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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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Wednesday. 8.13.08 9:39 pm
I have internet! wooooo!!!!

Alot has changed. I have a new job......because i've moved to a new city. Weird, huh? I've moved to Fort Worth in My best friends mothers house so I can FINALLY have a chance of getting out of debt and then returning to school ASAP. I am a supervisor at the OMNI theater inside the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It's fairly fancy, and it pays the best i've ever been paid. At this rate it'll take no more than a paycheck and a half to get completely out of debt. After that, it'll be lots of saving until I go back to school - which, is looking like next fall. Though I am going to be taking a night class this spring, and probably a few during the summer.

I'm actually going to be online alot more often. I am so excited about this, it's retarded.


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Always and Never
Monday. 6.23.08 6:28 pm
The title is a joke and has no actual relavance to this entry.

I had a *crappy* week a few weeks ago.

My parents came into town. Usually a fun and fantastic thing as they always come bearing money which changes into clothes and food that i need. Except, they didn't know that someone was living with me. Well...not living with me as in 'hi, we're living together' so much as I had a roommate of the oposite sex that they didn't know about. So, I had to break that news. To my astonishment, they said i'm old enough to make my own decisions. They weren't as forgiving about my cat. I've had a cat for a year. They HATE cats. They met my cat. They warned me about the evils of cats. I'm keeping him. They were supposed to be here from Thursday night to mid-day Sunday. Saturday they asked me what i'm doing on Sunday. "well, i'm going to church, and i'd really like you guys to come" *insert hopeful smile*. "No. That's ok. You do what you feel you need to. We're Catholic. We'll just go home". Our church just split. Drama on that non-stop but it had JUST happened, the kids in my youth didn't even know about it yet, we were going to use this sunday's lesson to talk to them about it. It made me feel alwful. Beyond awful. But I let them go, it's their choice and they're beyond mature enough to make their own choices.

I get up, get ready, head off to work. A little late, yes, but only by minutes. There's an envlope on my door. It's from my landowners. Grab it and head off to work (Barnes and Noble) that's the important thing. Before I go inside, I open it up. YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO VACATE. In big bold print. They say I owe 1000 dollars. I run inside B&N and ask if I can come back because I need to speak with my landowners, something isn't right. "No, I'm sorry. You asked off the other day and we simply cannot be having this". "But, I have the letter RIGHT HERE. It's an emergency". "I'm sorry, you can't even punch in now and work your shift. Just leave. Please, stop talking to me - I can't even talk to you anymore without another manager present". I leave in tears. Elessar257 almost went in there and ripped them to peices. I went to the leasing place. They saw my cat in the window. Twice. That's 400 dollars that I owe.

Now, I have until August to figure out what to do. I could move in with Elessar257 and his mom, pay a small fee for renting out a spare room in the garage and get a job somewhere in Fort Worth, OR I could move in with a friend whom I love, but can get a little....annoying....once in a blue moon. But, she has 3 cats, a dog and it's a 1 bedroom apt in Dallas.

I'm tired of working two-bit little jobs. I want to finish school and I want to teach. I want a better job. I almost don't even care where it is anymore. I know which side God is pushing me towards. Perhaps that is simply the better solution. He knows better than I do and I should just give it up and allow Him to do what it is He does.

It was a somewhat lonely weekend.

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What a thing to sing...
Thursday. 6.12.08 5:25 pm
I don't want somebody to love me
just give me sex whenever I want it
'cause all I ask for is instant pleasure
instant pleasure, instant pleasure

You in traffic for all eternity
how could that speed be where you wanna be
say don't you really want instant pleasure
instant pleasure, instant pleasure

Think that all these folks get laid
do it 'cause the pay is great
what you thinkin anyway?
If drinkin coffee is your idea of really cool
you can't expect no crazy
chick to notice you just sittin there
dreaming instant pleasure
instant pleasure, instant pleasure

If you want someone a friend to be
guess you'll have to win the
lottery but till then repeat after me
I don't want somebody to love me
just give me sex whenever I want it
'cause all I ask for is instant pleasure

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Sunday. 6.8.08 5:29 pm
I quit Cinemark. It was hell.

I got hired by Target. I got fired for tardiness. :(

I got a job at Nestle. I hate it, but it pays well and it's full time.


I've been working there for about 3 weeks now. I love it. Except that right now i'm in the cafe and i hate it. hate it. I almost cried at work last night because it was so difficult. People who work with coffee amaze me. Trully.

Mom and dad came up this weekend. I loved seeing them but they seriously couldn't have picked a worse weekend. I'm sure that Elessar257 will eventually have some stuff to say once he gets on here so i'll give the abridged version.

Our church has split in half. By generation and by language. The senior pastor basically kicked out the Spanish Congregation because they were being 'charasmatic' and it was bothering people. It was a huge blow as this is a small church and not a few people are blood family there. Like I said, there's more, but i'm in a little cafe and i don't have all the time I wish i did currently.

Elessar got a job! It's a blessing and....it's also having some worse for wear moments. He's a security officer at a very upscale mall. In fact, the B&N that I work for is on his property. So we work together and take breaks together, it makes it fun to work near your best friend. He is bothered by my current cafe position in the B&N cafe, but he can explain that if he wants.

I kinda miss being on here. I'm thinking of re-starting the internet at my apartment and if that happens, i'll be returning i think.

That's the short of it. There's so much more that's happened, but i suppose if anyone is really all that intrested then ya'll can message. :)

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