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Wednesday. 6.30.04 4:35 pm
mood: a bit... confused...

listening to: confessions

Adopt your own useless blob!Am I obsessive? Like really really obsessed w/Michael? I think I am. I hate that. I don't like being obsessive. It's wierd. And I'm not even sure I really like him. I haven't talked to him in two days [OMG! Such a long time, huh? lol] and I'm jut not sure. I really am a bit confused. I need to think.

I think William can help me w/that. I'm talking to him on AIM. It's kinda sad. He really hates his life I think. Which, come to think of it, isn't going to be to great for him when he gets older. He could be like suicidle or something. I gotta go. Buhbye

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i miss him!
Wednesday. 6.30.04 12:26 pm
watching: Nothing

listening to: JoJo- Leave [Get Out!]

mood: pissed off and sick

Adopt your own useless blob! I haven't talked to Michael in two days and I miss him so much!

Right now, me and Sarah are trying to convince her mom to let her go on vaca w/me. Her away message says:

BEGGING my mom to go with Hannah on her trip this might take a while so ill bbl

i luv you will


I hope she can come. We're gonna camp out in PaloDura Canyon, and ride the ponies. lol. But we are gonna ride horses. I love horses they are koolios. lol. And then we're gonna go into Amarillo and go to the Amusement Park there, and I really hope Sarah can come, because my parents ruin amusement parks. UGH! She can't! Well, I better call Wendy then. I bet she can't eather cuz of swimming. Damn!

I don't fill good. I miss Michael and I've got cramps. Don't feel like typing.

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Monday. 6.28.04 9:25 am
mood: a bit... tired

as written yesterday during church I met someone. And even though I'm still totally obsessed w/him, Taylor is not the cutest guy I know anymore. Miles is. He's Evan's friend. He's a qt! kekeke. Well, I told Evan and siad I didn't care if he told. I think he did.

W/the Hell? The Finkbones? W/wrong w/them? And who's Stephanie? She's dead, and there's flowers in her memory. Oh great; Carl interrupted someone agian. Oh, cool, Darcy's back from jail. That's good.

Anywho, Evan and Miles are upstairs in the balcony, while I'm in the retarded front pew, where everyone can see me, cuz I'm acolyting. It sux butt. XD

OMG! I was forced to god down for the childrens service, even though I'm youth.

God, I can't breath w/this stupid robe on. And I want to look upstairs but I can't, cuz everyone will see.

as written today about yesterday after church Whenever has my horoscope been so true?

It's one of those days when you'll get anything you want, as long as you're willing to relax and allow events to unfold. Uranus offers a surprise occasion--like an impromptu get together or a blind date--that makes this a memorable night. The sun gives you the energy to stay up late, but take care not to let plans for tomorrow suffer.

It's one of those days when you'll get anything you want, as long as you're willing to relax and allow events to unfold. Yes it was! I got to skip youth to...

like an impromptu get together or a blind date Go to the movies! I met Will (OMG! HOTTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! lol. Yes, truly hotter than any movie star) and Michael for the first time, and we went to the movies w/Sarah. Not quite the best movie I've ever seen, Two Brothers, but me and Sarah laughed are asses off half way through. Then kids kept kicking the backs of me and Sarah's chairs, so we wanted to move. At which time we did. But, me and Sarah didn't end up sitting next to eachother, so we couldn't laugh our butts off anymore. I ended up sitting next to Will and Michael. By then, my pickle, the Jr. Mints Will gave me, and my powerade were all long gone. I ended up chewing on my straw the rest of the movie. Michael kept looking at me, so I looked over at him and smiled and then he smiled at me and then he didn't look at me anymore. Once the movie w/over, we stayed and watched the credits and by the time they were done we were the last people in the whole theatre. So we got out and went to the arcade and Will called his mom and sarah called hers. And then we hung out for a while. Sarah got something out of the Toy Shoppe, and then Michael and Will left. And then we went over to another game and listen to w/happened here. It was so funny! Ok, you know that game that has the little lights on the edge and all the toys and the CDs and stuff, and you pay $.50 and you try to stop the lights on one of the toys? Well, no one wins ever, at least almost no one. And Sarah said, 'Oh I hate this game I just get so frustrated I wanna hit it and make it DIE!' and on DIE she hit the glass and a little toy came out. I dunno maybe you just had to be there, but it w/s0o0o0 funny! And then we went and sat outside and we laughed so much! And then her mom got there, and sence my parents were at a church party, I went over to her house and we called lots of people, and we were like, thinking about alot of people that used to be our best friends, but, we just changed. Like, take Brooke. I don't think she really has to much of a real life. I mean, she AIM blocked me because I didn't name moi gerbils Jamal and Maahvin. And Katelin, she is such a friend steeler. Jenny has been my friend from day one, just like she said. My best friend. She's one of my friends that I think maybe I still do have. But, for a while there she wasn't. She just met Katelin a few weeks before Feb. And then, on Valentine's Day, she got all her friends big boxes of Nerds. She came over to our class room, and gave Katelin a box of Nerds. Then she came over to me and said, 'I gave all my friends these boxes of Nerds, but I ran out before I got to you. Sorry.' and then she walked off. That's w/me and sarah were talking about last night, until Will finally picked up when we called him. And Michael w/over at his house so they were like, going crazy. But then the doorbell rang, and I had to go home. So, when I got home, I got online, and Will w/on, so I w/like 'Are you still on the phone w/Sarah?' and he was. And he wanted to tell her something but he couldn't do it himself, he wanted me to tell her. It w/that he had wanted to kiss her in the movies but everytime he looked at her she wasn't looking at him. And so I told him to hang up w/her, that I would call her, and I did. And then she told me all this stuff to IM him, which I did. And then we 3-wayed him. lol. But me and him were still talking on AIM because on 3-way, it makes him quieter to me, so that I can't hear him. lol. And then he goes, 'Do you like Michael?' and on the phone I w/like, 'Why are you asking me?..' though I think I knew the answer to that one. And he w/like, 'Because I think he likes you.' and so I said, 'Really? And why do you think that?' but I didn't care. I w/just trying to decide if I really liked him. And Will just said, 'Do you like him?' and I w/like, 'Yea, he's cute, but I really don't know him.' and then Will asked about Miles. And on the phone I said, 'I don't even know Miles. I said like, 5 words, and then they left before he even asked me out, not like he w/going to. He's to shy.' and all Will said w/,'O.' And then my dad had to get all mean and tell me I needed to go to bed, so I told that to Will, and he w/like,'Y-N?' and I said, 'Yea, sure.' And then I had to hang up the phone, so Sarah said goodbye, and me and will were just talking and I w/using my fast typing skills. And then, eventually, Micahel asked me out, I said yes, and I gotta boo! And Miles is out of my head, even though he did end up liking me. And by the time I went to sleep it was...

The sun gives you the energy to stay up late, but take care not to let plans for tomorrow suffer. 12:00! And I'm still hypey!kekeke

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Saturday. 6.26.04 11:00
mood: agian I am depressed I know most of you are getting tired of hearing about Taylor, so I made this one private. But he's got a girl friend. It really sucks. And he said not to talk to me tonight at Sarah's party. Cuz he's not going, him and his friends are skating there tonight. He's such a fag. Gotta go to eat I'll finnish this after the party.

after the party He danced w/me. He danced w/me. Should I tell him I like him, even though he's got a g/f? I like him so much. I will tell him. After I get Jessies advice. She likes him to. She just said I should and I asked how. Let's see... Just tell him you like him? W/kinda advice is that? My gerbils could give me better advice! lol. I think we should go in a chatroom and both tell him, but no, she has to eat. Fine I'll tell him like she said. If he answers my question of 'Can I tell you somethin' and you won't get mad?' Well, I just told him then went away. Maybe, just maybe, he'll call me. My away message says to. But, oh well. I am really upset and I don't feel like talking maybe you can comment on this. I'm unprivating it, because I really need some advice.

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Friday. 6.25.04 1:50 pm
I hate crying. It turns my eyes red, my nose runny (or stopped up so I can't breath), and I make whimpering sounds the whole time that I can only hold down unless im biting something really hard. And it makes me plain ugly. When I'm actually crying, my face gets all scrunched up, usually, or it gets a pathetic look. And, when I'm not crying, I get the red eyes,the wrinkles under them, and the un-able to smile face. So, why w/I crying all last night?

See, the problem is, when I read a really really good book, I am the main charectar. Is that being self-centered? I really don't think so. But I put myself in the place of the main charectar, and so when something really sad starts to happen, I get really sad. And when something really scarry starts to happen, I freak out. And when something really happy happens, I get happy. You know w/I mean?

So, put yourselve in the place of a sixth grader who's never stayed in one place for three years. Who never really made friends. Who's mom liked your blonde sisters better, you thought, because they were perfect, and never got in trouble. Who's dad wanted a fan, not a kid. And, who only had a lil' doggy as a friend, and he w/getting old. Then, you moved and you met Harrison, and he became your best friend. But, then you've gotta move agian.

I can't say anymore, because it will give away the story. But I was up all night crying.

And then I thought about Taylor. God, why did I have to think about Taylor? I ended up with a toothache from biting my blanket, and I still couldn't keep the sound down. I geuss that's what happens when your best friend, your good as a big bro, and the guy you love moves to Oklahoma. Well, so there!

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Thursday. 6.24.04 12:52 pm
I am starving! I can't wait3 more minutes till 12 so we can go to Sonic! Uuuuum... Sonic *stuffs face w/tator tots, slushes, corndogs, and hamburgers* lol.

Ugh, I hate the summer, only because I never have anything to do. Stupid never having anything to do!

I gotta go! Ah, one minute till lunch... Uuuuuuuum... Lunch!

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