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Wednesday. 4.25.07 8:05 pm
Today was so slow. I took like a two hour break in the middle of the day. It was nice not having to work, but it got boring real fast.

My cramps were gone this morning so I didn't have to worry about being in pain at work. I still hate this part of being a woman, though.

I've mentioned that the owners of the restaurant I work at are opening up a new store and that its still not open. Well, Erin stopped by earlier and said that they finally have carpets in so I asked Justin if he wanted to go see the progress on the new store. He said sure so that's where we're going in a bit.

Now, the new store was supposed to be open over a year ago so I'll be shocked into a near heart attack if its open before I move in July. Every time they tell us when they're estimating when its going to be open we just laugh. It gets annoying when customers ask us if we know when it'll be open and we can't tell them much. They probably should have waited to hook up the phones until they were getting closer to opening the store.

Anywho, I'm not sure if we're going anywhere afterwards cuz he has to work in the morning. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I kinda want IHOP, but I already ate so I'm good for now.

Part of me wants to text Stuart and see what he's up to, but then again another part wants to wait and see if he texts me. I doubt the latter will happen. Maybe after Justin leaves I'll text Stuart and see what he's up to. Oh well.

Steve and I will be going out to dinner one night sometime in the next week or two. I'll be paying so its not like a date or anything. He kinda joked that since I got OT last week while covering his shift that I could take him out to dinner. I didn't see a problem with it so we're gonna be going out. No clue where or when, but it'll happen sooner or later.

David and I will be going out to the movies together also in the next couple weeks. I'm looking forward to that. He's taking me to see Grindhouse cuz he really liked the movie and I haven't seen it yet. I wonder when we're gonna go out.

Alright, I think I've made this long enough. I'll write agian whenever.

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A day to relax
Tuesday. 4.24.07 11:35 am
I really hate being a woman sometimes. Cramps are not fun. At least I don't have to work today so I can stay in my PJs all day and do nothing.

Justin said he might come over later. I guess I'm okay with it, but I really don't want to see him. I don't even want to see Stuart, but if he showed up I'm sure I'd be happy.

I enjoyed Heroes last night, but they always end it with To Be Continued... and I hate that. But that's their way of getting you to watch the next episode.

I have no idea what to say. I've just spent the last half hour watching Scrubs instead of writing an entry. Maybe I'll write later. . . if I even have something to say.

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Quick, random
Monday. 4.23.07 7:18 pm
Today was definately not as bad as I thought it would be. It was dead the whole day and Christina {the girl who covered the shift} actually knew what she was doing and she was nice. I was very happy about that.

I worked in pizza most the day; I did very little prep. I haven't made a slice pie in quite some time, but I made one today. The last one I made it came out fairly well, but that was over a year ago. Today's slice pie would have been perfect had it not been for the fact that it got stuck on the peel while going into the oven. So instead of it being round, Theresa said it looks like an alien head. I told her to call me and let me know how the slices turn out.
{Just to let you guys know, our slice pies are 32-34 inches in diameter. Its a big ass pizza and its not easy to make}

Anywho, there's nothing like coming home from a long day at work and taking a hot shower especially with the knowledge that I don't have to work the next day.

Heroes is on tonight!!! I'm excited. The final 5 episodes are going to be airing every Monday for the next 5 weeks. It'll be kinda sad when its over, unless they have another season in mind. That would be frickin awesome.

I'm in a really good mood right now. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe its cuz I don't have to work tomorrow. Maybe its cuz I get to watch Heroes. Maybe its cuz I didn't have a bad day at work. It could just be a combination of all those things. Oh well. I'm in a good mood and that's all that matters.

Okay, I guess that's it. I shall write again probably tomorrow.

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I'm so fed up with my job
Sunday. 4.22.07 9:08 pm
Today was such a long day. Now that I've had time to relax and that I've talked to Justin, I'm not as pissed as I was. This entry was going to be more full of hatred towards my job, but I'm sure I can refrain from using a lot of the profanities that I originally had in mind.

It was busy today, like every other Sunday has been as of late, but since I had Gary and Erin there today it was slightly different. I was the scheduled manager, but they're both my managers so I didn't have to keep telling them what to do and make sure they were doing it. I did have issues with them trying to see if I'd actually take charge, which I did, but sometimes not to their liking. Oh well.

The mood was fairly decent up until the shift change. Then in about 30 seconds, Gary's attitude went from cool and happy, to uber pissed and angry. It was kind of scary. I could only imagine how his girlfriend felt about it since she'd never seen him that angry before. But apparently the mood lightened up a bit.

Tomorrow is going to be just as long as today, but I'm going to write about that tomorrow. Now that I've relaxed some, I'd rather not get all worked up again. It won't help my headache {that I've had all day} either.

My mom said that with the knowledge of when I'm going to be quitting, its not making the last couple months any easier. Knowing that I'll be quitting, all of the little things that always piss me off are enlarged and blown up to a point that it pisses me off even more. Which of course, means that all the big things that annoy me just seem that much larger. It sucks. I wish that July would come already so that I can be done with this place. But I have to be patient.

Anywho, I'm done with this entry. I'm starting to get pretty tired so I think I'm gonna be laying down shorty.

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uhm, yeah...
Sunday. 4.22.07 9:12 am
So Justin and I ended up not going to the fair yesterday. I'm not really exactly sure why I didn't want to go, but when I woke up yesterday morning I felt all weird and when he showed up I asked if he'd be okay if we didn't go. I didn't want to do anything yesterday. I'm usually up to going out with Justin, but not yesterday. We just stayed in and watched movies the whole day. Oh well.

The good mood that I was in on Friday disappeared. I'm not mad or upset or anything, but I've fallen back into my 'blah' state. The state that doesn't really care whether anything happens or not. The one where I never want to do anything. Right now I just kinda wanna go back to sleep.

Something exciting needs to happen cuz I'm absolutely boring myself with my entries lately {I can only imagine how they must be coming off to you guys who actually read them}

Oh, Stuart fucked up his elbow even worse than before. Now he needs to either have surgery or they need to stick a giant needle in and suck out the fluid and the extra scar tissue around it from past injuries. He told me that it was going to cause him to be unable to use his elbow for a while, which means no hockey. I'm sure, though, that he'll find a way around it so that he can play. I wonder if he's found a job yet.

Alright, I'm out of stuff to say. Till next time. . .

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Friday. 4.20.07 7:52 pm
I've been having trouble coming up with titles for my entries. Oh well. I guess its cuz nothing important enough happens to deem it worthy of making that the title.

Anywho, it was fairly busy today, but oddly enough I was in a good mood the whole day. I'm not quite sure why. I guess it makes up for being depressed yesterday {I'm not sure what caused that either}. I was able to get out of work before 6:30 tonight, which is good since I'm usually there till 7 or later. Its not that it wasn't busy, but all my stuff was done and they had a full crew so the need for me to stay wasn't there.

I called Justin to let him know I was off work and to see what he was up to, but he didn't answer the phone. He's probably eating dinner or out working on something. I'm pretty sure when he sees that I called he'll call me back.

I burned my arm on the pizza oven again last night. Its not very big, but it'll leave a scar. Its doesn't even really hurt. I keep forgetting its there till I rub it the wrong way. Then it hurts. Oh well.

So yesterday I asked David what movie we were going to see and when we were going to see it. He asked if I had seen Grindhouse yet and since I haven't, that's what movie we're going to see. He told me that we'll be going in the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to it. This'll be the first time I'm going out with David since our ordeal over two years ago. I've gone on deliveries with him, but that doesn't count since its work related.

Stuart is going out drinking tonight and I'm jealous. I haven't gone out drinking in forever. I haven't gotten drunk in forever either and I could really go for some alcohol in me. Oh well. I only have to wait 5 1/2 more months until I can do it legally and not get in trouble for going out to drink. And trust me, I'll be taking advantage of the legality.

There's nothing on TV right now; maybe I'll put in Borat.

Alright I haven't got anything else to say. I'll write again whenever.

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