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- Kid at heart.
- Indecisive.
- Stubborn.
- Adventurous.
- Movie junkie.
- Sarcastic.
- Spontaneous.
- Friendly.
- Fun.
- Selective hearing.
- Easily amused.
- Insomniac.

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Mercedes Lim
09/25/17 - 11/28/08
I love you grandma.
Anberlin - Dismantle.Repair.
"Pain, you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers. You just breath deep and wait for it to subside. Most of the time pain can be managed, but sometimes the pain gets you where you least expect it. Hits way below the belt and doesn't let up. Pain, you just have to fight through, because the truth is you can't outrun it and life always makes more."

"Forgive and forget. That's what they say. It's good advice, but it's not very practical. When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back. When someone wrongs us, we want to be right. Without forgiveness, old scores are never settled, old wombs never heal, and the most we can hope for is that one day we'll be lucky enough to forget."
Sunday. 8.17.03 5:16 pm
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Lately i've been pretty lazy to update my nutang. So i'm going to make this short. Friday went to the beach. It was just Drill and Hip-hop. I had fun though. Saturday I went to church and had KFC for dinner. Today I went to Home Depot, then to Target and got the Rooney CD. After we went to Costco and I got some socks. That's it. =] Okay I might update later just for the heck of it. Later days!

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Today's my 16th birthday
Monday. 8.11.03 10:32 am
music box / Happy Birthday [short version]
feeling / happy + tired
strange, but true / a goldfish has a memory span of three seconds

Well school was aright. We did work, the usual. At break nothing happened. In class Rio, and Ronald found out it was my birthday and they told Byron, who greeted me, then told Viviana that practically told the whole class. We did group work. Fun stuff eh? Byron said that this was drill talk, "the real kind," "you're too nice there buddy." He is sort of correct. I find myself saying those things. Haha drill is contagious. It was funny. At lunch I hella booked it to the bathroom and my cousin got me a cookie. Jesus freakin threw Jerel's glove in my face, and I told him I wasn't going to talk to him anymore. He kept saying sorry, but nope. After lunch went back to class and watched the movie. I fell asleep for about 10 minutes. Afterschool, Aj, Jen, and Reggie waited for me and Janice. We talked and I went my separate way so I could go to practice. I changed then yeah stretched. Only Jimlyn knew it was my birthday from the whole team. I think? We did split check and my legs were getting burnt from the blacktop because I was wearing shorts. We marched and on the second round Aj threw something at me, but it didn't open up. Then MJ was like "why are you throwing shit?" I couldn't say anything because we were falling in and she's captain of course. They said because it was my birthday. After we ate some popsicles. Yum. We sat down and chilled for a while because we thought the All-Male partner routines were up, but we waited and MJ told us to go practice one-line and walk-out. So we did. Then all of a sudden Neil comes up with a bag a flour and Jen, Aj, janice, and Reggie all have a hand full of flour in their hands, they ask MJ if they could get me since it was my birthday, so MJ made me fall in and Neil dumped most of the flour on my face. It got in my freakin nose and I had to cough and move my face. Agh it was the worst. After there was this pile of flour on the flour and I threw it at them. It was hard for me to see because I had flour in my contacts and I started running after Jen. Darnit. I rinsed my face, I looked like a ghost. While I did freakin Jen got me again! So I gave up and just sat in the drill circle. I was on a sneezing frenzy and everytime I moved flour would fly in the wind. Haha. 3:45 or so they finally started partner routines. Angela hit her head on the air conditioning thing on the portable. Aww! Then sat with Angela and Jimlyn and took pictures of the partner routines since I am photographer. After that drill got in a circle and talked about a beach gig again. Then MJ got her cooler that had the melted ice where she put the popsicles in and made me fall in. She dumped the water on my face, down the front and back of my shirt. I got a brain freeze, but on the outside. Haha I don't know. Everyone saw me all powder-y gosh. Well when I got home I took a shower and my family and I had a small dinner, then some CAKE. Haha my mom got relighting candles and brother kept blowing them out. I'm sleepy, so yeah i'm out. Later days!

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