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not that bad, I guess
Wednesday. 5.23.07 6:59 pm
Today was not was horrible as I thought it would be. Steve nor Stephanie are mad at me. Gary is the only one. And according to Steve, I'm not the only person Gary's mad at. There are a bunch of things going on that Gary is pissy about, including him being nervous about leaving the store. He's afraid that the store is going to fall apart. But he can't stay there forever. And he's not on the schedule next week so I'm ready for him to be gone.

I was out of there at a reasonable time. The goal was set for me to be out of there at 1:30pm, but we were too busy so that didn't happen. I clocked out around 3:45pm and I was out of there before 4. I made a quick stop at the store and I was home before 4:30pm.

I called Justin to let him know that I was out of work and he could come over at any time. {I finally talked to him last night and he said he'd be over today; not gonna happen now} He's sick. Like, he's running a fever, throwing up and has the runs. He said he's been like that since about 3 in the morning. He didn't even go to work today. So I know he's sick. I just really wish I had a car so that I could go to his place, bring him soup, and take care of him. But unfortunately I don't have a car.

I don't know what else to say so I'll write again whenever.

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Tuesday. 5.22.07 6:07 pm
Why is the world out to get me?

What did I do to deserve this?

~~ So, this is a brief explaination/description as to why I asked those two questions.

Over the last week, I have been unsure of the status of my relationship with Justin. So I already had something bothering me. Then earlier this evening I get a phone call from work asking if I'd come in and work.

Today is my one day off; if I had gone in, then I'd be working 10 days in a row and I really don't want to do that. So I said no, I wasn't going to go in tonight.

They {my bosses} got fucking pissed off at me and now are threatening to cut my pay! I was told {and I quote} "I'm cutting your wage. You make more than you're worth" WTF?! That just pushed me over the edge.

I broke down into tears and felt completely worthless. I also did something that I sort of swore never to do again, but I guess its a little late now. Don't ask what I did, I won't tell you.

I eventually stopped crying, but only because my eyes were too dry to produce tears. Now, they can't cut my pay for refusing to work on my day off. Its against labor laws. But I can only imagine the reprocusions that I'm going to have to deal with tomorrow. I hate being so damn reliable. I'm pretty sure that's why they got as pissed off as they did; I think I've only said no to working my day off once. Tonight would make twice.

I need the next 8 weeks to go by as quickly as possible so that I can be done with this place. The only thing that I'm upset about leaving behind are my two friends: Katie and Justin. Almost everyone else {there are a few people who I'm a little upset about leaving, but not enough to count in my 'friend' catagory} can fuck off.

The only two words I have for this place: Fuck Tucson!

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38 hours
Monday. 5.21.07 6:47 pm
For the next 38 hours my door will remain locked. I finally have a day off from work and I plan on doing absolutely nothing.

Tonight is the season finale of Heroes. I wonder how long I'm gonna hafta wait till the next season starts. In a week, America's Got Talent starts an all new season. I really liked that show last season so I'm sure this one will be fairly good.

I haven't seen Justin in almost a week. Something is telling me that our relationship is starting to falter. I knew that it was going to end, I was just hoping it would last up until I left.

I scraped my knuckle against the oven today. I have a burn blister there now. It doesn't hurt and it'll be gone in the next week.

I'm drawing a blank on what to say so I guess that means this entry is over. I'll write again whenever.

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to blog or not to blog
Sunday. 5.20.07 7:44 pm
I want to blog, but I haven't got the slightest clue as to what to blog about.

We got Dunkin Donuts today. I ate way too much. I had an upset stomach for quite some time. Now I just feel bloated. And blah. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Lets just say I've had my fill of donuts for the next couple months.

Justin is due back in Tucson tonight. I somehow doubt he'll let me know when he gets back. And who knows when I'll see him. Whatever.

I was trying to kill my phone so earlier I sent text messages to like, four people and no one responded. Damnit. My phone eventually died cuz my mom called me and after maybe 10 seconds it beeped at me.

I'm seriously drawing a blank right now. I think this is the most random, insignificant blog that I've typed up in a while.

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Not too bad, considering...
Sunday. 5.20.07 12:16 am
I had to close manager tonight. Its my day off and I had to work ... again. There was a bit of a rush for a couple hours, but nothing went wrong. There were a few rude customers and the fact that I had an idiot cashier didn't help any. But no real complaints that required refunds or remakes.

The cashier I had doesn't seem to be catching on. Its not hard to figure out our computer, especially after working 3 days in a row and thats all you're doing. But she just isn't catching on. She's not getting it. It doesn't help that she's supposed to wear glasses {has been told twice to bring them} and still hasn't brought her glasses to work. She's not going to make it.

I have to work tomorrow morning. I need to be up in less than 9 hours. I work Monday too and then I finally have a day off. And I'm going to do absolutely nothing that day. I don't even know if I'm going to get dressed or even go near my door.

Earlier today I had to go out to the store to buy laundry detergent, bounce sheets and toilet paper. I had gone to the store last night, but when I left, I knew I was forgetting something; I just wasn't sure what. When I woke up this morning and went to do laundry, I realized that I had forgotten the detergent and bounce sheets. And since I was almost out of toilet paper, I bought some while I was at the store. It was so hot outside, it was hard to believe that it was barely 90 degrees when I went out. I got some sun while I was out. Its kinda nice that I might actually have somewhat of a tan.

I hate working on my day off cuz it throws me off by a day. I keep thinking tomorrow is Monday, but its not. Its Sunday. Damnit. Working 6 days a week is really starting to take its toll on me.

So I text messaged David last night asking him a question. I wasn't expecting an answer, but he texted me back. I was completely caught off guard, but I was happy. I had a smile on my face for a while. I'm going to either text him again asking when he wants to go out or I'm just going to wait till Wednesday to ask him in person. I'll probably just text him unless I forget in which case I'll just wait till Wednesday.

Alright, I should probably be going to bed soon and I'm out of stuff to say. So I'll write again whenever.

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Friday night
Friday. 5.18.07 10:37 pm
Seeing as how I'm not doing anything tonight I decided to write up an entry. I was supposed to be going out with Justin, but he's in Phoenix helping out his friend. He's not answering my texts so I'm guessing he's either drinking, drunk or passed out from being drunk. Oh well.

Today was actually a pretty decent day. Gary came in drunk/hung over and sick to his stomach. It was really funny cuz Tori and Lance were fucking with him to make him puke. It worked a few times. They were taunting him with the sound that you make when you start to dry heave. We were putting stuff that doesn't smell too appetizing {such as a raw chicken wing} under his nose to make him even worse. It was hilariously awesome! I guess you kinda had to be there, but trust me, it was funny.

The day wasn't busy, but I was there for an hour and a half after my shift off the clock simply cuz I had nothing better to do. There was a fairly good crew {minus a select few} tonight so I hung out for a bit. David has been out for a week or so and he actually worked tonight so it was nice seeing him. I'm gonna miss him when I move.

There's nothing on TV right now. I'm absolutely bored. Maybe I'll lay down in a bit. I have no idea when I'll see Justin again. I know that I won't talk to him until at least Monday. Whatever. Steve will be coming over at some point to watch Idiocracy with me; I don't know when. I have 7 more weeks until I quit my job. I can't wait. I got free address labels from the American Humane Association in the mail today. I'm going to donate some more money.

That last section was completely random. And I'm out of stuff to say. I'll write again whenever.

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