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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Pool Day!
Monday. 11.22.04 8:44 am
played a total of 4hrs of pool today~!! really satisfying! was really funny watching my friend play. my friend is probably cursed, coz when she plays with mi, she gets all sorts of weird shots. took her 10 mins trying to pot the black. and her black is constantly beseiged by mi. on purpose. lol. so much so i caught up from lagging 7 balls behind. muahaha~ my qi long zhu! dragonball! yeah!

Went bugis shopped ard a bit. din really shop much. rubbing my eyes all the way. lack of slp. acc my friend to buy some ps2 games at marsiling and came home.

starting work tml. wish mi luck!

hoho~ results out soon! can't wait! si xin bah! si xin bah! Mei de jiu le, mei de jiu le!

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Saturday. 11.20.04 1:35 am
the paper did a special report on service standards in singapore today. sg has slipped from 11(2003) to 21(2004). a drastic 10 place drop. is sg slipping or are the others catching up.?
Or is it that with less government pressure in promoting good service, good service has taken a back seat?

good service, ala textbook defination, runs along the lines of "meeting and exceeding customer expectations and achieving customer satisfaction". most of our student part time jobs invariably end up as a service provider, be it retail, telemarketing, sales or F&B.

its not easy being a service provider. to smile is not enuff. u must smile 'sincerely'. to serve is not enuff, you must anticipate the customer's wants and act accordingly. when you are bone tired from standing and running abt the shop the whole day, dealing with cranky customers whu ask you to leave them alone and crazy bosses whu make you tail the customers, its no mean feat to be able to plaster a smile and be all sunshine. esp when its past closing time and the customer refuses to leave. and peak periods~ aiyo, seems like you've gone thru war.

All the focus has been on the service provider. but what about the service receiver? in sg, customer mindsets are tuned to efficiency. customers have little patience to wait while you drag a ladder to the furthest corner and climb up all the way to the top and retrieve the desired pair of shoes stacked high amongst the boxes. (eh,true story, i worked in bata before) and how do the customers show their appreciation? "got another half size bigger or not?" den you repeat the entire procedure. to find that they left. and they complain that you din smile (how to smile when you just fell off the ladder and bruised yourself hitting the shelves?). and you took so long. freak.

Granted that not all customers are like that. but truely nice customers who show that they are appreciative are few and far between. "its their job what" does not mean that the service provider deserves to be treated like maria from indonesia.

i'm starting work coming tuesday, in retail. pray fer mi. ping ping an an, shun shun li li.

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