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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Happy New Year 2004
Thursday 1.1.04 5:31 am
happy new year! wish all the best in this year, and far away from suffering!

I just came back home from watching new year firework at Sydney Harbour.
frankly speaking, disappointed.

Perhaps watched too much fireworks in HK, and Disneylands, etc.
The Sydney Harbour firework was acceptable, felt hard to shout out that "wow" with people around me.Sydney government should spend more money on firework, buy some special one.

anyway, wish this is a good year.

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wish you merry christmas 2003
Thursday. 12.25.03 5:45pm

mood: normal

Merry Christmas!!!

I went to midnight mass last night. You know midnight mass start at 12am, so I went out about 11:30, as the church is closed to my home. However, there was no one on the street, a little bit scary, so I had to walk quickly to the church and bakc home. It is very different to HK, there was lots of people on the street during christmas, most people don't want to stay at home for festival.

Alas! Not a enjoyable christmas for me!

1st my result is not good enough for university, so need to take a diploma
2nd a little bit sick, think I catch cold
3rd conflict with mum, still going on
4th my family not support me, and not understand me

Well ...
1st How can I get this UAI, my results are not bad though.
I got 2 unit Maths 80 Band 5, Music 71 Band 4, Biology 69 Band 3, Standard English 64 Band 3, Maths extendion 1 33/50 Band E2, Chem 49 Band 1.

Chemistry was a bad, I know, but the others were okay. I was so disappointed and perplexed when I saw the result, I checked it twice, as I couldn't believe it is real.


2nd I think it is cold, as I have sore throat.
Probably got it when the day I received my UAI, was so sad and walked on street purposelessly.

3rd I couldn't understand mum, nor she understnad me. She's always angry with me with minor stuffs. I feel like we are two different channel, and hard to communicate.

4th My family blamed me not work hard to get a good result, no matter how hard I explained that my result was good, just not with a good UAI. However, their theory is "if you work hard, you can get into university", I wish things are that simple, and I will be happy.

How come none, no one think of my point of view? I am sad and disappointed with this UAI. However, there was nothing I can control the scale, as no one know how they count the UAI. How can same group of people who told me not to care the ranking in exam, but the marks on paper as it is reflected your efforts and standard, can do completely contrast, now? I really don't understand.

How many people in my family had ever try to understand me? I wondered. Not try to understand me, no matter I was in HK or aboard. I am not a girl who know spending only, I have stress, problems to face, to resolve.

They threatened me that I must get into university after diploma, or I need to go back home. Isn't that funny? I get into diploma is because it is a bridge to university, and why they just couldn't say something that is encouraged.

cough syrup is yuck ...

Luckily, i have friends as support. Karen helps me a lot during my perplexed period, and her mum said many supportive words to me, expecially for the disagreement with my family. And thanks for Tiffany, she helps me to know which kind of programs that I could choose.

Thanks people how support me, and for those who misunderstood me ...
alas ... we wait and see what happen!

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baby, you annoied me
Sunday. 12.14.03 02:37 am
This is so annoying. (say 10 times)

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying.

This is so annoying. (say 10 more times)

My computer is so annoying.
everytime I go to web, it shut down automatically,
since I upgraded to STUPID window XP and Office XP.

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still waiting for result
Saturday. 13.12.03 02:36 am
counting down







to my HSC result.

so worry, scary, but exciting. Hope to get a good result as i worked hard.

It is boring to stay at home, but I don't want to waste money to go out, nor I have money to go out. So, no choice.
"What's wrong with me?" I am wondering!
My friends got a job but I still stay home, I believe that I can grow some mushroom on head later.

I am in 'cold war' with mum, it is hard to make up with her. Why so many conflicts between us? Why always disagree me with all those minors? Why angry with me whilst I have nothing wrong at all?

SO frustrating!

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I am happy
Wednesday. 12.11.03 03:30am
I am so happy! Actually nothing really matter, but got a contact with my dear cousin, and I have been finding her for a period.

We lost contact for she gone for UK, and now she back to HK.
I did send her emails, icq message, but all without reply.
And I don't want to ask my parents or our relatives, so I asked her friend.

I know, it sounds odd. To get in touch with my cousin through her friend, but this is the only way I think of.

Good luck for her voice degree.
It is not an easy way to go.
Not becuase people only karaoke in HK, but I knew friends who are opera singers and unemployed.

I guess for most most of westerners, it is odd to see Asian to perform opera.
I know many Asian who can sing well, with excellent techniques.
But it is odd.
Just like I feel odd if I see a westerner performs in chinese opera.
It is usually be some gimmick or make some noise at first, though.

I did voice too; but people don't reckon I am doing music when I told them.
Perhaps everyone can sing, even not professionally.
However not everyone can play instruments.

My teachers said if I want to do voice professionally, I better learn other instruments too.
ar-ha, what's that mean? vocie as backup or vice versa?

Many people suggest me not to do performance studies, because I hate teaching, but the most popular job of music degree is teaching.

However, I think we should study for interest,
many people don't work for what they study in university.
Some lucky guys know what they really want to do for life before they enter university,
but not always the case.

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Past Life Test
Monday. 12.8.03 12:17 pm
a past life online test, quite interesting though.

In your past life, you were an Artisan
Your creativty and craftsmenship doesn't come from
nowhere. You used to be an artisan in your past
life, painting murals, sculpting statues, and
crafting wood for more noble people.

Who were you in your past life?
brought to you by Quizilla

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