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Well poop.
Monday. 10.20.08 9:36 pm
I hate the fact that my Xanga has turned into a site I go to ONLY when I want to vent, or give signals to certain people.

I am not in a good place, right now. School is overwhelming, I'm having problems with my mom and my boyfriends. I am only one person, and what I say right now won't matter in the future, but I kind of just want to be home schooled and sleep all day.

Yeah, that'd be kind of nice, I guess.

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I'm not over.
Sunday. 10.19.08 11:22 pm
Five redundant facts you may not know about me:

1) My hair smells good pretty much all the time. (I can prove it, too)

2) My pinkie nails grow faster than my other nails.

3) I like Coco Puffs with whole milk, and ONLY whole milk.

4) My parents were close to naming me Yärd (pronounced Yeerd). (Seriously, do you know how embarrassing that would be, everyone thinking that my name was Yard? And having to correct people? I already correct people enough when they say Steigen. Yärd would have been overkill.)

5) I'm Swedish, but I hate Swedish fish.

That is all! :-D

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I tattled on a girl smoking in the girl's bathroom.
Wednesday. 10.15.08 10:36 pm
Yes, that's right.

A few weeks ago during 3rd block, I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I did my business, then I texted for a minute. Yeah, not the best idea, OHWELL. Well, I come out of the stall, and two teachers were standing there. Well, of course I had a "deer in the headlights" look because I thought I was caught texting. They stare at me, and one starts looking in my purse. She then says to me "Steigen, were you the one smoking in the girl's bathroom?" "OH no no no no no! You can smell my breath, I don't smoke at all." She smelled my breath then inspected the rest of my purse; once I was clear, I was free to go.

Well, today during 3RD BLOCK, I went to a different bathroom (the incident a few weeks ago was on a B day, Biology. Today it was an A day, Math Studies) and did my business. I'm brushing my hair in the mirror when two girls walk in. One girl walked in front of me to look at herself in the mirror, while the other went into a stall. I hear a couple of clicks, and after a few moments I smell cigarette smoke. Well, I immediately leave and tell my teacher.

I mean, seriously, if I hadn't been accused of smoking a few weeks before because of someone else, I wouldn't have thought anything of the girl smoking today. But honestly, I am NOT going to take the blame for something stupid that someone ELSE does.


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So apparently.
Wednesday. 10.15.08 9:02 pm
My math project partner is going to be gone all weekend for one of my other friends' birthday weekend in Charleston. The math project is due Friday for me, Monday for her. But luckily I'm working a Theatre competition all day Friday, so mine is due Monday, as well.

Problem? PARTNER WILL BE GONE. She can't work after school because of volleyball, and I'm pretty sure she isn't going to bail on the weekend. She tried giving he excuse of "I have a math project and a history project and an English project due, and a math quiz and biology lab and history test." HELLOOOOOO. I am in the SAME classes as you. I have THE SAME assignments. I haven't started any of them either, and they're due the same dates. SERIOUSLY. You'll be having fun this weekend, at least. I'll be working SCTA (South Carolina Theatre Association, the competition) all day Friday and Saturday, then Sunday babysitting all day while doing the work. I know I procrastinated, but I mean, the math project is a TEAM effort. And, honestly, I am not going to assume she will do half in Charleston.

Blahlbhalbha. I am tired. And I have a lot of work. And I'm pretty sure I got the job at Linens n Things, EVEN THOUGH it just got liquidated. So, if I get the job, it will be seasonal, then no more Linens n Things. :-D

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I miss the days when you made an effort.
Monday. 10.13.08 7:39 pm
Even if it was just saying nice things.

"And oh yea...
your beautiful

I was here.
And now im gone.

"Anyways, you are asleep, and I'm
wishing i were your pillow...
Hit me up whenever... God knows
when ill fall asleep..

Blah blah blah blah blah.

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Memoirs of a Geisha.
Sunday. 10.12.08 2:38 pm
I love this movie.
It's...really good.

In a way, it makes me want to learn to be a Geisha. Not for the sleeping with men part, but the artistic side of it. The dances, moving elegantly, learning to be polite to everyone, to be envied (not in a bad way; I guess admired would be the better word, here).

I mean, it is just a movie though. Either the movies makes Geishas seem better than they actually are in real life, or it shows their lifestyle perfectly.

I think I heard somewhere that it was based on a true story...I'm not sure, though.

ANYWAYS. Last night was simply, amazing. I feel bad for anyone who saw the Matinee showing of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." It was the ONLY slump show we had. But, our final performance in the night was simply amazing.

After the performance, I went to Steak n Shake with a few of the seniors from last year instead of the cast, because they (the cast) wante dto go to TGI Friday's in Fort Mill.

Reasons why I didn't go:
1) A bit expensive.
2) Too far.
3) I see the cast every day in school. The seniors were only in town until Tuesday.

And you know what? I am SO glad I went! If I went to TGI Fridays with cast and crew, I would have missed this:

One of my friends' jacket caught on fire in another friend of mine's car. It was HILARIOUS. We were inside Steak n Shake, when another friend comes in and is like "Dude, the inside of your car is on fire, no lie!" EVERYONE RUSHED out to the car, and the jacket was pulled out. The car was fine, but the jacket, well...yeah, hahaha.

I got freaked out for a minute, though, because the car that we thought was on fire was parked right next to my mom's car x.x

Such a great day!

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