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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 128
7.16.07 at 10:31 am
One thing you probably didn’t know about me is that I don’t like calling people. I get nervous if I have to call and make an appointment, I get panicky if I have to call back someone, and I don’t even like calling my friends. It’s almost like I have some version of phone phobia. It’s alright if people call me. I can talk to them for a long period of time, but if I have to call someone I try to get off the phone as fast as I can. Am I the only person out here like that?

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Day 127
7.15.07 at 9:48 am
I don’t want to go into details because you probably don’t want them, but Aubree didn’t get better. She was crying in pain so I took her to the ER where the doctor probably traumatized her for life and sent me home with 2 glycerin suppositories to use as needed. As she’s whining today saying she’s gotta “poopy” she might end up using one which I don’t look forward to. She’s also supposed to drink lots of water and juice as well as eat lots of bran, fruits and veggies. I also have to take her to the pediatrician Monday.

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Day 126
7.14.07 at 10:56 am
About my post yesterday, I ended up going to the store and buying a laxative for toddlers that worked for Aubree. I am very happy for her. She was in quite a bit pain from how she was acting.

Yesterday while Aubree was napping I picked up some of the junk that was on the kitchen floor, swept and mopped it. It looks a lot better. I also cleaned Tico and Swipers’ tanks. They are happy now, too. I put in some new rocks into Swipers’ tank and 2 plants from the bunch I had originally bought for Ticos’ tank.

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Day 125
7.13.07 at 12:00 pm
Does anyone know any good remedies to help a 2 year old that is a bit constipated? I have been trying out the old tricks that always worked for me before when Aubree would get a bit constipated, but it does not seem to be working. She’s trying but nothing is happening. Do they sell a toddler exlax or something? Normally 100% juice can help, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick this time. If you have any ideas or tips, I am more than happy to accept all the help that I can get on this issue.

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Day 124
7.12.07 at 10:17 pm
So tomorrow is Friday the 13th. I do not believe in any crazy superstitions about that day. Do any of you?

My mom had a doctor appointment today and her doctors’ office had one of the coolest things ever. It had a cappuccino machine. You could choose from decaf of any of the coffee’s, regular coffee, hot chocolate and like 3 different types of cappuccino. I tried their English toffee and it was kind of gross. If I ever go with mom again to his office, I think I’ll try the hot chocolate with milk. That sounds pretty darn yummy.

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Day 123
7.11.07 at 10:07 am
My only friend left out here invited me to dinner at her house tonight. She is making bbq chicken, YUMMY! I usually do not like eating at other peoples food because I feel guilty, but I think I will wait til I’m done with the chicken to feel guilty. I love bbq chicken. I’ve been wanting some for a while now. Mom won’t let me make it because “it’ll make the house too hot.” I understand, but my want for it overrides my lack of wanting to sweat. So, yeah, thinking about that delicious bbq chicken makes my stomach growl.

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