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» 9 Years
Thursday, 7/31/03 - 11:00 am
Beat:Maroon 5 - Harder To Breathe
Quote of the Day: "Seize the day! Get out more! There are more guys out there besides him.." [Not exact, but close enough.] -Kristina

I didn't get out, but the visitors got in. Kristina and Joe came by today to practice with my brother for a show of some kind. Kristina got really really tall. Later when my brother had to deliver some equipment at church so I was left with the 2. I had a tet-a-tet with Kristina. We talked about a boy. Yea that boy. She gave me a handful of advice. Thanks! ..and you're not a Giant!

Before they left, Ernie stopped by and said hi to me. He's a friendster addict, according to my brother. I noticed that he lost a lot of weight. Good for him. From what I've seen, most of CI's alumni who are sent off to college, come back a little bit chunkier than when they left. Well, I think I'm gaining weight.. not cool.

Great thing today, I spoke to my sister on the phone today, who's in the Philipines, who I haven't seen for 9 years. She's headed for London on Monday morning because of her job. My mom is considering for us to go to London. I'm so stoked. She's going to Australia too! Hopefully she can come here to the US. I hope she does.. I really do. I miss her a lot.

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» Computer dilemma
Thursday, 7/31/03 - 4:33 pm
Beat: Feeling Left Out - Telephone Wires

Oh mah goodness! My AOL server on my computer is so F*ED up! The stupid shizz is jacking up my comp. so I have to reboot the damn thing. AGH.. I'm going to lose Adobe Premiere since I can't re-install due to the fact that I lost the prog. I tried going on CS to sign NuTang but it wouldn't let me log on for some reason. Now I'm using my sister's laptop..

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» Quiz Time!
Wednesday, 7/30/03 - 6:50 pm
Beat: Watashi Wa - At Its Finest
You're Alex. Innocent looking on the outside, tough cookie in the inside. Definitely the tough, feisty one. You're not to be tested or your enemy will regret pissing you off.

Brought to you by Quizilla

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» Boredom KILLS!
Wednesday, 7/30/03 - 5:00 pm
Beat: Gatsbys American Dream - We're Not Orphans

I changed up my layout, just a little bit. I have a new icon too and profile picture. I'm really bored. Damn, get me out of this house.

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