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Monday. 12.13.10 9:41 am
christmas time is here. again.

there are a ton of presents in me and amy's room. we have pretty big families, so we have tons of money to spend on christmas.

i wish that we could just do like an awesome secret santa, where you buy the one person like five or six cool things. instead, i'm left buying 30 mediocre things. i guess that's okay. can't spend too much money on gifts anyway. i gotz billz to pay.

i recently started watching Studio 60 again. i never got a chance to finish the whole first season, so it's kind of cool to be able to finally do that. halfway through the season. there's also only one season, so i guess i'm halfway through the series.

we set up a tiny little tree in the apartment, with a few colored bulbs and some lights. it's probably one grade above charlie brown's tree. it's also fake though, so, *shrugs*.

gus and doc get along nicely. gus is getting big. doc is getting fat. that's okay.

i've started a tumblr. mostly because it's easier for me to blog from my phone using their app, as opposed to nuTang's nonexistent one. also, my tumblr'ing is basically one or two sentences per entry. i haven't hit my stride with it yet, but i will. it's basically my general commentary on news and pop culture. and there is one picture of gus. it's irrelevant to anything else i've ever put on there.

i'm looking forward to christmas...being over. i like the time after christmas, when there are 364 days until i'm required to look for old receipts so family members can return gifts i thought really hard about getting them.

happy holidays, everyone.

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Monday. 10.4.10 9:32 am
well, i guess i finally have a chance to update.

...unfortunately, not under the best circumstances.

i think that my car just got stolen. i woke up this morning, and went outside to go to work. i looked around, and didn't see my car.

now, i have a bad memory for where i park, so i figured that maybe i parked a bit away. i looked around. didn't see it.

alright, so maybe my car got towed. i called the towing company. they didn't have it. shit.

so i finally gave in and called the police. reported it stolen. great.

i guess that i get the day off of work. but at what price? WHAT PRICE??!?!?!

i'm surprised that i'm not more upset about this. i mean, my car does mean a lot to me. but this is usually where i throw my laptop through a wall. hmm.

well, if anyone sees a 2004 dodge intrepid around maryland, let me know. i guess.

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Tuesday. 8.31.10 8:57 am
What's the deal? My stomach hurts... constantly. Maybe I need a slight or major change in my diet.

...sucks developing lactose intolerance. I like milk. And cereal. Milk and cereal. Milk and cereal. Cereal and milk.


My coworker won $1000 on a scratch off. That GMH.

And so begins Sank's gambling addiction...

...just kidding. Though, I may invest a dollar or three.

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Friday. 8.27.10 8:30 am
Sorry I've been gone.

Work has been busy. I'm actually learning how to do loans now. It's quite complicated, but it's nice to learn something fresh.

I cook a lot. I'm thinking of starting a food blog. I'm questioning how people get lots of readers on their blogs that they never knew.

Perhaps I will do it on wordpress. I want lots of people to read it.

...nothing against nuTang, but wordpress has a slightly larger community.

My personal blog will remain here, whenever I get a chance to update it.

Wow, wasn't I in a NWF battle? Never made that vid. Sorry to disappoint. Couldn't get enough volunteers to make it. I concede, if that's necessary.


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Saturday. 7.31.10 10:52 am
amy hasn't ever seen good will hunting. today we shall watch it.

i'm currently holding a kitty. he's a cute little boy. his name is gus.

you'll probably see some pictures of him soon. :)

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Friday. 7.23.10 3:36 pm
So I applied at a credit union. I'm tired of this bank. They will give me more money, or lose me as an employee.

Food I've made as of late:
BBQ Bacon Chicken
Asian Chicken Balls
Taco Salad
My version of a Thai Pork Omelette

That is all.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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