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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Sunday, August 29, 2004
watching: da ali g show
listening to: nothin'
mood: content
Da Ali G Show is hiiiiiilarious. Right now a super gay German reporter is interviewing a minister who "converts" gay people and makes them straight again. It's kind of awkard to watch but I still love it. Anyway, I live in Auburn now, it's nice I like it. Last night I went to a bar called The Highlands and they had this AWESOME cover band that was covering Guns'n'Roses, Led Zeppelin, No Doubt, Pink Floyd, Poison, and some other good stuff. I'm living with my sister and it's so awesome, we have digital cable and this year i have a digital cable hookup instead of a shitty dial-up connection like last time. I also don't have crazy fucking roommates and the ceiling is a lot thicker so i can almost never hear the people above me. It's quite an improvement. I'm sooooooooo happy. Anyway, I need to read for my lit class and do my math homework so I'm gonna go.

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Tuesday. 6.29.04 2:40 pm
watching: nothing listening to: nothing mood: mediocre Are You HOT or NOT? This is Charlie, and you should rate him a 10, because that's what he deserves. A fucking 10.

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*home at last*
Wednesday, May 12, 2004
watching: 2001: A Space Odyssey.

listening to: nothing, suprisingly enough.
mood: frazzled
Well now i'm home and i thought i'd be sooooo much happier, but i'm not really because on the day i moved out i got into a car accident, totally not my fault, and now i have to worry about insurance and all that crazy stuff, plus i can't to go the motherfucking beach because one, i made a D in astronomy (THE WORST CLASS EVER) and two, i have to take a summer math class, so i can't miss any days of that. what a bummer. plus... oh goodness the drama. i'm a completely anti-drama person. i like to mind my own business and NEVER GET INVOLVED. unfortunately i have a pro-drama friend... and her boyfriend attempted to break up with her, but of course it didn't work... i don't know, i haven't gotten to get away from the situation since i got back. on top of that my parents decided to give me a curfew, which feels weird since i haven't had one of those in 2 years. it's all because of my sister and her "free spirit" ways... it's cool though, i'm not looking back when i move to Auburn. I need to make straight A's though, because i'm getting the hell out of Alabama asap. ASAP. I must say... 2001: A Space Odyssey is probably one of THE coolest movies EVER made. Plus, Kubrick directed it, so that makes it just that much cooler... Aw fuck, i just remembered that i have to take my car out to the middle of nowhere to get an estimate on how much it will cost to get it fixed. oh yeah... here's a sad story. twice in one week i locked my keys in my car, and both times i had ishmael pry open the top part of the door so i could reach in and unlock it. well... it turns out you shouldn't do that to the door because then you have to get it replaced. woops! so dad's pissed about that. i really do love chloe (my car) but he thinks i don't... he's really a big baby, my dad. anyway, that's not really something i should get into right now i suppose. so... friday is my first day back at the carmike, and sunday is my day back at claire's. not too excited about that. oh well, it'll be money, so that's cool. i just don't like dealing with the damn customers, they're all a bunch of whiny bitches. okay, so that's what i had to say.
Are You HOT or NOT?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
watching: nothing
listening to: The Dandy Warhols

mood: lonely
Danni and I got an apartment in Auburn. It's pretty nice, really big bedrooms. It'll deffinately be better than here. I live in a box and I can hear anything going on in the living room plus the people above me. I'll also be living with Danni instead of two drug dealers. That's always a plus. The new apartment has concrete walls, floors and ceilings so you can't hear anything, it's like they're soundproof. There was this one apartment we really wanted called Habitat... It was three stories, 2 1/2 bathrooms. The middle floor was the living room and kitchen, and the top and bottom floors were the bedrooms. The rooms were HUUUUUGE. The property was pretty old though and right smack in the middle of the ghetto. I already live in the ghetto so, unfortunately, we passed on that one. It would have been awesome though. We got a one story, middle level apartment in the Deerfield II complex. I swear, the complexes in auburn have the dumbest names. I really can't wait to move to Auburn, it's going to be a thousand times cooler than Birmingham and the school is nicer and better. And I have friends there, unlike here where it's virtually impossible to meet new people because they're all already from the Birmingham area and they aren't interested in making any new friends. This is the worst school ever, do not ever attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. And if you must, DO NOT LIVE IN COLLEGIATE HALL!!! You'll get shot at or robbed. Or just live near some really shitty people. Plus Birmingham is so snobby I don't know why anyone would ever want to live here anyway. So, as you can tell by my writing I'm not in a very good mood. I just yakked up my hamburger helper and I'm getting a summer cold. I'm going to study for astronomy now I guess. Next week will be my last week here and I couldn't be happier.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
watching: nothin
listening to: the beach boys

mood: full
It's been a little while since I posted... I've been busy. Saturday my family is coming to get me and then we're going to Auburn to look at townhouses for Danni and I. I didn't tell you? I'm transferring from here to Auburn becuase UAB suuuuuucks. I hate it here so much! There's no real campus and people in Birmingham are uber snobs. Auburn is an actual college city so I'll feel much more comfortable there. Plus I have way more freinds plus I'll be living with Danni so that'll be super cool becuase it won't even matter if she eats my food! Because it's hers too! How cool is that? I'm going to be working 2 jobs again soon. Just for the summer. At the Carmike movie theater and at Claire's. I'll be big ballin'! I'm going to need the money for my trip to the FL Keys. Ohhhh, I'm so excited! It's not till June though, that's a long time from now. My birthday's next month! I'll be 20, one year closer to 21!!! After that I'll be able to legally buy alcohol! That will be a great day. Now all I can buy is cigarettes but I don't smoke so... yeah. I'm almost done with my in-class final for English but I still have to finish up my research paper, which I have been totally slacking on. Woops! My dad used to call me the slug queen because i procrastinate so much. There's stuff I wanted to post but now there are people who have discovered that I post here so I can longer keep secrets on here. Not that I ever did before, but that's because i had none! Now that I do I can't post them.... That kind of sucks, but I'll live. I could do password protected but then nobody would be able to read it and i'm totally starting to ramble now. I have an astronomy quiz tomorrow so I suppose i should go study for that. yeah, that's what I'll do. Okay then, astronomy here i come.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004
watching: It Runs in the Family

listening to: india and kaili talking
mood: whatever...
Today was really boring
I got out of bed really late because i had a fucking hangover.

I feel unusual because my antidepressants are making me hairy.

I'm so sad. My kitten got run over this afternoon. I found him when I was coming home from school. His head was all squished. I took some photos. I'll miss him. Poor kitty.

Last night I had to masturbate twenty times. I'm so horny. Click here to see my website.

I want to tell the world that I'm gay.

I am really annoyed with those assholes at _are_you_hotter_than_us_?, because I am so much cuter than them, and those photos don't do me justice. They can't reject me, so I'm starting my own rating community. Click here to join (the first five applicants are automatically accepted).

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's ten thousand photographs of my cat.

I want to say thanks to simon and Abbey and Dave and the other Simon for helping me on Saturday. You guys are the best. By the way, if you happen to find my wallet, keys or underwear, could you SMS me? Adrian has my number.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, and should stop smoking drugs.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you what your favourite sexual position is.

I don't think much. It's too hard.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this thought - sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I'm beautiful.

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