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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Monday. 11.16.15 7:52 am

My dream for this morning was fantastic. I dreamed of picking up money in my office area. I could find coins on the carpet, and the amount I picked was sufficient for me to buy a bus ticket.


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Dreams o dreams
Saturday. 11.14.15 9:29 am
i realised my dreams recently are kinda prophetic. my dreams didn't unfold exactly like in the dream in reality, but the characters and the content were awful similar. the dream i had this morning was kinda freaky.

i was in a hotel or like a backpacker because they were many people in the reception area. somehow the owner brought me to see two rooms. one room was kinda normal... i remember seeing yellow colour in the first room. the owner said he doesn't like this first room but this first room was occupied by a girl who happened not to be in the dream. the room was a little messy but i don't sense any presence of spirits but a little weird for a room because the ceiling was higher than usual. then we move to the next door room. this room was very white... and then something nudge me to look up and i first saw the ceiling was high. suddenly i saw 2 different faces who were strapped to the windows and this time the owner jumped on me and i was piggybacking him. aiyo.. anyways, i wanted to leave and out of nowhere a guy in suit appeared in front of us. he came near us and he sprayed some mouth freshener into the owner's mouth. the owner allowed but left me kinda stunned. i could feel he was ok.. not really harmful, but suddenly i just ran out of the room carrying the owner along. surprisingly, i was able to run pretty quick. we ran out of the place out to the field. as we ran, i saw the man in suit and another guy in the first room came running after us! O M G. we ran until a distance n they stopped chasing us. we didn't lose them, they just suddenly gave up and disappear. the owner returned to hotel/backpacker.

the setting changed. suddenly it was in the night. there were a lot of kids. one of the kids was telling and patting another kid how lucky he is to have a rich and powerful host mum. she took all the kids out for an outing. but this host mum looked nervous. her smile was edgy and she drove a SUV. and then we looked at level 1. there was still light and there was a girl with disheveled hair. she looked at us with mixed emotions. that kid said he didn't invite her. the reason i felt because he was somewhat afraid of her because she could see spirits. that girl on the window is psychic. she was somehow hurt but it didn't reveal on her face. she just watched the SUV drove away... and then I went into the venue.

The End.

I am not sure which part of this will appear in reality. I just hope it's not me meeting a spirit during my travelling which is freaking normal during my stay in hotel. sigh.

i shall pray to god, more.

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Amazing technology
Saturday. 11.7.15 8:30 pm
Wow. These are amazing technology. I may not see them in my lifetime, but I am excited for the future.

Number 1 is certainly useful for me since my command of language is so limited. I can't really speak Chinese and I am illiterate in Japanese.

Try clicking on the link and maybe you will be surprised with the current techie too.


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Monday, November 2, 2015
Wow. I thought Japanese actresses are not good in acting because I judged their acting by the plot.

I am now watching Nodame Cantabile, a moderate outdated drama, and I realised Nodame, the main female character, was the same actress I have seen in a new Japanese drama. And the characters were 180 degrees different. In Nodama Cantabile this actress has to act quirky and pretty weird. And in the latest drama I watch, she was quiet and scheming to kill the people who murdered her father. Woah. I am impressed with the acting skills. I must watch more series then.

I thought it would be the same for the guys. Yes, I know nuttz is like telling me to reduce my topic on Yamapi but I can't help falling for him... Haha. Anyways, I watch his latest drama and I felt he is kinda playing the same role in most drama. The handsome and cool guy. Whether or not it's Yamapi or not in the series, I just hope such guy who worships the girl he likes exist in real life. Anyways, I would like to see Yamapi playing an evil character.

Ok back to watching Nodame Cantabile.

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Movie watching
Thursday. 10.29.15 10:01 am
I watched Jupiter Ascending on my laptop. It was a sci-fi fairytale but it was not well executed even though I like the story line where humans are farmed as some youthful essence or collagen for a more superior human race. Just like what you read about the Anunanki and the like. But the dialogue lines were horrible. I can't really follow those lines... and those superior human race siblings acting were horrible. And the protagonist can't stop having poor pick up lines with Channing Tatum. Stop tackling him la! The whole thing was not executed intelligently. The costumes and the setting were superb but then... what a waste of investment due to the poor execution. No wonder reviewers said it's a stupid movie.

Next movie I watched was Step Up All In. Another non-intelligent movie. The dance moves were not as interesting as part 1. Or rather the storyline is being recycled too many times that I get bored already. Part 1 was considered as a fresh idea. And part 2 was interesting too that it made people wanna feel like dancing too... The one I watched? I felt like fast forwarding the whole time!

Come on. Please don't treat the audience stupid.

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X here X there X gone
Sunday. 10.25.15 10:21 am
I recently been thinking back of my ex. I suddenly feel sad that the saying once lovers now strangers is true in my case. Before we were an item, we were good friends, but I chose to axe him from all communications when he said something I cannot forgive as a female. This song speaks it all.

Well, for now, I look forward to having a more meaningful relationship.

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