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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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My last day in Tiara
Sunday. 2.15.04 9:34 pm
I am going to move house tommorow.
Move to Strathfield with karen.

Karen feel loss for leaving Tiara, and want to take photos when all the lights on at night time. However, I don't have any feeling for leaving this place, even I had lived here for a year. As far as I remember, this is the sixth times for me to move house in Sydney. I don't like to move house, but there were always some reasons for me to move.

I lack of sense of security, I have deep worry for living with people. It is not about communication, but I worry that they'll need to move out in sudden, and I need to support the rent or move out in hurry. I know we can make agreement before lived together, but there are so many 'surprise' with us, overseas students. Hence, living by myself will be easy, I can take control to everything. When I was lived in my second homestay, we had some arguement and I need to move out in a rush. I really hate this. Hence, when I lived in my third homestay or in hostel, I kept most of my stuffs in suitcase, so I can go away easily. Deep down in my heart, I need a place to settle down, so I can take out things from my suitcase, and place around my home without worries or fears. I want to control the situation, but not controlled by the situation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I went to the Park at Surry Hills about 6pm, it is the one beside the catholic church. I play apyramid-shape rope net at the park, which I want to play long time ago. I told myself to climb up each time I passed by, but I didn't. So, I reckon this is the last chance for me to play around, as I couldn't see any playground in Strathfield.

I remembered that I play a similar one when I was young, which was located at the playground closed to Grandma's old apartment. I seldom see lots of children in playgroud nowadays, perhaps children don't like swing, but computer game. However, when I was little, in the 80s, many children play in playground. I always want to climb up to the top of the rope net, but that was occupied by other boys, and I'd wait, and wait for long time.

I never see anyone play this rope net, I think it has been lonely for many year, since children grow up, and not hang around in playground. Surry Hills is an 'old society'. I was a bit scared to climb to the top, isn't this ironic? Whilst I can occupied the whole rope net finally, I was not brave to climb. Is it what people said "do the right things in the right time"? It is not my time to play children game. I stayed at the middle for a whilst, feeling so good as above the ground, so I think I can stay for a little bit longer.

An old man walked toward me, I guess he wanted to talk to me, and he was. He encouraged me to climb up, but I said "no, this is the right position for me." And he encouraged me said "if you think you can't do it, you will never do it." He started to teach me how to climb up, and I did it. I climbed up to the top.

Later, when I back home, I told myself, perhaps I let too many people disappointed throughout my life, and I didn't want to disappoint a stranger. I am longing to go to the top, but I worried I am not able to do; staying in the middle is saft, it won't hurt even I fall.

We talked after I reached the ground, he was surprised to know my name, said this was his first time and perhaps the only time to hear a girl called Pandora. We talked about studies, travels, weather, living conditions, soecities, etc. Then he went home for dinner, and I walked back home too.

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The couple is back
Thursday. 2.12.04 10:56 pm
I went to immigration with Katharine to get Form 6 and 160 for medical examination, and borrowed $200 from her. I am too poor.

Then we went to have Japanese curry for lunch, and she asked why we have Japanese food each time we come out. LOL

Sydney weather went strange, raining in a hot sunny day.

We went to Twon Hall for window shopping, and find Grace Bros changed name to Myer!!!!!!!! Oh, The red lotus logo is gone. I took two ballroons from them ...

We sat on a bench in MLC centre, because neither she nor me had any ideas. I suggested to go karaoke, but Katharine didn't want to, so we just had some causal chat for an hour.

We walked back to Central, and met Samantha. We were walking opposite to Entertainment Centre, and she shout tome from the telephone kiosk. She finished her international call, and showed me a book where she got from orientation, which was thick as yellow-page.

I called Mark to know their location, Sandy and he were both in city, so I asked them to come over to Market City, and had dinner together. I told them Grace Bros changed name, and they told me that this department store is also called Myer in Melbourne.

We finished dinner at 8:00pm, so we visited Nora as she finished work at this time. I walked to train station with them, then I walk back home.

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Drink with Sharon
Wednesday. 2.11.04 2:00 am
I got a call from Sharon that she received offer from UTS Nursing Faculty. It is a good news, because she has been worried for a long time.

Karen went to school for orientation, and went out early and back late recently.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sharon called me at night, said she just wake up and want to ask me for dinner. I was just wake up when received her call, and I was so hungry.

We dated 8:30pm to meet at Market City, but I missed the bus, so I walked to city and about 15 mins late. We went to dinner, and she told me that she will go back HK the day after tomorrow. I was shocked, as I never heard from her before. Then she explained that is a Business trip with Jason. We went to Darling Hurbour for a walk and go to drink. Most pub closed early on weekday, so we went to Circular Quay, and I had a glass of Long Island Ices Tea, and she had beer.

We left and went to another pub on Park Street at 12am. She wanted to try Long Island this time, and I had a glass of Martini. However, she think Long Island was too sweet, and my one was too strong.

I went to her place stayed for a whilst, and then go home.

I arrived home at quarter to 2am, and find Karen wasn't at home. I have no idea of where she stayed.

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Conflicts, again
Saturday. 2.7.04 11:56 pm
I am not happy.
I had arguement with my sister and father last night. All about my study and study fees. My school fee is expensive, but what I can do?

My sister said no matter marks I got in HSC, as I can't get into university means I didn't work hard, and it is a wrong investment for my study. I don't meant to be irresponsible to my study, but the UAI count differently, I got good marks in biology and music, but they didn't count them, as they regarded these are easy subjects.

And I really did an acceptable HSC result.
I used this result to direct apply B. Arts in Sydney University, they give me a conditional offer. What I lack is the UAI.
University needs UAI to take students, but do my family need UAI to weight the effort I gave? Why always say words that hurt me?

I know Sydney university'd not accept my application as I couldn't meet the UAI. Perhaps communication'd suit me, who knows?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Karen and I went to pay diposit for our new home. I haven't take train for long time, and Sydney Rail is a little complicated, we accidently took the slower train to Straifield, and stayed at Redfern for long time.

When we back to city, Karen told me that she wants to buy something for her cousin, and asked rather I want to go with her. I go as I have nothing to do. We first went to Paddy's market, and then go to Town Hall. She asked rather I want to go home for rest or feel boring, for many times. I somehow feel that she wants to avoid me, so I went to have lunch by myself, and then back home. She wasn't home until 7pm, and I find that she was staying with Vivian and friends when I called her.

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Alexsadria's factory outlet
Thusday. 2.5.04 12:30 am
A very relax day, wake up at 10:30am, and then had breakfast. After all my friends wake up, we had fired rice for lunch.

We went to 'Alexsadria's factory outlet', we walked quite far away from home, there were many different outlets located at Alexsadria, but nothing for me.

Karen and I find an old sofa, we moved in home, but find it was really old one. So we put it at balcony, hope to kill the bacterias by the sunlight.

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home, sweet 'new' home
Tuesday. 2.3.04 11:33 pm
Today, Karen, Vivian and I went to Strathifield to seek new home, Karen and I are going to live together, and Vivian accompanied us to look around. We watched two flats in this trip: the first unit was an old style building, located at third floor, with bedrooms on upper floor; the second one was apartment. The first unit was a bit dirty, quiet, but far away from train station, need to walk about 20 minutes.

There are two apartments closed to train station, and we'd like to live there. The one called 'Regal Court' hold a 'for least' blanner, so we walked in and asked for a 2 bedroom flat. Luckily, there were two available, one on 3rd floor, and one on 5th floor. 3rd floor one is a bit small for 2 people; but the 5th floor one is good, big, clean, daylight-in, etc. The only problem (actually not really a problem) is the owner want to charge $390 for a week. The staff told us that there were two boys want to rent this flat too. But they want to reduce $10/20. Hence, we said we accepted the price, and asked her to contact the owner.

We left Regal Court and went to agency to look for other flats; perhpas we aimed to get Regal Court, so those flats were either too old or too far away. Then we got call from Regal Court, and the owner wanted to least the flat to us.

we'll move in on 14th Feb.

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