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Thursday. 6.7.07 11:39 am
I don't really know what I want to write. Nothing special happened today. It was slow/somewhat steady at work. It was a fairly good night. Except the asshole customers that came in and ordered food less than an hour before we closed. {they weren't actually assholes, per say, but the fact that them ordering food kept me from going home made them assholes in my eyes}

I didn't go to sleep until around 5:00am and I didn't get up till 1:00pm. I was awake at 10 this morning, but I just didn't feel like getting up. So I just stayed in bed and dozed till one. I didn't have to go to work until 5:00pm and I was actually glad about that. I didn't get the hours that I wanted, but I just wasn't up to working that much this week.

I kind of want company tonight, but since its quarter till midnight right now, I know that I won't have company. Justin is asleep, Stuart ... I don't even know what Stuart is doing and David ... I just won't see him till tomorrow at work. Even if it were quarter till noon, I wouldn't be seeing David cuz I just don't call or text him. I wonder when we'll be going out.

My burn is healing. Its itching, that's how I know its healing. I wonder what the scar will look like. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

That's it. I have nothing else.

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Wednesday. 6.6.07 8:01 pm
That's how I felt today. It wasn't necessarily busy, but it was chaotic. I was running around doing, like, 4 different people's jobs. There were only 3 people working today. Steve was driver so he was out of the store for the greater part of the day and he was sick so even when he was in the store, he wasn't much help. Nic was pizza, but since I trust myself more than him to stay in the store alone, he was running around doing the odds and ends that Liz needed done. So I was getting the register, answering the phones, making pizza, doing kitchen orders and trying to do prep. I was running around the store like a chicken without its head. The only word to describe it is chaotic.

I was very glad to be out of there. I don't have to be in tomorrow until 5:30, but I'll probably end up going in an hour early.

My burn wasn't bothering me ... until this morning when I forgot about it after my shower and rubbed the towel right over it. I was instantly reminded that I had a burn on my arm. Now it itches and it hurts whenever it rubs against something. Grr. Here's a pic of it:

Anywho, I don't think I'm going to have company tonight. David has to work, Justin hasn't called me and I haven't seen Stuart in a bit. So I guess I'll be bored and alone tonight. Oh well. It won't be any different than any other night.

Peace out Nutangers!

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one month and four months
Tuesday. 6.5.07 11:51 pm
I have one month from today until my last day at my job. You have no idea how excited I am about that.

Four months from today is my 21st b-day!!! I'm looking almost as forward to that as I am to quitting my job. Once I quit my job, however, my birthday will be my top excitement.

Of course, I'll be focusing on getting myself settled in Las Vegas, but I'll be planning for my birthday as well.

Time is being weird right now. The days still drag by, but the weeks are going by faster and faster. Not exactly a good thing for a procrasinator, such as myself. I should manage just fine though. A little stressful at first, but every move is stressful.

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Tuesday. 6.5.07 12:35 am
I'm so bored right now I have resorted to drawing on myself. Click on them if you want to see a bigger version.

The Chinese letters is the tattoo I have on my ankle. It was the first tattoo that I got. It stands for 'Cheryl', which is my name and it was completely spur of the moment. I originally went in to the parlor to get my belly button pierced {which I did}, but while I was waiting to have my belly button pierced there was a guy getting a tattoo and I wanted one. SO, I searched through a book, saw my name in Chinese and though it was worth getting.

The design underneath it, I drew just now {cuz I'm bored} and its the outline of the next tattoo that I'll be getting. It will be that design all the way around my ankle. In one of the circles I'm going to have the Chinese character for fire and in the other circle I'm going to have the Chinese character for frog. Above the design on the inside of my ankle {opposite from my name} I'm going to have the Chinese character for monkey. Those four things will stand for me, my sister {monkey}, my mom {frog} and my dad {fire}.

I'm debating whether to get the tattoo before I move or afterwards...

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Sunday. 6.3.07 11:36 pm
Well, I talked to Joe about my situation with David and he gave me some advice. {actually we talked for about 40 minutes; he can't give a small amount of advice} Most of it made sense. I'm not sure if I'm going to follow through on some of the things he suggested I do, but I already planned on doing a couple of the things he suggested. Such as telling him how I feel.

I don't see David again until Wednesday at the earliest. I'm not going to text him and I don't call him. He's hanging out with his friend for the next couple days anyway and I don't want to interupt their gaming. I'll find time to talk to him, but since I'm a procrastinator and I'm shy about talking about those things, it could take a bit before I build up the courage to say what's on my mind.

Now, to explain the title. I burned my arm on the oven again. Only this time its on my left arm, not my right arm. Its also a much longer burn than the other two that I had gotten. This one is three inches in length. Its on the underside of my arm and it stops right before my elbow. Maybe in a day or two, I'll take a picture and I'll put it in a post.

Surprisingly the hot water in the shower didn't make it hurt. I had to be careful, though, when I was drying my arm cuz the towel scratching against it would have really hurt. Its going to hurt more in the next couple days as it starts to actually heal. I hope it leaves a good sized scar. {don't ask why, I just want it to happen}

Haha! I'm watching Bill Engvall: 15 Degrees off Cool. I haven't watched it in quite a while and I must say, its quite funny. Its not fun, though, when I go to take a drink and he cracks a hilarious joke. I was trying not to choke. {ha, I rhymed}

I haven't really eaten anything today. I had a donut, a single slice of pizza {a normal sized slice, not our slices ~ which are huge, btw} and a candy bar. I think tomorrow I might actually eat. I need to stop at the store on my home from work anyway so I'll be getting decent food to chow down on at home. Maybe I'll have Steve get some Sonic tomorrow. . . no wait! I'll have him get some Beyond Bread. That place is delicious! Definately going with Beyond Bread.

Anywho, I need to be going to bed soon. I have to be at work in 9 1/2 hours and I'm working on only 3 hours of sleep right now. {I went to sleep at 7am and had to be up at 10am} Till tomorrow ...

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Its not stopping
Sunday. 6.3.07 2:27 pm
As much as I like thinking about David, its not fun when the things I think about aren't going to happen. I can't act on my thoughts. I would give almost anything to have a memorable night with him, but that's just a bunch of wishful thinking.

Its a struggle right now cuz I want to think about David, but I don't want to think about him as much as I am. I want it to go back to the way it was before. Even then, though, I still thought and dreamt about him much more often than I rightfully should have.

The way I feel about him and the way that I care about him, I can't put into words. I can't describe the difference between the way I care about him from the way I care about others. I'm not sure why he holds a special place in my heart as he does.

He's not my boyfriend and never has been, but the kind of relationship that we have with each other ... even that I can't put into words. Its hard to describe the relationship we have.

I have no idea how he feels about me. I doubt very, very much if he feels even remotely similar to how I feel. I know that there has to be at least some sort of small, distinct liking that he feels towards me, but I don't know how small/large that feeling actually is. And I don't know if I'll ever find out. I'll probably be left just wondering and hoping it was actually there.

Maybe I'll find the courage to tell him how I feel before I leave. Expecially with the odds of us keeping in contact are as low as they are, I might be able to get everything out and tell him how I feel and how I've felt. But I'll have to wait and see how things go and what happens.

Alright, I still have stuff to write, but I need to finish getting ready for work. I'll probably write more later tonight.

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