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*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
*~ Have manners! Be polite
*~ Cherish ur group of friends
*~ Don't talk shit, get to the pt
*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Count me in
1 month anniversary!
Thursday. 6.7.07 6:55 pm
Fernando and I are so bad at keeping up with the dates. Today I thought it was our one month anniversary...but it was actually yesterday! I felt like such a dummy cuz I'm usually the one to remind him about these things. We dont do anything special, it is just nice to remind him it's been one month and we both giggle at how fast it has passed. Crazy how marriage can be so 'normal'. When you think it changes your life entirely...it really doesnt.

I dont expect much from my marriage, not to say I dont love it. But I like to enjoy my days with F as we go. Also I rather we have challenges to work through things and towards goals. Finding out F does chores different to me and has separate tastes from me...is very cool and interesting. I love finding out more about ourselves as inviduals and how we can work together too.

Cant wait till our one year anniversary cuz we kept a piece of our fruit/wedding cake. Can u believe we didnt eat any on the night! But will have to wait a year to savour a piece. :( Anyways something to look forward to again hehe. My cousin and his wife just had their first anniversary and sent out cards to everyone telling us so...That is so weird! I think that is just going over the top - too romantic!

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now to relax
Wednesday. 5.30.07 6:43 pm
I had my interview this morning with a panel of 3 people. It was pretty nerve wrecking from the start, cuz I had not studied much of my application properly. Usually I would practise my answers in front of a mirror the night before. But instead I was helping F with his final graphic design projects. I found it more fun to colour in adobe photoshop than to study my selection criteria. lol.

Even though they were so nice, and patient with me...I felt I would not be getting the job. I had come out feeling ok about my interview but also naturally I tend to be a bit pessimistic. It is the only way that I can protect myself from being stressed about it! As long as I keep my expectations low...the blow will not be as harsh.

I had a ball at work today. The new guy in the section thinks the rest of us are immature, cuz the whole afternoon we spent trying to hide a mandarin from our team leader...in his shoe, on his chair, in his coffee cup...but whenever he walked back to his desk he would know exactly where it was in a second! It is weird how my team differs from Finance, where I was last yr. Being in a 'cancellations' unit actually has its funny days. I am starting to become more comfortable in my position, and may find it hard to leave if my promotion is successful.

Tonight my hubby and I are going to enjoy a night out at the movies. We are still tossing up between 'Pirates of the Caribbean 3' or 'Spiderman 3'. Both we have watched up to #2...and can't decide cuz both look so good!! If anyone can decide for us in the next hour we will go for that movie ;) Thanks guys!

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Close to the goal..
Thursday. 5.24.07 8:03 pm
I have about 1 more month till my uni life ends! I cant wait for that day to come when I dont need to do anymore assignments or homework. It sounds so weird, when I told my friend today I have 'homework'...cuz I have already begun my journey into the working world. Fernando has been stressing at the same time, trying to complete 7 illustration projects at once by next Wed. We always compete on how hard it is to draw than it is to write an essay. I wouldnt know, cuz I havent been drawing in so long! :p

I stayed at home today feeling a bit sick. Coming down with a cold, cuz it is Winter in Perth now. But got my hair cut instead...it has been almost a year since I last trimmed my hair! Back in November 06, lol! I am usually good with the grooming but I have been trying to grow my hair long and it just doesnt happen... My hairdresser was shocked at how dry and how many different colours it had. Due to Yohana's colour experiment in December. haha.

More people are asking me the question 'how are you finding the married life?'. It's like the expect some big grand answer that will blow their minds, that it is so magical and happily ever after. It kinda is...but I have never really been a big romantic when it comes to expressing my personal life to others. I feel it is important to feel loved, companionship, comfort and trust in my husband...it is something I really cherish. Especially seeing him everyday, unlike last time when we were dating it would only be 2-3 times a week. We have our happy days and now living together we find out our little habits and it is quite fun discovering how each other does certain things. e.g. washing the clothes, cooking etc.

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Tough climb up the ladder
Saturday. 5.19.07 4:45pm
I must admit the job I do can be very emotionally draining sometimes, even though I dont let it get to me. But my job does involve life changing decisions for other people. Last week it was a tough decision to send a student home, they had been in Australia for 2 years and have an eye injury which gives them problem in reading the smallest print. This guy was going to uni and failing all his subjects! He couldnt even read the assignment questions he was getting. He was putting so much pressure on himself to study hard and complete his course, but he had failed 90% of his subjects. But he had not seeked any medical treatment or help of any kind.

It is tough working for the Immigration dept, but someone has to do it! It has it's rewarding moments too, when you help the students stay and they turn a new leaf. A job that is surround by legislation and policy does not give much room to be flexible, and as officers of the govt I must be hold those same beliefs of fairness, integrity, being ethical, etc.

I got an offer to go for an APS5 interview just 2 days ago, a promotional interview which will be held a week from now. It is for a supervisor/manager role. Which indeed scares me, cuz I can't believe I have reached this far in the org. I feel as if I dont deserve such opportunity, as a 23 yr old. Becuz many ppl at these levels are 30 and above. If I get the position, it will be a fluke! And if not, I'll still be happy and enjoying my position as a APS4. See how it all turns out, wish me luck! I'm so nervous about panel interviews. :(

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Settling down...
Tuesday. 5.15.07 9:10pm

Yes it has been 1 and a half weeks since I got married to Mr. Fernando Quevedo Arevalo. Making me legally - Mrs. E-von Arevalo Lee. I have yet to notify a few places of my name change...but so lazy to do it! So much paper work to go through! But I am loving the married life and just being with my bf/hubby. I look forward to waking up to him, saying bye to him as I go to work, then coming home and he walks in soon after.

We are still the same, as we were before but I think something has changed as we are playing different roles, me as wife and he as husband. It is funny to still hear ourselves call each other that! But it is something very special and nice. In chinese custom we refer to our in-laws as our new parents. So he has to call my mother - mama. And I call his mother - mum. It is also something we have to get used to!

But I am glad the wedding is over and we can settle and not stress, it is good to just watch tv at home and not worry about running to appointments or worry about what's not done yet. It was definitely the happiest day of my life..becuz I married my best friend, lover and soul mate. I was also surrounded by my love ones who shared this occasion with me. It could not have been more perfect :)

Now we wear the rings that F designed, and they both match up together because each have our initials on it. It is also something special and I wear it with pride...I think when you find a person that you cannot imagine your life without them, you have found the one you want to make your vows with. It is amazing when you realise you dont want anyone else...becuz that is true love!

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Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
Sunday. 5.6.07 11pm
Today was the day I pledged my solemn vow in the presence of God, The Catholic church, infront of my family and friends that I would marry and be Fernando's wife. It all started at 7:15am, when I woke up to the alarm clock...I had a great nights sleep better than the other nights before. I was not at all nervous or stressed out which was great! I had stayed up til midnight to finish off the wedding ceremony booklets for our guests with Fernando.

The most stressful this week though was the fact that Yohana got her visa last minute, on the Friday! She is one of my bridesmaids. I assumed she couldnt get it before the 6th May, so I asked Gail to be my bridesmaid. She was always going to be one of the girls, but F had 3 bros which meant I could only have 3. So in the end I had 4 bridesmaids and F had to ask his mate, Rob to help us out. I was so thankful to him, because he agreed to stand in the night before. It was a stressful time organising the last minute mishaps.

At 9am we got our hair and make up done, it was really fun and exciting...I could tell all the girls were having a ball! I was the last to be 'done up'...making us extra late to the church. Arriving outside of the gate of the church I realised 'WHERE'S MY VEIL?'. No one had even said anything or thought about that part. It was funny but quite stressful, cuz I made the guests wait for 45 mins at the church. Ceremony was supposed to start at 1pm, but it was more like 2pm! F must have been nervous. My dad was stressing out more than me, I was so calm it was scary for others...cuz they know when I am quiet means I am keeping it all in.

Pretty much rushed down the aisle, and the ceremony went in a flash! We lit our candles, said our vows, signed the registry and made our way out to the foyer to greet everyone. I was so happy to see my old MLC friends I haven't caught up in years! I took so many photos I forgot to eat:( Man I was hungry... We had bubbles blown in our faces and petals thrown at us. It was funny, cuz it kept going down my dress.

It turned out to be a lovely day, no rain and beautiful sunshine. The weather was cooling. The limo took the bridal party to King's Park - the largest park in Perth and had photos there with the pro photographers. It was freezing by the time hit 5pm. All of us were cold and hungry and had sore cheeks from smiling so much. F and I were fretting cuz we didnt have time to write our speeches. We went to Burswood Hotel to chill and enjoy the room my dad booked and wrote our speeches there. Tiff had the best idea and bought all the girls in the bridal party comfy slippers. :)

By 630 we were at the Old Swan Brewery, laughing all the way. We had a smal mishap with the bridal table seating. But it was easily solved. F's friend, Andrew was the MC and was very nervous at the start cuz he was also given short notice of his role. Our formal entrance was simple, and everyone sat down to eat. I could tell many guests were tipsy already! When it came to speeches it was funny and touching to hear my father, F's step dad, Diego (F's bro), Yohanna, Tiff, Michelle, Gail do theirs. It was very emo, and made me tear a lot! Saying my speech was a disaster as I cried through most of it, F also had a hard time speaking... everyone was moved.

I was pleased with the food, and the music...we chose ' The way you look tonight' for our bridal waltz . We couldnt dance really cuz we didnt practise...but it was fine. Everyone was stepping on my long dress too! So many photos were taken, and I shall post them on flickr soon. I couldnt really have fun, but I was happy everyone was having fun and smiling. Especially my family. By 1130 we were saying bye to the guests and chasing those who were still behind. The limo picked us up and dropped us to the hotel to rest and sleep. The bridal party were still into the mood and went to the casino and club to carry the night through to morning.

I told F that I was pleased with our efforts to organise this ourselves in 3 months, on a budget. We felt the day was passing so quickly, as if it were crammed into 1 hour. We still feel like we are 'gf and bf' instead of husband and wife...cuz it sounds so mature and old! lol! I think we will forever be bf and gf and love each other unconditionally, giving all of our hearts. :) It was a beautiful day, and I am so glad it is over!! :p Now we can relax and live our lives into the future together.

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