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Age. 30
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Ethnicity. Chinese
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[Small Little Town! XD]
08/11/07 21:12
I am...

feeling: happy!!! =D
chatting to: Emma, Maru, Rachael

WOO! I'm happpyyyyy... Been a while XD I went through a stage of major depression and stress for some unknown reason... Anything could set me off wanting to cry or scream (kinda still in it, but it's calmed for a bit atm =p) But yes...

If any of you have been reading Emma's blog, you'd realise that we'd been making arrangements (and pleading parents) to meet up for a while now XD

You'd also realise that she's going to see the play Noughts and Crosses in a small little town in England... Just so happens that I am also going to see that play, although not on the same day as her, but still, that was originally why she thought of seeing it XD

And as God would will it, the play is only being shown at one little small town in England... 20 mins from where I live!!! XD


XDDD Yes, me. Hah! XD

So after I delivered the news to Emma, we were having a mad little craze of celebratory peace signs hehe XD It's 22nd December, and Emma's invited me for a meal with her mummy and family friend <333 So daddy also decided to go up with our whole family, drop me off with her, then go off and have a meal on their own~~~ XDDD

Hopefully Emma won't sue or kill me for this, but I took a few screenshots... XD (Only a few... we did too many to count =p)

(click to enlarge)

Hehe XD And both our parents say that after we've met up in person and assured them that we are, in fact, not stalkers/freaks of nature/evil assassinators, she will be allowed to come over and stay over! Woo~~~ =DDD (^_____^)v

I'm also planning a trip to London some time after my January exams to meet up with her again. She doesn't know that yet =3 (Yo, Emma, did you just read that? XD) ...Okay, well, now she does. XD

I'm going to update that calendar of mine now XD

Edit: Guess who're retards. That's right. XD




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31/10/07 14:59
I am...

feeling: stressed
watching: nothing

I said more frequent updates, shorter blogs, right? ^^;;

Okay. I have 3 drama essays to write. All of which are due in tomorrow. (Well, more like a month ago, but let's just say tomorrow shall we =]). Should only take 3 hours, but I'm really unmotivated at the moment, and I'm absolutely knackered and I feel so stressed and it's awful and I have so much homework it's not even funny and I have so much catching up to do and it's just UGH!!!

I already managed to get away with not handing in a drama play, a very important piece of German coursework, and a lot of maths homework... I just gotta get through this week, wait for the weekend, work my arse off and I should be caught up =3 Hopefully.

I'll get on with those drama essays now.

By the way, thank you to all those who responded to my plea for one more comment! <333 (I got 4 more... which was quite a pleasant surprise =D) Yeah... I dunno... It might be due to my severe dislike for maths lately, or just numbers in general, but for some reason, seeing an even number as my comment count irks me slightly x_x;;

Like 6, or 8, 10 etc... Usually I prefer even numbers... 4's still my favourite number, but I dno... >_<;; And it's really strange, too, cos I have a default number of '<3's that I have in my entry codes and the number of 3's there are in the '<333' [to show comment numbers] is 8...

I think I'm going crazy @[email protected]

Anyways! Please don't give me an even number of comments! ^^;; I think I'm tempted to comment myself, just to get it up to an odd number... but I left it... >_>;;

I still haven't found that cable. It's getting on my nerves. I haven't been looking and I haven't found it. I looked and I still haven't found it... -_-;; Pffft. I was thinking of filming another piano piece (Well, an old one, but a better version. I wanted to do a better version of To Zanarkand, in which I've actually practised and my fingers aren't freezing off, to show a friend of mine cos she loves that song <3) but there's no point if I can't upload it and it'll probably have to be deleted in the end anyways because of the amount of space it takes up =/

On other news: My deed poll arrived today! ^_^ My name is now legally 'Crystina' (^_^)v [Before it was my Chinese name]. So now, I've just gotta apply for my passport extension and renewal since I want my name changed on it, then apply for my provisional license and show the people who deal with my national insurance number that my name's changed, then get my school to change the name on all my future exams...

Woo =_+;;

...I'll er... get cracking with those essays now... yeah... >_>;;




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[Where Oh Where...]
27/10/07 17:04
I am...

feeling: bleh =3
chatting to: maru-chan

...is my camera->computer usb link chord?!?!?!! >_<;; I can't find it!!! Still can't find it!!! And it's really annoying me, cos I made another bento today =_=;;

Made for my mummy... she deserves a break =] But darn! I can't upload it! >_<;; =Annoyed annoyed= Well, I guess this means that when I finally *do* find it, there will be a mass update of bentos! XD

...When I can be bothered to go through the photoshopping words onto it process... >_>;;




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[I Hate This.]
25/10/07 17:33
I am...

feeling: very, very irritated.
listening to: Dou Jiang You Tiao - JJ Lin

I have done NO work so far this half term. And it's really, really irritating me. Where did my work ethic go?!?! I know I'm going to fail at school at this rate, but honestly, I can't find it in myself to sit down and work at the moment!!!

It's annoying me so darn much! I think I really wanted to get to doing all my homework on Monday, but because I so badly wanted a Rocky Horror [this gorgeous dessert down at the pub near me] and hadn't had anyone to go with I've been sulking all week so far.

Then I really badly wanted a pizza. And didn't get one either. And I was so, so, so irritated... Honestly, food always comes before work. Always. If I didn't have my food, I didn't want to work. I think that's my excuse I gave myself at least.

I thought when I got my food and was happily satisfied I'd get down to work, but I went to pizza hut today [finally managed to drag a friend along], ate shedloads (Pizza feast for 2 - portion of wedges and garlic bread, medium pizza with two toppings and 2 massive desserts. I had 2 slices of garlic bread, most of the wedges, 2/3s of the pizza and one and a half dessert cos he wasn't that hungry. And I'm a pig =3) and bought a maths revision guide for C2, which you'd expect would finally drive me to do some homework, right?



I'm going to sit myself away from the computer and work now. Even if it pisses me off. I hate this. I want to be able to sit in front of homework and think 'yay homework!' like I usually do. (Yes, it can be fun).

ARG =pissed off=.

On the bright side, I've sent off for my deed poll to get my name changed [well, get my English name added as a middle name =3]. When I get my deed poll, I'll send off my application for a renewal of my passport and a name change on it, then I'll send off for my provisional liscence (about time...)

I sent off my phone as well to get it repaired/replaced. Three of the keys snapped. Retarded keypad. Apparently this is a regular occurance. ¬_¬;; Cost me £4.75 to send it special delivery. But I didn't want to risk them saying 'nope, sorry, we never received your phone' and have me without a phone at all.

Right. Work. =Slaps self= Get to it, Kuri!!!



p.s. I still haven't found that digital camera->computer lead. It's really irritating me now >_<;;

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23/10/07 22:28
I am...

feeling: tired
chatting to: Maru-chan

First thing! I went to London over the weekend, met up with loads of friends I hadn't seen in ages and also met some new ones, twas so fun! XD So yeah, and one of my friends bought me a bento box from China!!! YAY!!! It's so cute! I love it <333

And it's got a divider too! What I've always wanted <333 Yay! It is quite small, but it's so cute! ^_^ I put it to use today and made a bento =D Of course I took some photos, but we've lost the lead to connect the digital camera to our computer for the time being, so I'll put it up when we've found the lead and I've uploaded it =3

Anyways, more about the title... I just finished reading Checkmate, final book in the Noughts and Crosses Trilogy... It's so good! I really did enjoy it, although I'm slightly miffed about the rather unresolved ending =/ Well, it is resolved, but quite a lot is still left open =3

I was searching up stuff on it online, to answer some questions that I have on it, hoping to read another's view, and who's opinion should I stumble by but the author herself, Malorie Blackman! XD

I now have some things to say about Checkmate. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! If you have not read it yet, or any other book in the Noughts and Crosses trilogy and do not like spoilers, stop reading now =3

If you don't care, keep reading XD (although if you haven't read the triology I'd stop reading here too, if I were you... You'd probably get very, very confused =3)

Sephy... Who does she choose??? Malorie said "I certainly knew in my own mind who was on the beach with Callie Rose and who Sephy decides to be with. But the reason I left it the way I did was because I wanted the reader to believe the characters had lives which would continue after the book was closed."

...Which is all well and good, but honestly, us as readers... some of us aren't bright enough to delve into the mastermind that is Malorie and pull out her thoughts (although I certainly wish I could!) >_<;; I certainly know who I want to have been on the beach with Callie Rose and who I want Sephy to choose, but some nagging feeling makes me think they might choose the other person... =sigh=

I'm thinking the one on the beach was Tobey. Because Callie Rose said "You still remember the way, right?" And I think the only person she could have said a line like that to is Tobey. I don't recall her ever taking Lucas to the beach, and by 'still remember', I'm assuming it's referring to her childhood friend.

But the thing that confused me was that Tobey kissed her at the beginning... I just don't think he'd do that? =/ I mean, she was still Lucas's girlfriend, wasn't she? o_O;; And last time I checked, Callie Rose was still getting to grips with the fact that someone cares for her and not just for an ulterior motive...

I dunno, I'm confused @[email protected]

And as for Sephy, I'm hoping she'd return to Sonny's side, because she said she loved Sonny. And Callie Rose also loved Sonny. But with the time that she spent with Nathan, maybe she got over Sonny slightly? =/

But her heart did leap when he came back. =3

But... she agreed to marry Nathan... which would put her into a bit of a tight spot, cos breaking an engagement is kinda harsh >_<;; Although I'm pretty sure Nathan would understand... After all, he walked in on them kissing on her first night at work =3

So yeah, they're just my thoughts on the issue. I can't seem to find any others online =/ Which is a shame >_<;;

Spoilers end here =]

Overall I loved the trilogy though <333 Noughts and Crosses was simply amazing. I cried for a good few hours after I finished reading it the first time (which ended up with my parents coming in and panicking, asking what the matter was), and even after I reread it I was still in tears for ages!

It was such a good book <333

Knife Edge, on the other hand... Malorie said it was the hardest to write... I'd say it was pretty much the hardest to read, for me, as well... It didn't grip me as much as Noughts and Crosses did, and I think at that time, I was still slightly young to handle the amount of hate and darkness in that book >_<;;

The only time I cried was after reading Callum's letter.

Boy did I cry =_=;; But then the rest of the book just... kinda went in through the eyes, skipped the brain and went out through... somewhere @[email protected];;

And Checkmate was very good too (^_^)v although I have to admit N&C was the best =3

Aside from that, The Draco Triology (by Cassadra Clare, which has now unfortunately been taken off the net cos she's become an official author!!! Congrats to her!!! Although damn it took me so long to track down the pdf's of the Draco Trilogy!!!) is complete!!! <333

It is one of the most amazing fanfiction I've ever read in my life! It pretty much got me into Draco/Ginny and Harry/Hermione, to be honest =3 It really is one of the best pieces of fanfiction I've ever read, and I recommend it to everyone!

It's also really long, though, (like, approx a million words?) but completely worth the read. You can get the pdf's at http://communities.livejournal.com/dracotrilogy/ but I don't know how much longer they'll be up for. Cassie Clare requested all copies to be taken off the net ;_;

But yes!!! It's complete!!! I finally managed to read the ending, after years of anticipation and following the fic!!! Although I expected to feel more after reading the ending... expected that hollow feeling like I always get when I read the ending to a book, because I'll never find out what happens afterwards to them, and can only speculate, but for this fic, I didnt...

I only felt... nothing... it was weird... I expected to feel more... I was a bit disapopinted at the openness of the ending, but it's good =3 I think the reason I didn't feel much was cos I'd actually pretty much forgotten everything that's happened so far since I started reading it a good few years ago, and the last time I read the latest chapter was... a year? 2 years ago?

I'm gonna find time to reread it soon =3

And with that, I leave. I'm so tired >_<;; Goodnight all!




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[The Future]
16/10/07 12:25
I am...

feeling: slightly worried
listening to: Everything - Lifehouse

I'm feeling a little torn... part of me is in shock and anxiety over my University application. I found out my predicted grades for Uni just now... and they're not high enough for the course I want to do at the Uni I want to go to.

I should be having a panic attack, right? But I'm not... somehow, I know the Lord will help me get through this. I want them to raise my predicted grades so I can meet the criteria needed... but I don't know which one I can honestly pull myself up to an 'A' in... I feel so insecure, yet so secure that I will be fine.

It's so strange; a really weird feeling, so just really had to blog.

I'm so confused... I'm not worried about the fact that I may not be able to get into Warwick at all, yet on the other hand, I'm absolutely terrified. I don't even know what grades I'm capable of getting anymore, because of my AS grades... I think there's a higher chance I'll get into Bath than Warwick...!

I remember when Matt said, "Wouldn't it be funny if you got into Bath and I got into Warwick? It'd be like... 'wanna swap'??? XD" I laughed at the time, but honestly, now I know my predicted grades, no, it's not funny!!! >_<;;


Please, God, help me...

Edit: It's 15:27, I've finished my German lesson today, and asked about my predicted grades... Found out that my school doesn't have my updated reference and predicted grade: A!!! I *am* predicted an A for German!!! Thank you, Lord... <3333333333




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