever the case may be. Dude knew he was out of order for partaking in this type of situation then when you see me, you just think you gon give me a pound." 3. Fight breaks out at Idlewild screening. Who ever said journalists are punks? Well, SOHH.com was present when a fight broke out during a press screening of OutKast's Idlewild in the big apple yesterday ( August 23rd). It is actually uncertain whether the two pugilists were writers or not. According to a SOHH correspondent on the scene, the scuffle coincidentally jumped off during one of the movie's most violent scenes. As two men duked it out in the front row, one stood with his shirt off, yelling, "he jumped me, he jumped me." As bullets flew on screen, attendees began moving around nervously, wondering if anyone actually had a gun in the theatre. Security guards eventually intervened and threw the boxers out. According to the guards, the fight was sparked when one of the two men repeatedly bumped his knee into the other sitting directly next to him. 4. Def Jam prevents Ye from rhyming in Khaled clip. Perceptive heads may have noticed that Ye only raps the chorus in DJ Khaled's video for "Grammy Family." No, it's not another one of Kanye's brilliant left concepts. A source at Koch Records recently told SOHH.com that Def Jam allowed the Louis Vutton Don to appear in Khaled's clip, but wouldn't let him perform his verse, hence the collection of Good Music artists reciting his raps throughout the video. 5. Pete Rock signs to Violator Management? DJ Premier just helped Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics reach the top spot on the Billboard 200... and Pete Rock may just be next. A source close to SOHH recently bumped into the Chocolate Boy Wonder and learned that he was heading to the Violator offices. Apparently a management situation is on the table. The powerhouse management company could definitely help Pete return to the forefront. Regardless, the legendary producer has been doing quite well for himself. In the past year, Pete has upped his mainstream contributions, producing for Jim Jones and 50 Cent among others. [For any questions, comments or criticisms, hit up Carl Chery at www.myspace.com/hdottt]

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