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A small list.
Saturday. 10.11.08 8:53 am
A small list of fun activities to do before I die:

(No particular order)
Learn to play guitar really well.
Go sky diving.
Learn various ballroom dances; mainly the Waltz and Tango.
Visit at LEAST 10 countries (I've already been to four).
Live abroad for one semester.
Learn/know five languages (three down, two to go!)
Build a computer (that actually works).
Go backpacking in Europe.

I have more stuff, but I'm still half asleep. I'll add more later.

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Small update.
Thursday. 10.9.08 10:33 am
Well, after only a week of learning all of the lines for Lucy in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," all of my hard work is going to pay off.


I'm so excited and blessed to be able to play the lead female role. Sure, I was an understudy, but I learned the part in a week. On top of school work and whatnot. I feel very accomplished. -gives self pat on the back-
After Charlie Brown is over that will be one less thing to worry about. I still need to make sure my grades are good, my relationship is good, and I need to get a job. I'm still riding on Linens n Things, but I might call Rue 21 back, because I know for a fact that one of my friends is leaving for NYC for college, and he's leaving Rue 21. Hopefully I can get a position SOMEWHERE.

I really need the job to help pay for the New York trip with Drama Club during Spring Break. This past week has been hell for my mom, and we have a lot to pay for. We found a water problem in our house, my mom is having to have mouth surgery that is going to cost about $20,000 over the next two years, paying for the New York trip, and other stuff. I just want to start helping out more; make life a little easier for her and my dad.

Grape Powerade is, quite frankly, very gross. I'll warn my mom next time.

I think that's about it for an update. :)

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So quick to jump to conclusions.
Monday. 10.6.08 7:10 pm
I've realized that MySpace and cable TV take up a lot of my time, when I could be doing something much more productive.

It sucks when your alarm doesn't go off in the morning.
And you over-sleep, what...oh yeah. FOUR FREAKING HOURS.

Question. I'd kind of like to start talking to my boyfriend at night on the phone instead of just texting. I don't know if I should call first or not, though. Dumb question, I know, but I'd like advice.

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Maybe I'm naive.
Saturday. 10.4.08 8:03 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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The answer is no.
Wednesday. 10.1.08 9:59 pm
My lips are chapped.
It's getting colder outside.

I really wish I didn't have homework so that I could go to bed an hour earlier tonight. I would LOVE the extra sleep.

I really need that job at Linens N Things, now. I was going to help pay anyway, but seeing as my father is most likely not going to pitch in at all, I'm going to have to work twice as hard. So I need the job. Not to mention my mom has to have a $20,000 operation on her mouth, which is money she doesn't have. So I definitely have to help out with that, as well.

-sigh- I'm so tired.

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Actually, no. I'm not done just yet.
Monday. 9.29.08 6:49 pm
You know. I am really tired of being unhappy a majority of the time.
I mean, I see so many people around me who have such negative attitudes, some are so VERY self-centered and selfish that I cannot stand it. I apologize if people who know me and are reading this think I sound hypocritical, but I'm so freaking tired of all of the negativeness.

I will admit. I don't really have a best friend who I talk to about everything, anymore. The one who I thought was my best friend has kind of failed me. I put way too much effort into the friendship, and she didn't put in enough. There are so few people I can trust, and it's quite sad, to be honest. I have a few friends who always cheer me up, and then I have other friends who aren't afraid to stick the truth to me when I need it most, and I thank all of my friends for that.

And actually, I don't really have any huge secrets that I only feel obliged to tell to ONE person who I think I can trust. Unfortunately, when something is on my mind, I tell pretty much anyone I come in contact with, which may not be the best idea, but it happens.

I'm tired of feeling bad under boyfriend stress. I've just decided not to worry about it, anymore. If something bad happens, then I'll learn from it. Yeah, it will be hard as crap, but for now I haven't been PERSONALLY given a reason not to trust. Although, I do wish I actually talked to him more. Like, on the phone or something. I've always wanted a late night phone conversation. I think I'll talk to him about that on Wednesday.

I don't know why I'm in such a refreshing mood. I think it's rehearsals. Because, I mean, I have a paper due Wednesday and 20 pages to read by tomorrow, and lines and songs and blocking to learn by next week if I become the official Lucy in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" which I REALLY hope I do. I love acting, so much.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

Wow, hahaha. It's like what Unicornasaurus said in her blog about me. Saying that theatre is one of the things that I will talk about in most conversations, hahaha :)

Ok, I think I'm done. Now on to homework!

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