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Friday. 3.30.07 10:23 pm
Apparently NuTang has been hacked into again and the invasion of the MJ avatars has begun. This time its not as bad cuz not all the avatars have been defaulted back to MJ. Oh well. Hopefully Dave can do something to fix it again and to get rid of the person responsible for it.

Today wasn't as bad as yesterday. I don't have to worry about being at work Sunday morning at 8:00am. Erin offered to go in and sit there for a couple hours while the hoods are being cleaned. I appreciate her doing that so that I might be able to get at least some sleep.

I was kinda hoping to see Stuart tonight, but he's not responding to my texts and since its 10:30pm, its a little late so I'm not gonna bother him now. Oh well.

I'm tired and my brain isn't wanting to seperate out the thoughts flying through it well enough for me to write them down. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something to talk about.

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Its official, I hate my job
Thursday. 3.29.07 11:24 pm
I know that I'm always complaining about my job, and this entry is going to be no different. I was actually in a pretty good mood up until I got to work.

Almost immediately, my mood was shot. Nothing happened, but just the fact that I was there made me pissed off. I didn't get really pissed off until I saw the schedule.

I'm working 6 days again this week. Only this time I have to close Saturday and then open Sunday. But this isn't just any open, no; I have to be there at fuckin 8:00am! That's a good 2 1/2 hours before I normally have to be there all cuz some people need to come clean stuff. I'm not very happy right now.

I fucking hate my job and I seriously cannot wait until the day I turn in my 2 week notice. I really wish I could find another job now and be able to quit where I'm at, but there's almost no point cuz I'll be quitting in 3 months anyway.

I have so much shit to do tomorrow. I need sleep, but since I just got out of the shower it'll be at least an hour or so before my hair is even close to being dry enough to lay on without it being too uncomfortable. Whatver.

Sorry about the rant. The good mood I was in earlier today is gone. Even with Stuart text messaging me earlier, I'm still not happy. Oh well.

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Yay! I'm happy right now
Thursday. 3.29.07 2:04 pm
I got my new phone! Its all black except the motorola symbol, which is silver. I have to re-enter all the phone numbers into my phone cuz I didn't save them from my other phone before it broke. I'm pretty much starting over, except that my number is the same. Oh well.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but a couple weeks ago I lost another ball from one of my earrings. Only this one was from the 12s that I have and those are the only 12s that I have so I couldn't just put on another ball without it looking weird. I ended up putting a ball from one of the 14s that I have so that the earring wouldn't fall out, but since the 14s are smaller than the 12s it looked a little weird. Well, I found the ball today! It was on my bathroom floor under the bath mat.

So far today is looking to be a good day. I'm in a pretty good mood right now, even with the knowledge that I have to work tonight. I have my new phone, and I found the ball for my earring.

Oh, I know that none of you really know me, but you can take my test/quiz thing just for fun. Most of the answers I've mentioned at one point or another on here so if you read my blog and remember well enough, it shouldn't be too hard. Have at it and see how well ya do!

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Wednesday. 3.28.07 7:28 pm
Today was a long day only cuz I had cramps for a majority of the day. It was slow, thank the Lord, and there wasn't a whole ton of prep to do. At around 4:00pm, my energy level just dropped. I could have fallen alseep standing up. Oh well. I'm home now and I'm sitting so I don't hurt as much.

I should be getting my new phone at some point tomorrow. Hopefully. And hopefully it'll arrive early enough for me to be able to play around with it before I have to work. But that's if it even comes tomorrow.

On May 5th, the radio station is having its annual KFMA Day. This year I really want to try to go. Its only $30. So far the bands that they've announced are: The Used, Sum 41, Chris Cornell, Chevelle, The Bravery, Silversun Pickups and Authority Zero. I've wanted to go to KFMA Day the last two years and this year I might actually be able to go. I have to call Katie and see if she's up to going. It'd be the last concert I go to in Tucson and I'd like it to be a good one.

This Sunday I'm opening manager instead of closing manager, but I have to be there at frickin 8:00am. Normally I don't have to be there till 10:30am, but there's a cleaning crew coming to power clean our hoods {its like the fan thing above your oven to keep it from getting too hot, only these are much, much bigger} So I have to be there 2 1/2 hours early just to sit and do nothing while they clean them. I better be getting paid for it.

I might be going to bed early tonight ... err, earlier than 1:00am cuz I'm so tired right now. Its too early to go to bed now and besides, I haven't eaten anything yet. But my energy hasn't come back. I don't think it'll come back until tomorrow when I have to work. Or when I get my phone. That might bring some energy back into me. No, that'll just bring excitement, but I guess I need energy to be excited.

Ha, up at work earlier I got a papercut from a cardboard box, then later forgot about it and being the smart person that I am, I put my hand {cut finger included} into a thing of jalapeno juice. It hurt just a bit. Kinda funny though cuz we've all done it at some point.

Alright, I guess I'm out of stuff to say. I'll write again whenever.

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A day of nothing
Tuesday. 3.27.07 7:43 pm
Basically the title says it all.

I appologize for the boring entry. So here's something to brighten it a little.

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Grr, ugh!
Monday. 3.26.07 8:23 pm
Today has been a non stop day. Even after I got home, I still had phone calls to make, bills to adjust, purchaces to make, etc.

I think maybe now I can finally relax. But only for a day.

Today was not busy customer-wise, but I had so much prep to do. I got most of it done before I left. I'm so glad that I don't have to work tomorrow.

I had a whole entry planned out, but now I have nothing. My brain is racing with all kinds of stuff, none of which is what I had originally had in mind to write about.

Its been four days since I dropped my phone in the toilet and there's no obvious hint that it had been dropped in water so I decided to try and turn it on. Well, the screen is damaged too much to work. The phone turns on and I heard it do its start up so the battery still works, but the screen is still nothing. No images, no light, no nothing. Apparently there was too much water damage to the screen. So I had to buy a new phone. Thankfully I was eligble for an upgrade, so I was able to buy a $230 phone for free. I had to pay $50 up front, but there's a $50 mail-in-rebate so basically its free. I needed a new phone anyway. The only downfall is the fact that I lost all my phone numbers and all the pictures that I had on my other phone. I can get the phone numbers back, but I only uploaded certain pics from the phone onto my computer. Oh well. I can only hope that maybe sooner or later my phone will eventually start to work so that maybe I can save some of the pics.

Anywho, man I don't even know what to say. Stuart is out of jail, I haven't actually talked to him yet, though. Just through text messages.

Tonight is just not a good night for blog writing. I'm gonna browse some blogs, maybe comment and then ... I dunno. I'll find something to do.

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